Ishk Par Zor Nahin 28th May 2021 Written Update: Ahaan to know Mayank’s truth?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 28th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sonu says let me go to Ishqi once. Sarla stops him. Ahaan says Sonu you will not go anywhere. Here, Mayank is threatening Ishqi that she can’t do anything. Ishqi beats him and pushes him. Mayank falls. Here, Kartik comes to Ahaan and says we should go and check on Ishqi. Ahaan says she destroyed her family and Suman due to her selfishness. Kartik says that’s love. Ahaan says love is bullshit, main purpose should be keeping families happy. Kartik says she loves you. Ahaan says I can’t go against my family for my love. Dadi comes and says what you two are whispering, come to the wedding. Here, Ishqi is about to go with Phone but Mayank over powers Ishqi when the phone slips and Mayank’s dad pick up the phone. Mayank’s dad see the pic and slap Mayank. He scolds Mayank saying Sonu is like our daughter, her family supported you, did I raised you for this day? Mayank says please listen to me, I am your son. Mayank’s dad says you were my son but not from today. Mayank’s dad ask Ishqi to call police. Ishqi says but Sonu’s wedding? Mayank’s dad says I have contacts and I will make sure Sonu’s name will not come in this but Mayank’s will. Mayank takes the phone and pushes his dad. Mayank’s dad gets a heart attack. Ishqi panicks.

Here, Sonu’s wedding is happening, Raj asks Sonu to never take tension now. Everyone claps. Kartik sees Ahaan upset. Kartik says wait let me go and see. Dadi says stay in your sister’s wedding and it’s their matter. Ahaan gets uo and goes to a crying Suman. Ahaan says I will sort out everything, I promise. Maasi goes to see Ishqi and finds Ishqi call out for doctor. Here, Raj and Sonu take blessing from everyone. Ahaan tells Sonu how she is the best and Ishqi was very selfish and destroyed her family. Ahaan asks Sarla to go to see Mayank as he is my friend. Ginni asks Sarla why did she let him go? Sarla says bidaai will happen but drama is rare. Ahaan comes there and Mayank pretends like it happened because Ishqi cancelled on wedding. Suman comes and pushes Ishqi aside. They take Mayank’s dad to room. In the rooml, everyone taunts Ishqi and blames why Suman selected a girl like Ishqi.

Here, Maasi asks why Ishqi did this. Kartik brings water for Ishqi. Kartik says I don’t know why you broke the marriage but I know it’s your life but you need to be strong. Ishqi gets up and hears the doctor say that Mayank’s dad is out of danger but he is coma and don’t know when he will get up. Mayank sees Ishqi and starts blaming her. Suman says I considered you my daughter but what you did see. Dadi also scolds Ishqi. Sonu asks Dadi to let it be. Ishqi says sorry for breaking the marriage. Suman snatches the jewelleries from her neck and says I cancel this marriage. Dadi says go away, Suman handled you but I can’t have you here, go away. Ishqi cries. Sonu thinks I can’t say anything infront of everyone for Ishqi, and she did everything for me.

Sarla and Dadi console, Mayank. Raj whispers to Sonu, I don’t believe Mayank at all, do you know what’s the exact matter? Sonu says I have to go and talk to Ishqi. Ahaan comes to Ishqi who is crying sitting down. Ishqi says I don’t want to talk to you. Ahaan says you destroyed so many lives today, atleast tell me why? Ishqi says trust me I did right for me. Ahaan says you don’t deserve the trust, everyone knows the truth, and if you would have said the truth then you could have proudly said the truth. Sonu and Kartik come there. Sonu tries to tell the truth but Ahaan asks Kartik to take Sonu inside. Ahaan tells Ishqi even if everyone forgives Ishqi, he will never forgive her and he hates her and will always hate her. Ahaan goea. Ishqi cries.

Ishqi cries, Ishqi thinks Ahaan I will not let you hate Sonu, I wish I could tell you everything or prove it to you. The manager says that Mayank has not paid the bill till now I am sure. Ishqi hears it and thinks to find some proof. Here, Mayank’s friend tell Mayank how he got saved today. Mayank says dad got into coma it saved me. Mayank says but now I need to handle Ishqi due to which my nice plan flopped. Ishqi comes to manager to find details about the waiter who was there in the party. Ishqi thinka to prove that Mayank spiked the drinks. The manager says they will search for the details.

Episode ends.

Precap: Mayank attempts suicide. Ahaan says he will destroy Ishqi for what he did to me. Ahaan calls police to arrest Ishqi when she presents the waiter infront of them.