Ishk Par Zor Nahin 29th June 2021 Written Update: Ahaan to face Savitri?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 29th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kartik telling Ishqi about the fake letter then he tells how Ahaan decoded the letter not to be yours. Ishqi says I am so stupid, I should trust Ahaan. Here, Dadi assures Ahaan that nothing will happen as both she and Ishqi love him. Ahaan goes happily. Dadi thinks soon she will execute her next plan. Ishqi gets a call from hospital about Savitri gaining consciousness. Ishqi rushes.

Ahaan comes to room to find it empty. Here, Ishqi comes to office to see Savitri saying please make me meet my kids. She sees Ishqi and says you are friends with my son. Ishqi asks who is your son? Savitri says his name is Ahaan Veer Malhotra. Ishqi is shocked. Then, Savitri blames Ishqi to be someone who came to kill her. Doctor tells Ishqi, Savitri got consciousness, it’s a big miracle. Ishqi tries to calm Savitri and says see I am wearing a bridal attire, I came here for you then why will I kill you? You know whom I married, Ahaan. Ishqi then takes Savitri’s blessings.

Here, Dadi is thinking how to get rid of Ishqi when, she gets Rhea’s call. First Dadi ignores thinking she will never pick her ca but when Rhea calls multiple times, Dadi ignores and then picks up saying what’s your problem? Rhea says soon your truth will be out. Dadi says even if god comes and blames me, Ahaan will never believe it and warns Rhea not to call her. Just then, Dadi sees Ahaan is trying to find Ishqi. He meets Dadi but he lies saying he is finding something romantic to do for Ishqi. Ahaan apologies to Dadi in his mind for lying to her. Ahaan asks what is Dadi doing here? Dadi says Rhea called me saying sorry and she really sounded sorry. Ahaan says don’t be so soft, she blamed you, I can never forgive her ever, you also stay away from her. Dadi says okay as you say. Ahaan says you go to room and sleep, I am also going. Dadi thinks soon Ishqi will go out of your life, I won’t let another Savitri story come in picture.

Here, Savitri tells Ishqi about what really happened. She tells how her husband used to beat her very often and when one day Ahaan’s dad had an accident due to drunk driving, and Dadi felt family’s respect will get over so she put Savitri in jail and said wrong stories to her kids so that they hate her. Savitri cries and says I have not done anything still I am getting punished. Ishqi calms her. Savitri requests her to make her meet her kids. Here, Ahaan is drinking alone by the pool when Sonu comes and says this is not fair, on your first night you are out here, leaving Ishqi alone in room. Ahaan says what to do, I didn’t leave Ishqi, she left me and went somewhere, just then Kartik comes running saying it’s Ishqi’s call. Ahaan takes it and says yes? Ishqi says I need to talk to you Ahaan.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ishqi makes Savitri believe that Ahaan will understand. Ahaan hears about Rhea being pregnant.

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