Ishk Par Zor Nahin 2nd April 2021 Written Update: Ahaan regrets commenting on Ishqi!

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 2nd April 2021 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishqi saying I will not marry in this house. Ahaan asks her to get out. She leaves. Ahaan says ill-mannered, we will go back in the function now. Ahaan is on the way. Ishqi walks on the road. Ahaan says sit in the car, I will drop you. She faints down. He worries and takes her in the car. He gets her admitted in the hospital. He calls Mayank. Mayank is with his dad. Doctor says her blood sugar level was low, anything would have happened. Mayank calls Ahaan. Ahaan says Ishqi fainted, I got her to hospital. Mayank asks what, she is diabetic, she kept the fast by following Sarla’s rules, she will fall unconscious for sure, did she get conscious now, how is she, she didn’t even have a chocolate, dad is not so well. Ahaan says take care of your dad, I will drop her.

Ahaan sees her leaving. He stops her. She says you maybe rich people, you don’t get a right to judge anyone’s upbringing or family values, you are bad to involve my parents. She cries. He gives her a kerchief. She throws it and says keep it to yourself, I don’t want anything from you, you don’t need to come after me. She counts his mistakes. She says listen to me, stay away, if you take my mum’s name, then I will become very risky. She goes. She cries and walks on the road.

Ahaan leaves. Ishqi comes home and calls out Maasi. She gets scared and looks for her. Maasi comes and asks what happened. Ishqi hugs her and cries. Maasi asks did anything happen at Jagrata. Ishqi tells what Ahaan said. She says I don’t want to marry from his house, whatever happened was good. Chacha says whatever happened was bad. Dadi speaks against Ishqi. Ahaan comes and says Ishqi kept the fast, she fainted, but didn’t break her fast.
Ishqi encourages Maasi to file a report against her husband. Maasi says no, its a total fraud with our generation, we are taught that husband is Lord, your generation can end this, husband is like a partner, not more than that, not less than that. Ishqi says I will remember, its my engagement time. Maasi says I will come, are you happy to marry him. Ishqi says you should ask if I love him. Maasi says I want to know how excited are you, make a list of expectations and dreams, what do you want from him. Ishqi thinks I want Ahaan to say sorry.

Dadi says every woman keeps fast. Ahaan says she has diabetes, she shouldn’t keep fast. Sonu says I wanted to tell this to you. Kartik says Sarla’s nephew was wrong. Sonu says say sorry that you cancelled her marriage from this house. Dadi says its good that she isn’t marrying in this house. Mayank and his mum talk to Ishqi. They ask about Maasi. Maasi says sorry, I was unwell, but I will come in engagement. Mayank’s mum says you have to come to have breakfast at Malhotra house. Maasi says Ishqi will come. Mayank’s mum says you had to make changes in engagement ring. Ishqi says its done, we took the ring. Ahaan recalls his words and feels sorry. Ishqi thinks what’s Ahaan thinking.

Sonu says Ajit was going to touch Rashmi, Ishqi just held his hand, he was too drunk and fell on his own. Ishqi refuses for the engagement.

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