Ishk Par Zor Nahin 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Dadi tags Ishqi to be wrong.

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 2nd August 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ishqi saying when did I say that Ahaan hasn’t told me anything, he told me everything, I didn’t wish to tell anyone, I told him that we will sort every problem together. Ahaan says yes, I told that I will not hide anything, but… Ishqi says its fine if Riya told everyone, this should have not happened. Riya says I thought Ahaan didn’t tell you anything. Ishqi says you should have not this drama. She asks Dadi to say, such matters are solved by sensibility. Chachi says amazing Ishqi, you are right. Ishqi asks Riya to go home and take rest. Kartik says Riya, I will drop you home. Raj says no, you wait, I will drop her.

Riya comes home. Radhika asks what happened. Riya says my plan flopped, Ishqi isn’t an idiot, she played a game. Radhika asks wasn’t she shocked to know about your pregnancy. Riya says no, she shocked me. Radhika says this girl always changes the same. Riya says she said she knew everything, I doubt, she was acting, but she supported Ahaan, why. Radhika says she will not leave Ahaan, if we have to out her from his life, do something. Ishqi cries in her room. Kartik comes and consoles. Sonu asks what’s all this. Ahaan says I know I always gave you Gyaan, I got to know this when we took Dadi to the hospital. She says you should have told us, you hate liars and cheaters, how did you become like our mum, you cheated Ishqi, but she supported you, she loves you a lot, no one can love you so much and understand you, don’t lose her please. He says I will talk to her, mum got unwell and I got busy. She says I understand, make this right. He says really sorry and goes.

Ishqi says I m okay. Kartik says I m not going anywhere, be human, react, get angry, shout on Ahaan, he did too wrong, you took a stand for him. She says I am afraid that he will leave me and go to Riya. Ahaan comes and asks are you mad. Kartik goes. Ahaan says I thought you will leave me and go, so I didn’t tell you, sorry for breaking your trust, please don’t leave me, scold me, get angry, but please don’t leave me, I beg you. She cries.

Dadi says I know Ishqi won’t leave Ahaan, but she will make him apologize. Chacha says her anger is justified, Ahaan cheated her. Chachi says yes, if Raj did this with Sonu then… Ishqi is right, we should support her. Dadi asks shall I fall in her feet and apologize to her. Chacha says no, its Ahaan’s mistake this time. Dadi says Ishqi knew about Ahaan and Riya’s relation, then she came in between, she did wrong. Kartik hears them. Dadi says its Ahaan’s child, he has to accept the child, even if he has to leave anyone. Kartik signs no. He thinks I knew it, Dadi will try her best to out Ishqi from Ahaan’s life by using this baby’s excuse. Raj hears Sarla and Ginni talking about Ishqi. Kartik calls Raj. He says I have an idea to sort Ahaan and Ishqi’s problem. Raj nods.

Ahaan says I made a big mistake, I am also like my mum. Ishqi says no, we make mistakes and its our responsibilities, you are responsible for this. He says yes, you shouldn’t forgive me. She says things can’t be as you want, you have hidden the matter from me. He says I was scared that you will leave me. She says you didn’t trust me. They argue. She sits crying. Dadi says Ahaan is a man, men shouldn’t apologize. Kartik hears her. He asks Chachi to go and help Ishqi, Dadi is finding her. Ahaan says lets start fresh. Ishqi says I m complaining, not fighting. He says I am sorry. She says leave me alone, just go. He says I won’t go, scold me, but talk to me. She scolds him. She asks what if I did this, if I cheated you. He says I trust you, you can never do this, go if you want to go and stay happy, I don’t want this, but you can go.

Episode ends.

Raj says Sonu left the house. Ishqi and Ahaan go to find Sonu. Kartik locks them up in the room and asks them to sort their fight.