Ishk Par Zor Nahin 2nd July 2021 Written Update: Rhea to make Ahaan trust her?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 2nd July 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Rhea telling Ahaan how that night Ahaan was drunk and called her as Ishqi and then they had intimacy. Ahaan says it’s not true I don’t believe it. Rhea says you were drunk and you don’t remember and I loved you so I didn’t stop you but this is the truth. Ahaan gets a call from Chachi calling him for ritual. Ahaan tells Rhea I am going, I know I have broken marriage with you but this baby is not mine. Rhea says I wish it was true. Ahaan goes out in anger. Rhea’s mom asks Rhea to go after him. Rhea goes. Ahaan is near his car and is very angry at himself. Here, Sarla starts commenting on Ishqi being poor. Sonu asks Ishqi to not listen to Sarla. Ahaan tries to recall. He asks why don’t I remember anything.

He asks will Ishqi trust me, how. He recalls Dadi’s words. He says I m also like my mum. He leaves. Ishqi’s mu dikhai happens. Sarla insults her more. Ahaan comes there and stumbles. Riya comes and holds her. Kartik asks what’s happening. Dadi asks are you drunk. Ishqi goes to Ahaan. He says I m sorry, I got late. Sarla asks is Ahaan addicted to alcohol. Everyone worries.

Ishqi says we should thank Riya that she got Ahaan back. Sarla says all the children insult me. Kartik asks Ahaan why did he drink much. Ahaan says I have done a mistake, I m sorry Ishqi. Raj and Kartik make Ahaan drink limewater. Riya says sorry, I had gone to a restaurant, I had seen Ahaan drinking here. Sonu says don’t gossip about Ahaan. She scolds Riya.

Riya says I was just helping Ahaan, you should have called us there. Sarla asks Sonu who is she to scold Riya, just shut up. Sonu calls Raj and goes. Riya smiles. Kartik stops her. He asks why didn’t you call me. Riya says I couldn’t stop myself seeing him in this condition. He says you got tension along. He says I m worried for Ahaan and Ishqi’s happiness, if anyone does anything, then I will get angry.

Ishqi takes Ahaan under the shower. He says I will never cheat you, I will never let our relation end, you trust me, right. Ishqi says I trust you, so I m here. Dadi talks to Chachi. She says I don’t wish Ahaan’s marriage to be like his parents’. Ishqi makes Ahaan sleep. She talks to Savitri on call. She says Ahaan is hurt by Dadi’s lies, he has to know the truth and understand it. She ends the call. Kartik and Sonu come to see Ahaan. Kartik asks do you want to drink more, it was Ishqi’s mu dikhai, you had done this. Kartik and Sonu scold him. Kartik says you had come clinging to Riya’s shoulder, you should say sorry to Ishqi, let her stay happy. Ahaan says sorry, I will convince Ishqi. Kartik asks how, just sorry won’t work. They ask Ahaan to take Ishqi on honeymoon, everything will be fine on its own. Ahaan thinks no girl can lie such, I have to tell truth to Ishqi.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ahaan creates a romantic moment for Ishqi. Later, Ahaan offers help in raising the baby of Rhea. Ishqi catches Ahaan and Rhea in compromising position.

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