Ishk Par Zor Nahin 2nd June 2021 Written Update: What’s in store for Ishqi and Ahaan?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 2nd June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dadi seeing Ahaan and Savitri runs. Here, Ahaan and Sonu hug during her bidaai. Savitri looks at the bidaai from far. Savitri thinks I take a pledge that soon I will return to the house and I will reveal it to everyone how it was all Dadi’s trap. Just then someone hits Savitri and she fallls down. She is dragged in a room. Dadi thinks she planned everything as she knew Savitri will come to bidaai. Sonu is going when Kartik asks Ahaan did he really arrest Ishqi? Ahaan says it was all Ishqi’s fault and she went with police herself. Sonu listens to it and thinks to talk to Ahaan but Sarla stops her saying if you go and defend Ishqi you will not be my bahu. Raj tries to stand for Sonu but Sarla scolds him too. Sonu thinks of Ishqi’s word and stays silent.

Ishqi is in jail custody, she is told that someone is calling her. Ishqi talks and finds it’s Mayank. Mayank laughs on Ishqi’s state. Ishqi says soon his truth will be out just wait and watch. Ishqi tells the constable to not entertain any calls.

Ahaan is sitting in the room, he sees the AC temperature reduced to 16, he says you will get cold. Then he realises it’s not Ishqi. Rhea says I don’t get cold so easily. Rhea gives water to Ahaan and says she knows it must be very difficult for him with Sonu going and Mayank suffering. Ahaan says I don’t know why a guy will spike the drink of a girl he loves. Rhea says yeah, there is no logic in Ishqi’s allegations. Ahaan gets a calls from Mayank saying he needs him. Ahaan goes. He finds Mayank crying and saying if something happens to mom I won’t be able to bear it. Ahaan says nothing will happen to uncle and aunty.

Here, Maasi comes and asks Ishqi why he broke the marriage? Ishqi says you only say that a girl shouldn’t marry a wrong guy. Maasi says what’s wrong in him, I didn’t see anything wrong. Ishqi says Mayank didn’t respect me. Just then Maasi gets a call that their new house owner is kicking them out. Ishqi and Maasi worry. Maasi is asked to go out. Here, Ahaan is the one making sure that Ishqi loses her job and new house. Kartik comes there and asks why is he punishing Ishqi so much. Ahaan says I know Ishqi did all this because she liked me, she didn’t think about her family that’s her fault. Kartik says you know Ishqi so well then also you are doing so much, she has no one for her. Kartik asks Ahaan will he be able to sleep after being so cruel with Ishqi?

Here, Dadi threatens a tied up Savitri and says how dare you come here, now you will see my extreme plan. Dadi sends Savitri with someone all ties up. Here, Kartik helps Maasi to come to Ishqi and get a bail for her. Here, Ahaan is drinking and in deep thoughts while Chachi comes and says how Ishqi stood up for them so many time but then why she did this? Ahaan realises all that Ishai has done. Ishqi gets bail, just then she gets a text from Ahaan saying he wants to meet her and he has realised that he will support Ishqi in whatever it is about. Ahaan asks Ishai to meet him in the resort. Ishqi tells Maasi she has something urgent work to do. She runs thinking Ahaan will surely help her.

Dadi comes to Rhea who is upset seeing Ahaan so concern for Ishqi. Dadi thinks like she eliminated Savitri, now she won’t let anyone take Ishqi’s name. Dadi suggests Rhea to do something special for Ahaan so he agrees for marriage and also he gets happy. Rhea agrees. While Ahaan is waiting for Ishqi by the pool. Ahaan remembers all the past moments. He waits for Ishqi. Here, Ishqi meets with an accident with the car in which Savitri was there. It’s morning, Ahaan thinks Ishqi didn’t come only. Dadi gets the news that Savitri died in an accident. Dadi gets happy. An injured Ishqi comes to meet Ahaan. Dadi stops her but Ahaan says let her come. Ahaan tells Ishqi, she lost the last chance he gave her. He warns her that if next time she is seen around his family then what he will do with her, only she will be responsible for that. Rhea sees wet shoes of Ahaan and feels sad that Ahaan was by the pool all alone. Ishai thinks she lost agai .

Episode ends.

Precap: 6 months leap happens, Ishqi gets a job in the resort that is booked by Malhotra’s for a wedding. Ishqi and Ahaan see each other.