Ishk Par Zor Nahin 30th June 2021 Written Update: Ahaan and Ishqi’s first night to be ruined?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 30th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ahaan searching for Ishqi. Ishqi comes there and takes him to pool side where they romance. Ishqi taunts Ahaan to be unromantic. They laugh off. Ishqi remembers the flashback when Ishqi said to Savitri that Ahaan will understand and help you. Savitri says he hates me. Ishqi says when Ahaan got to know my Maasa ji hits my Maasi he took stand gor me. Savitri says that’s because he didn’t have to go against Dadi there, but here he will trust Dadi. Savitri asks Ishqi not to tell Ahaan anything now. Flashback ends. Ahaan says I can be romantic too and goes to kiss her when his phone rings, it’s Dadi who says she isn’t well. Ahaan and Ishqi rush.

Dadi is unconscious on bed and Sarla starts taunting how Ishqi is bringing bad omen to the family. Ishqi sees Dadi’s foot finger moving and thinks she is acting. Ishqi tries all means to wake Dadi but Dadi doesn’t even move. Ishqi thinks Dadi forcefully accepted me as bahu and she is doing all this to prove my and AVM’s wedding wrong. Ishqi thinks how can Dadi be so selfish? Savitri was right! Ahaan says the resort doctor is not available so they need to go to city hospital. Everyone goes. Ishqi thinks Savitri is also there in same hospital so she calls hospital to tell them to keep this a secret but no one responds.

They all reach hospital, Savitri’s doctor comes and Ahaan asks him to help Dadi. The doctor sees Ishqi and says you are here again? Ishqi pretends she is worried for Dadi and signals the doctor not to say anything. Another doctor comes and takes dadi. Ahaan thanks Ishqi for being so considerate. Ishqi says this is my family too.

Here, Maasi asks Chachi if she also believes Ishqi is a bad omen for family? Chachi says no never. Maasi says I know Dadi is already against Ishqi and hearing Sarla say this might affect her. Maasi says I know the pain how it feels when mother in law doesn’t trust you. Chachi says I am Ishqi’s Chachi saas so be assured I am always there for her no matter what, Ishqi and Sonu are same for me. Maasi thanks Chachi.

Here, Rhea does her check up from doctor. Dadi is awake and the doctor says all your reports are normal maybe you got stressed due to wedding. Dadi says yes. Doctor goes and Dadi thinks I won’t let Ishqi and Ahaan consummate their marriage. Rhea comes and applauds Dadi’s acting skills. Dadi make her go, saying I will do whatever it takes to save my family. Rhea calls Dadi selfish and goes. Rhea thinks if Dadi can still try then why can’t I.

Here, Ishqi asks Ahaan to go inside and meet Dadi as Dadi might get irritated by her presence. Ahaan thanks her for understanding so much. He is about to go when Doctor gives some medicine list. Ahaan goes to bring that. Ishqi goes to Savitri.

Savitri worries hearing Dadi in hospital as she might hurt her, but Ishqi assures her. Ishqi says we will take down Dadi together. Savitri says Dadi is unbeatable, Ishqi says this time love will defeat her, me and Ahaan wr decided to discuss everything so soon I will talk to Ahaan. Here, Ahaan comes back with medicines when he hears a nurse asking a lady to be careful as she is pregnant and should she call her husband? Ahaan comes and is shocked to see Rhea. Rhea says the baby’s dad has already left me. Ahaan says Rhea?!

Episode ends.

Precap: Rhea tells Ahaan that it’s his baby only. Ishqi asks Ahaan to promise each other that they will be honest with each other always.

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