Ishk Par Zor Nahin 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Ishqi and Ahaan to meet?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 3rd June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with a leap of 6 months, Ishqi seeing Ahaan and she apologies to him. Ahaan is questioning why Ishqi did this and Ishqi is quite. Ahaan questions Ishqi about her actions. Ishqi says the truth of Ishqi. Suddenly she comes out of the dream. Maasi asks Ishqi if she is okay? Maasi says in these 6 months you haven’t slept properly. Ishqi and Maasi arrive in the resort. Maasi says are you want to work here only? Ishqi says only this place gave me a job offer so I had to take it. The manager shows Ishqi her quater. Manager tells her to be on time. Maasi asks Ishqi if she is happy with this waiter job? Ishqi says no work is small or big. Maasi says I want to ask something but I know you will avoid it like you have done till now. Ishqi says I won’t be discussing about it, I also become sad but then life goes on. Maasi says what about marriage? Ishqi says if I have to get someone then I can get it anywhere or else I won’t get anything. Ishqi cleans the quater and makes Maasi feed some food. Maasi says Ahaan did very wrong with you. Ishqi goes for work. Here, Maasi prays for Ishqi and asks god to help Ishqi as she has gone through a lot.

On her way she remembers how in these 6 months, she became homeless. Then no company gave her job as Ahaan called everywhere and said not to give any job to Ishqi in Delhi. Ishqi finds the card of the resort and tries to get a job there. Flashback ends. Ishqi arrives in the resort and gets flashes. The manager comes Ishqi and shows her work. Ishqi gets ready in uniform.

Ishqi is informed that a VIP family is coming the Mehta family who are taking over the resort and they have an important function here. Ishqi is asked to arrange the brunch. Ishqi preparea everything.

A car stops, it’s Sarla and family. Sarla says I don’t know why we are back to this place. Raj says to not say like this as Virender Mehta might hear her. Sonu thinks I am msging Ishqi from so long but still she has not replied till date. They all go inside.

Sarla says to Ginni that I think my importance is getting low let me try something and see. Sarla thinks to get sweet for her and Kartik gives her lollipop. Sarla says I was saying about sweet from resort. Rhea comes there and says you will get everything according to you as Mehtas promise this. Rhea’s mom and dad ensure the same thing. Sarla becomes happy. Here, Ishqi’s pen falls and she sees Ahaan. Ishqi thinks she is dreaming Ahaan again. Ahaan comes near Ishqi. Ishqi pushes Ahaan thinking it to be her dream and imagination. Ahaan falls down. Ishqi realises it’s really Ahaan. The manager apologies to Ahaan saying she is the new waiter here and asks for apology. Ishqi falls to his feet and apologies. Ahaan says I will forgive you if you clean my room in 7 minutes. Ishqi says okay sir. Ahaan thinks how is Ishqi not rebelling. Ahaan says also my fiance’s room, Rhea or else you won’t be able to work here. Ishqi agrees and goes.

At lunch, Everyone praises Mehta and their arrangements. Virender says he will name this resort in Rhea’s name and Ahaan will handle it. Dadi feels like they have same family culture as theirs. Sarla taunts Sonu to not be there and Rhea taking care of her needs. Chachi goes to call Sonu. The manager tells Ishqi to take care of everything as they are VIP. Ishqi nods.

Episode ends.

Precap: engagement ring is missing and Ishqi is blamed by Sarla and everyone ask to check Ishqi.