Ishk Par Zor Nahin 4th May 2021 Written Update: Will Ahaan be able to see his mother?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 4th May 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress

Episode starts with Dadi saying no need of anyone to go with me but Kartik says I will take you. Kartik and Dadi leave. Here, Ahaan also leaves. Sonu tells to Chacha and Chachi that even they are going for the meeting, now she is going to feel lonely. Mayank is watching all this from the window. He thinks Sonu, you think you would have slapped me if you were in place of Ishqi, let’s see how you do that. Here, Chachi and Chacha leave.

On the way, Dadi wonders how to get rid of Kartik. Dadi says my friend lives in Chanaykapuri. Kartik says okay. Here, Ishqi makes her Maasi drink juice and tells her about finding a new flat. Ishqi gets a call from the agent and she tells Maasi that she is going to finalise the deal. Here, Dadi says to Kartik stop the car, I just got a text that my friend is in hospital. Kartik says which one. Dadi says the one left behind. Kartik says okay let’s go. Dadi says no need I am going as it’s nearby only, you go and see if the wedding attires are ready or not. Dadi goes. Kartik says everyone in the family is wierd.

Ishqi comes to her house and talks to the agent. The ageny shows a nice house but informs Ishqi that the owner is asking for higher amount of money as deposit. Ishqi tries to negotiate but fails. The agent is about to go when Ishqi folds her hands and requests him to do some concession as she can’t bring her maasi to this house. Ahaan sees Ishqi and says what is happening. The agent says he can’t do anything and goes. Ishqi cries. Ahaan says what happened? Why can’t you bring maasi here? Ishqi says the house has raw roof due to water leakage and a part of it fell on Maasi yesterday and she got stitches, so that’s why I want a new house. Ahaan says let’s go to Maasi. Ishqi goes with Ahaan.

Here, Dadi comes and Savitri’s doctor says they are finding her and she is still inside. Dadi scolds him to find Savitri early. Dadi decides to herself search but when she is about to go in she sees Ahaan and hides. Dadi misses to see Ishqi. Ahaan and Ishqi go inside and meet Maasi. Ahaan tells Maasi that Ishqi told everything. Maasi thinks Ishqi told about maasa ji and worries. Ishqi cleverly says how she had to tell Ahaan about the roof leakage. Maasi feels relief. Ahaan says to call him if they need anything. Ishqi goes to leave Ahaan outside. Ahaan and Ishqi have a verbal fight about how a male member is required in such cases but Ishqi says she has always handled herself and maasi alone. Ishqi says Mayank was also never here for her. Ahaan says but he is. Ishqi says but you are not the one I am marrying and she leaves. Ahaan is in deep thoughts. Here, Dadi catches Savitri but Savitri sprays antiseptic spray on Dadi’s eyes and runs. Savitri misses to see Ahaan and runs other way. Dadi comes out rubbinh her eyes and bumps into Ahaan. Ahaan is shocked seeing Dadi there.

Episode ends.

Precap: Dadi says the venue has been changed to a resort. Dadi thinks Savitri can come to house but not to resort. Savitri sees everyone leave.