Ishk Par Zor Nahin 5th August 2021 Written Update: Sonu and Ahaan decide to support Savitri!

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 5th August 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ishqi saying I never believed Dadi, I decided to gather the proof when I doubted her, if you give this to Ahaan, then he will think you regret your doings and may trust you, maybe Dadi promised to make you her bahu, remember Dadi is selfish, she just thinks of herself, she just wants to control Ahaan, she wants to out me from his life, this can happen for you also, help me for Ahaan’s sake. Riya asks how shall I trust you. Ishqi says I understand the feeling of being an orphan, I promise, I will support you and your child. Riya says okay. Ishqi says come home in the evening. Riya leaves. Ishqi thinks once Dadi’s truth comes out, Ahaan will believe Savitri. Ahaan comes to meet Savitri. Suraj says she went to meet the doctor. He goes. Ahaan says mum went alone, she could have called me or Ishqi. He calls the doctor and asks about Savitri.

Doctor says Savitri and her daughter just left. Ahaan calls Ishqi and says its tough to have lunch together, I have some imp work. She says its fine, we will meet at home. Ishqi comes to meet Savitri. She sees Sonu. She says I had lunch break in the office, I thought to come and see aunty, what did doctor say. Sonu says she is fine, don’t tell Dadi or Ahaan that I have come here. Ishqi says don’t worry, I won’t say, you go now. Savitri asks Sonu to take care. Sonu goes. Ishqi says I don’t want to lie to Ahaan more. Savitri says as you say, I don’t want any problem in Ahaan and your relation.

Ahaan meets Sonu. He asks you met her. She nods and says sorry, I know you hate her, I couldn’t stay away knowing Dadi did wrong with her, she fell sick, I wanted to meet her and see if she is okay, I never had hatred for her, I can never hate her, I have always missed her, I also have complains and anger, but when she comes in front, it goes away, I wish to hug her and ask why she left us. Ahaan says I would have not understood this before, I don’t hate her now, I also want to fight with her and get angry on her. She says we can talk to her, many times situation is such that we find the person bad, maybe we should ask mum about it, we can talk to her once, I want to know why she left us, for my sake, please.

Ishqi says it will be tough for us, I will bring Dadi’s truth out, when Ahaan knows that Dadi is so clever, then you come and tell your truth, I m sure that he will believe us, he may get angry on us, but we have to do this today, I will be with you, your children love you a lot. Savitri says you are right, fine. Ahaan says fine, don’t tell this to Dadi. Sonu agrees. Ishqi comes home. Kartik says I think Riya isn’t saying true about her pregnancy. She asks why would she do this. He says maybe she is pregnant, I don’t think its Ahaan’s child, we should get paternity test done.

Ishqi says she loved Ahaan, why would she frame him in such a thing, she is good-valued, she won’t spoil her own respect. He says yes. She calls Savitri and says come here at 8pm, I will tell the truth to Ahaan today. Ahaan comes home and asks Bhola where is Ishqi. Bhola says she is in her room. Ahaan comes to the room. Ishqi says I need to talk something imp, you may get upset, promise me, you will listen to me carefully. He says that madness looks good on you. She says think its my madness, we promised not to keep any secret, I don’t want to keep secrets, don’t react first, listen to me, its about your… Kartik comes and says Riya has come to talk to you. Ishqi thinks why did she come so soon. Ahaan says maybe Dadi called her to stay here, I can’t let that happen. He goes.

Everyone goes to meet Riya. Riya says I have to show you someone’s truth, I know you trust that person, do you really think Ishqi deserves your love, you didn’t think of my feelings and rejected me, I wish for your betterment. He asks her to just come to the point. She plays the footage.

They see Ishqi meeting Savitri on her wedding day at the hospital. Chacha says Ishqi with Savitri. Dadi says your plan failed. Ishqi worries. Ishqi says I was going to say. Dadi says you know Savitri, it means you cheated us, such a big cheat, why, what did we do, we made you our bahu and respected you, you did this with us. Kartik asks what’s all this. Sonu says Ishqi would have a valid reason, she was just trying to help, her intentions aren’t right, she never had wrong intentions, I have always missed mum, even you missed her, what’s wrong if Ishqi got our mum back. Dadi says Sonu got brainwashed by Ishqi. Riya says I was wrong to think you love Ahaan, what you did is unacceptable, we know Ahaan hates his mum, even then you got his mum in his life, you made him sign the contract. Sonu says at least ask her why she did it. Dadi says stop defending Ishqi, you don’t know what Savitri did. She asks why did you force Ahaan to work with Savitri.

Episode ends.

Ishqi says don’t do a drama Dadi. Dadi raises hand. Ahaan stops Dadi. Dadi says you mean Ishqi did right. Savitri comes to defend Ishqi. She says I will tell your truth to my children today.