Ishk Par Zor Nahin 6th August 2021 Written Update: Ahaan supports Dadi.

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 6th August 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ishqi and Dadi arguing. Dadi raises hand on her. Ahaan comes in front. Dadi stops. She says Ahaan, you are taking her side, she cheated all of us, she wanted to get Savitri in your life by cheat, she had hidden this from us. Ahaan says she didn’t hide it from me, I knew it, she told me everything already. Ishqi gets shocked. He says Riya, I know you worry for me and my family, but its my personal matter, I don’t want any drama, I won’t tolerate anyone misbehaving with my wife, just leave. Riya leaves. Ahaan says you taught me not to raise hand on women, how did you forget that, don’t make a mistake to raise hand on Ishqi.

Dadi says it means whatever she did, its right, she wants to get Savitri in our lives by cheat, is this right. Savitri comes and asks what’s wrong in it. She says I wanted to meet my children, Ishqi helped me, what wrong did she do, don’t I have a right on my children, just because she did what you didn’t want, so did she get wrong, if lying is a big sin, then what punishment you should get, because you have always lied. Dadi asks her to just leave, how dare she come in this house, get out. Savitri says I won’t go today, I will tell your truth to my children. Dadi worries. She acts and asks her to leave, spare her children. Ahaan hugs Dadi. Dadi says ask her to leave. Savitri says listen to me, I want to say something. Ahaan says I will go if you don’t go, go home and rest. Sonu says you promised you will hear her. He says not now. Savitri leaves. Ahaan stops Sonu. Sonu gets angry. Chachi asks did you know everything. Dadi cries and does a drama. Ahaan says we will talk later, go to your room now.

Ishqi says sorry, I should have told you the truth, I had lied to you. Ahaan says get out. She gets shocked. She asks what. He says just leave. She asks do you want to make me out of the house, you took a stand for me. He says you supported me in Riya’s matter, I was returning the favor, I will never forgive you, get out. She says you also lied. He asks did you get license to hurt me if I have hurt you, since when did you know Savitri. She says I know her since long, then I got to know that she is your mom. He says you forced me to do business with her, you knew I hate her, I was in emotional dilemma, you were playing games with me. She says I was uniting her with her children. He says you don’t know what she did with this family. She says forgive me, try to understand. He says you can’t see your mistake, I m so hurt, you had no family, how would you know the pain when someone leaves the family. She says I understand the pain of those who don’t have their mum. He asks her to just get out. He goes. She cries.

Savitri says I wanted to tell them the truth of Dadi, Ishqi became wrong in everyone’s eyes, Ahaan didn’t give me a chance to say anything, I thought he will listen to me, but no. She cries. She says everything got over. Suraj asks how did Riya get proof against Ishqi. She says Dadi has played this game, I should have not involved Ishqi in my fight, Dadi has Ahaan in her control, he will never listen to Ishqi, she will make Ishqi away from Ahaan.

Riya says it didn’t happen as you said. Dadi asks her not to worry. Riya says Ahaan didn’t scold Ishqi. Dadi says because he loves Ishqi, he will not forgive her, he will throw her out of his life. Riya says I hope so, thanks. Dadi says you did good to join hands with me. Riya says you keep your promise and make me your bahu. Dadi says I will keep my promise, you just listen to me. Ahaan sees Sonu crying. She says nothing changed, we were crying many years ago in the same situation and even today. Kartik says I am worried that this may affect Ahaan and Ishqi’s relation, we will go and talk to them. Ahaan says no need to go and talk to anyone, we will stay happy. Kartik says we will talk to Ishqi.

Dadi says Savitri would not tell entire truth to Ishqi. She asks Ahaan to see she kept her promise. She says Ishqi did a lot, be careful, if Savitri comes here, then it will be the last day of her life. She goes crying. Ahaan asks do you still want to talk to Ishqi. He hugs Sonu and Kartik. Ishqi recalls Ahaan’s words and cries. Ahaan and Dadi come. Ishqi says injustice happened with me, you decided it and didn’t give me a chance to explain, I asked you to always listen to your heart, not the evidences, you didn’t listen to me and your heart, next time I will talk with evidences, its my promise, I will end the misunderstanding between you and your mum.

Episode ends.

Dadi asks Ahaan to sign the divorce papers. Ishqi comes live on tv. Ahaan gets angry.