Ishk Par Zor Nahin 6th May 2021 Written Update: Will Sonu see Savitri?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 6th May 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress

Episode starts with Kartik teasing Ahaan. Ahaan says I am not hiding anything. Ahaan says Ishqi is very irritating so why you think I like her. Kartik keeps teasing him. Ahaan says I am going to marry Rhea. Ahaan goes to Rhea and asks her on date nearby a place in resort. Rhea tells Ishqi how Ahaan never got so romantic like today. Here, Mayank is about to sit in the car with Raj but Raj says you will be going with Ahaan. Mayank says okay. In one car, Rhea, Ishqi, Ahaan and Mayank start. Rhea says let’s go live. They all enjoy. Rhea invites Ishqi and Mayank for double date. Mayank says no no you guys go as you met after so long. Ishqi calls and talks to Maasi. Ahaan asks if everything is okay. Ishqi says yes.

Here, Kartik, Raj and Sonu are enjoying and planning fun. Kartik says after marriage how will you both have fun with Sarla around? Raj says Sarla had 2 miscarriages before me that’s why she is very protective of me. Kartik says then how will you both live separately. Raj says we will figure something out. Savitri thinks whether to tell Sonu or not. Savitri feels hungry so she eats two apples from the basket. Kartik asks Sonu to give something to eat. Sonu takes the basket. Sonu says I packed 6 apples but now there are only 4. Kartik says so what it’s okay. Then, Sonu’s favourite song comes and they all enjoy the song. Raj overtakes Ahaan’s car.

Ishqi tells Ahaan that if she drives this slow then everyone will over take them. Ahaan says then you only drive. Rhea says you will really let Ishqi drive? Ahaan says no, this is my care ans I take care of it very nicely. Ishqi says obviously because according to you girls can’t drive. Suddenly Ahaan’s car stops. Ishqi taunts Ahaan. Ahaan says girls can do anything so come see what’s wrong. Ishqi is unable to say anything.

Rhea says I don’t know how but Ishqi you make Ahaan silent which I can never do. Ishqi says you love him that’s why. Here, Mayank calls a friend and asks to bring a pill for his plan. Here, Ahaan gets train tickets arranged. So they all go to the station nearby. Rhea says she has never travelled via train. Ishqi gives tricks and hacks for travelling in train.

Here, Dadi calls Savitri’s doctor. The doctor says they found Savitri and he sent a pictire of Savitri. Dadi asks him to take care of her and not let her go this time. Doctor ends the call and thinks to find Savitri soon or else his lies will be out. Here, Ishqi says she wants to go to washroom. Rhea and Mayank leave for station. Ahaan buys water. Ishqi gets locked inside the washroom and asks for help. Ahaan comes there and opens the door. Ahaan gets Rhea’s call saying the train has departed. Ahaan blames Ishqi for all this. Ishqi and Ahaan walk on the highway. Ishqi says to Ahaan to do something. Ahaan calls a cab service and they say the cab will be there in one hour. Ishqi says in India one hour means many hours. Ishqi panics and starts talking to god and her mom.

Ahaan gets irritated and ignores Ishqi and tries to get some help. Ishqi suggests to take lift but Ahaan says it’s risky and starts calling people here and there. Ahaan says its never safe to sit in any stranger’s car. Ahaan remembers Ishqi’s first meet up and says yes you can sit in any stranger’s car but who will give you lift here. Ishqi says I am very sweet. Ahaan says you are in stress and worry. Here, Sonu, Kartik and Raj are in a cafe. Raj says Rhea said Ahaan and Ishqi missed the train. Sonu worries. Kartik smiles and says good thing happened with Ahaan. Sonu says shut up it’s no time for fun. Here, inside the car Savitri watches Sonu and feels happy. Here, Ishqi gets ready like a pregnant woman, Ahaan gets shocked seeing her. Ishqi says now we will get lift.

Episode ends.

Precap: Sonu gives Rhea idea to start conversation about marriage in the date. Here, Ishqi sleeps and holds Ahaan’s hands in sleep so he sits beside Ishqi.