Ishk Par Zor Nahin 7th April 2021 Written Update: What is another big challenge for Ishqi?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 7th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kartik passing the plate to Ishqi and Ahaan who is sitting in between them says what where is my food. Kartik gives him. Ishqi taunts him saying do you need me to serve you as your rules say only girls are suitable for this. Ahaan takes food and says you might have impressed others but not me, you can’t change my thinking. Ishqi takes a bite of pancake and says this sweet chilla is so tasty Kartik. Everyone pretends to laugh. Ahaan says pancakes. Ishqi says spoon or chamach it’s the same only. Ishqi then says how she makes very tasty gobhi ka parantha and she will make for them one day too. Malhotras laugh as Gobhi’s paratha is Ahaan’s favourite. Ishqi days we will alll go on a cooking venture, Kartik, Mayank, me, Sonu and Raj. She then says softly to Ahaan that she didn’t take his name as she is sure that she has not even seen a kitchen before. Here, Raj is feeding Sonu and Ishqi adores it while Mayank feels very jealous.

Sarla is trying to take a napkin and separate the oil from puris and asks Ishqi how much calories get lessen through this process. Kartik says only guilt is reduced. Raj says Ishqi is not your assistant anymore. Sarla says so what I can’t ask her generally? Ishqi’s mother in law asks Ishqi about her mausi. Ishqi says she will come in engagement. Here Dadi tries to make Ishqi’s mother in law negative amd against Ishqi by saying you are groom’s family and shouldn’t give so much upper hand to girl’s family. Ishqi’s mother in law says no it’s not like that. Dadi says that day we saw you in jewellery shop buying the engagement ring for Mayank which should be brought by Ishqi’s family. Ishqi’s mother in law says, Mayank had his eyes set on one design and it was very costly so we bought it but Ishai doesn’t know so please don’t tell her. Dadi says okay. After breakfast then everyone tells Ishki to make some paranthas so she makes some.

Later, in Sonu’s room Ishqi and chachi tease Sonu how Raj and she has perfect love story and chemistry. Sonu blushes. Sonu makes them see her dress for engagement. Ishqi praises it. Sonu then sees a blunder done by the tailor. Ishqi says I can fix it tell me where pin is. Sonu says in that drawer. Ishqi finds no pin in one drawer so she goes to find in another. Sonu sees it and remembers that she kept her mother’s photograph in there so she stops Ishki and chachi says I have pins in my room come. Sonu and Chachi go. Ishki is sitting alone. Ahaan sees Ishqi alone and comes to her. Just then Ishqi gets a call from her mausi. She reacts and panics and runs for home. Ahaan becomes worried for Ishqi but doesn’t get a chance to ask her the reason.

Ishqi comes to a worried mausi who has scars in her face. She asks if mausa jo came here. Mausi says your mausa ji came and he took the ring. Mausi reveals the truth of ring how Mayank’s family bought it and now mausa jo took it. Mausi cries. Ishqi tries to make her calm. Ishqi says let me call Mayank. Here, Mayank is adoring Sonu who is smilong texting on phone. He thinks I wish I was there instead of Raj, earlier you used to smile like this for me and now this Raj. Ishqi calls Mayank and Mayank picks up irritated. Ishki tries to raise her concerns but Mayank says whatever it is it’s alrighy don’t worry, I will talk later. Ahaan is listening to all this and thinks what has happened to Ishqi she went very worriedly from here. He decides to ask Mayank but Mayank says it’s nothing. Ahaan still feels worried for Ishqi and thinks something is wrong.

Ishqi thinks about her list and thinks how Mayank couldn’t understand that she is worried. Ishqi then takes out her saving money from the AC and shows Mausi that she will buy a ring using this as advance and on EMI. Mausi says but it’s your hard earned money. Ishqi says so what it’s for times like this only. Ishqi waits for Mayank’s call but then she decides to go to shops on her own. Mausi says let me go to shop and you go to the function as it’s your engagement. Ishqi says you will not know how to arrange things and you will get tired let me go as you have not attended many functions so you go here first. Ishqi goes to various shops.

Here, Ahaan takes the paratha plate from Kartik which Ishqi has made. Kartik and Sonu bet on whether he will eat the paratha and Ahaan will eat making Kartik win the bet. Here, a jeweller helps Ishqi and says he knows someone who makes the ring but it’s risky and in old Delhi. Ishqi says no issues I need the ring.

Episode ends.

Precap: Everyone asks about Ishqi. Ishqi goes to the place and asks a person where is the ring and that person says just some more time and Ishqi requests him to hurry up.

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