Ishk Par Zor Nahin 7th June 2021 Written Update: Ahaan to know a shocking truth!

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 7th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mehtas thinking they reacted wrongly. Dadi thinks where is Ahaan. Rhea comes, Dadi asks her. Rhea remembers seeing Ahaan with Ishqi but lies saying he is with manager. Mr. Mehta says he could have told me. Dadi thinks Rhea is lying. Kartik tells Sonu that he will be going to meet Ishqi after this. Sonu says even she will. Here, Ishqi comes back home and is unable to think anything else. Maasi gets a text from Maasa ji saying he will find them soon. Maasi worries. Here, Maasa ji asks manager is Ishqi working here? I am his Maasa. Ahaan sees him, maasa ji also sees him and acts all worried and concerned for Ishqi. Ahaan feels Ishqi made his Maasi separate from Maasa ji so he asks him to visit Maasa ji. Manager tries to tell Ahaan that Ishqi doesn’t want him there but Ahaan shuts him up.

Here, Ahaan comes and does the engagement. Everyone is enjoying. Everyone takes pictures. Manager thinks to tell Ishqi about his Maasa ji but he gets busy talking to Mr. Mehta who praises the decoration. Ahaan hears the Manager tell another staff to inform Ishqi about his Maasa ji. Ahaan feels there must be something wrong, I need to protect Ishqi. Dadi calls Ahaan for pics. Ahaan goes forcefully.

Here, Maasa ji hits Ishqi and Maasi. Maasa ji warns Ishqi to go out of their life. Maasa ji is about to throw a stone on Ishqi but Ahaan saves her. Ahaan beats Maasa ji. Maasa ji says how he stole the engagement ring and beat Maasi and made her head bleed but still they are not coming in his control. Ahaan realises how it was never Ishqi’s fault. Ahaan hits Maasa ji. Ishqi asks Ahaan to go from there as it’s her family matter. Ahaan says I can’t see him beat you. Ishqi says why? Who am I? Ahaan becomes silence. Ahaan tells her how it’s not necessary to fight all her battles alone. Ishqi says I have gone through a lot I can handle this. Ahaan says you could have married Mayank and could be saved from this. Ishqi says I find this better than marrying Mayank. Ahaan says what did he do? Tell me please? Ishqi says from you only I have leatnt how to not believe on others. She finds Maasa ji and Maasi gone inside so she goes.

Everyone in the hall waits for Ahaan. Ahaan comes and is tensed, he apologies to all. Sarla asks Gini to keep eyes on Ahaan as she is sure something is cooking and Ishqi is also involved. Gini agrees. Dadi takes Ahaan to a corner and tells him to say it was your work call and after this function you have to meet me. Ahaan goes and clicks pictures.

Here, Ishqi threatens his Maasa ji but he says if she calls police then he will do a big drama. Ishqi worries. Here, the function ends. Ahaan asks Chachi for a favour but she can’t tell anyone. Chachi agrees. Chachi comes and saves Ishqi and Maasi from Maasa ji. Chachi threatens him to leave as this hotel is their and they will make everyone beat him. Maasa ji leaves. Chachi tells Ishqi how she can’t help Ishqi dealing with everything but she will save them from a man who disrespects women.

At night, Ahaan thinks how wrong he was about Ishqi. He drinks. Here, Rhea tells her mom that Ahaan is still having soft corner for Ishqi. Rhea says she doesn’t want to marry Ahaan. Rhea’s mom says did you forget what you did? You need to marry Ahaan asap.

She asks Rhea to go to Ahaan. Rhea goes. Ahaan is drunk.Ahaan says Ishqi didn’t lose the ring, she didn’t say and wanted to protect her uncle and aunt, I misunderstood her and just fought with her, I didn’t understand why did she broke relation with Mayank, when Ishqi and I came close to each other. Rhea comes. He says I have work stress. He asks Rhea to sit. He apologizes to her. Rhea says its okay. He says I will always support you Ishqi, I will protect you, I will always be there for you. He sleeps. She thinks maybe he doesn’t know how much he loves Ishqi, but sorry Ahaan, I am helpless, I can’t let you both unite.

Mayank tells his entire evil truth. Ahaan listens and comes. He beats Mayank. Mayank goes to hit Ahaan. Ishqi gets hit on her head.