Ishk Par Zor Nahin 8th April 2021 Written Update: Sonu to reveal Mayank’s real motive?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 8th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with maasi and dadi saying how for a girl mayaka is so soothing and good but sasural is always torture as they will never understand you. Dadi says you will have to mold yourself. Chachi also agrees. Kartik says but it should be a mutual effort from both side. Ahaan says girl’s have to sacrifice on many things to keep their family together, it’s nothing new that Sonu is doing everyone has done it like dadi, chachi and everyone. Chachi says yes true. Dadi says I am so chill mother in law, I do cheers with you. They both laugh. Ahaan says make up is a small thing, you can handle Sonu. Ahaan thinks he will do anything to make Sonu’s wedding a success. Here, Ishqi says I have see you maasi, how you tolerate mausa ji so that I can have a house and roof on me, I know how to sacrifice in order to keep your family together. Maasi says when did my little jhali Ishqi got so smart.

Dadi says, ask me, what did I tolerate, my mum passed away, I didn’t know cooking, I had to hear taunts, then I cried and learnt, but still got taunts. She cries. She says we all are here to teach Sonu. Kartik says Sarla should know to treat Sonu as her daughter, she will also have her duty, this is the problem. Ishqi gets ready. She says I have to go now. Maasi says you may get late. Ishqi says I have to do this.
Ahaan says girls have strength, Sonu will get strength to handle her house, we never did anything wrong, but we got to hear taunts. Ishqi says you have tolerated Mausa ji for my sake, you didn’t let the house break, I will not let the relation break. Maasi says you became responsible. Ahaan encourages Sonu and thinks to do anything for her.

Kartik and Sonu argue. Ahaan asks him to let Sonu do the makeup. Kartik says I can’t be busy saying Ishqi Ishqi all the time. Sonu says he just calls her that girl. Riya messages Ahaan. He calls her. He says makeup artist didn’t come, Sonu is doing it herself. She says I will send a video, its helpful. He thanks her. Kartik says you didn’t show emotions talking to Riya, is this Ishqi saga just for us. Ahaan writes Ishqi to Riya by mistake. Kartik irritates Sonu. Ahaan says why did I type Ishqi.

Ishqi meets the jeweller and says give me the ring fast. He says its your engagement and you have come yourself, wait for 10 mins, ring is ready. She worries. She calls Maasi and says I will get late. Maasi says call Mayank and inform him, he will tell Suman. Ishqi calls Mayank. He doesn’t answer. She leaves a message.

Dadi compliments Sonu. Ahaan says Sonu will always handle things. Sonu says yes, Raj is very supportive. Mayank and Suman come. Suman says Ishqi is lucky, Mayank is supportive. Mayank says I m also happy for you, Sonu. Sonu thinks why is he being so nice to me today. Bhola says Sarla is coming. Everyone rushes. Mayank apologizes to Sonu. He says you are happy with Raj, I m getting engaged to Ishqi. Dadi takes her.

Sonu thinks to tell Ishqi about Mayank. Ishqi gets too late. Ahaan sees Ishqi’s Maasi and asks about her parents. Mayank doesn’t listen and says dad isn’t fine, he didn’t come. He greets Maasi. Ahaan says her parents aren’t here, even she isn’t here. He gets Mayank’s phone and replies. Ishqi checks his message. She calls him. Maasi says Ishqi went for her job. Ahaan thinks she went for her job. Mayank says Ishqi would have not gone if it wasn’t imp. Ahaan says she had messaged, sorry I replied. Ishqi gets the ring. She checks it and cries happily. Sarla comes home. Raj goes to attend a call. Everyone welcomes Sarla. Sarla asks where are the band artists. They ask what. Sonu greets Sarla. Sarla says I want dholwalas, I told Raj that I want dholwala welcome. Ahaan says I will make arrangements. Sarla and her sister say we will cancel the engagement.

Ahaan says Ishqi didn’t come, Mayank’s dad is unwell, Ishqi and her parents didn’t come. Ishqi comes. Suman asks her to come for engagement. Ishqi says this engagement can’t happen.

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