Ishk Par Zor Nahin 8th July 2021 Written Update: Dadi to find Savitri?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 9th July 2021 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying that woman’s things won’t be here. She goes. Ishqi says Dadi… Chachi says let it be, Ahaan won’t support you in this, I m always with you. Ishqi hugs her and thinks I will need your help tonight. Ishqi gets ready for the reception. Kartik and Sonu come to tease her. Ishqi thinks of Chachi’s words. She thinks Chachi has sympathy for Savitri. She shouts yes. She hugs Sonu and Kartik. Kartik says Ahaan was crazy and now Ishqi. Everyone comes in the party. Dadi asks is Ahaan late again. Ishqi says he will be coming, I will call him.

Ahaan says I m leaving from office, I had got clothes here, inform Dadi. He gets ready. He gets Riya’s maid’s call. Maid asks him to come home, Riya fainted down, her parents aren’t in the city. Ahaan says I

m coming. Riya says well done, you can go now. Maid goes. Riya says Ahaan would be coming. She asks Radhika to go. Radhika says be careful and goes. Dadi asks where is Ahaan. Kartik gets Dadi aside and makes her busy in talks. He goes to call Ahaan. Ishqi thinks why didn’t Ahaan come. She asks Kartik did he find anything. He says he is stuck in traffic, don’t worry. He takes Sonu aside and says Ahaan didn’t come, I will see, handle Ishqi. She nods. He goes. Sarla looks on. Raj comes to Sonu. Riya waits for Ahaan. She says poor Ishqi will be waiting, it will be a drama when Sarla learns this. Maid says car has come. Riya says leave the door open and go. She acts. Sarla asks where is Ahaan. Ishqi says he will be coming. Sarla taunts. Ishqi answers.

Dadi asks what did you do now that Ahaan isn’t here in his reception, you both had a fight. Ishqi says I didn’t do anything. Chachi says Kartik said that Ahaan is stuck in traffic. Ishqi thinks please come Ahaan, don’t give them a chance to talk. Sonu says Raj, we will do something. They go. Raj says we will have some celebration. Everyone dances on Gud naal…

Sarla says dance is over, where is Ahaan. Light goes. Ahaan comes. He recalls Kartik coming to office. Kartik says aunties are helping Ishqi, come fast. Ahaan says help me, go to Riya’s house, doctor is coming, you can leave when doctor comes. Kartik says have a heroic entry, you got late. Ahaan and Ishqi talk heart to heart. Ishq wala love…..plays… They dance. Everyone claps. Doctor checks Riya. Kartik comes and asks is Riya fine. Doctor says yes, you can go, I will give her health updates to Ahaan. Kartik thinks why did Riya call Ahaan. He asks what happened to her. Doctor says she fainted due to weakness, you can go. Kartik thanks her. He leaves. He says I came on time, else Ahaan would have missed his reception.

Sarla gifts Ahaan and says its personalized designer set, I had made one, it has Riya’s name. Ishqi says you can still get it, I will make some design on it. Ahaan thinks nothing can break Ishqi, how can shall I hide this truth from her. He says sorry, Sarla and Dadi taunted you. She says its okay, don’t say sorry much that makes sorry lose value. Dadi calls her. Kartik says why does Riya come in between always, Ahaan sent the doctor for her, what’s happening, sorry, something is wrong. Riya opens eyes and gets up. Doctor asks are you okay. Riya says yes. Doctor says Ahaan called me on time, you are fine, don’t worry. Riya thinks Ahaan didn’t come and sent doctor, he went to Ishqi, how dare he.

Dadi asks Ishqi to meet the guests. She goes to ask Ahaan about his fight with Ishqi. Sonu compliments Ahaan’s entry. Ahaan asks does sorry lose imp when we say it often. Sonu says so what, love will increase. He says she is cute right. Sonu says yes. He says I m so lucky that I got married to Ishqi. Dadi gets angry. He says you arranged everything well, its last rasam, I was thinking, shall I go somewhere with Ishqi, honeymoon, if you permit. Sonu says great idea, Dadi let them go now, please.

Dadi smiles and says when did I refuse. Ahaan thinks I don’t want to hide and start our relation, we will go away, I will tell you the truth. Sonu says I will tell Ishqi. Ahaan asks Raj to handle his wife. Sonu asks Raj shall I stay here tonight. Kartik comes and says done. Raj says done. Sonu says thanks. Savitri sees Ahaan on video call and smiles. She blesses Ahaan.

Ahaan and everyone see the news and get shocked. Ahaan says we designed this mall. Mehta says just see how I get Ahaan on the roads. Ahaan says this will destroy us.

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