Ishk Par Zor Nahin 9th July 2021 Written Update: What is Ishqi’s next plan?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 9th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarla pitying Dadi and asking her to call whenever needed. She asks Raj to come. They leave. Kartik says we will go and chill on the terrace. Ishqi says Sonu, come. They go. Kartik asks Ahaan to show common sense always, there won’t be any drama. Ahaan thinks I want to avoid the drama. Ishqi joins them and says I don’t drink. Ahaan says its good. Sonu goes to get juice. Ishqi says everything is so good, there will be problems again, my life is such. Ahaan says it won’t happen like that, don’t say like that. He goes. Kartik thinks something is wrong. Sonu says sorry Ishqi. Ishqi says sorry, I made him upset, I will see him.

Rhea gets angry and says Ahaan didn’t come, he made me cry, dad ruin him, force him to come and beg you for help. Mehta says he broke my daughter’s heart, I will ruin him, he will come back to you, its my promise. He hugs her. Ahaan recalls Rhea’s words. Ishqi says I m sorry. Ahaan says it was not your mistake. She asks why did you come here. He says so that you come after me and show his cute smile. She asks is it about Rhea, her dad is creating troubles. He nods. She says Maasi says that if we upset anyone, then we get their curse, we had upset Rhea and got married.

Ahaan says I won’t let you get anyone’s curse, I promise. She says I know, my husband is world’s best husband. He says if I make any mistake…She says I will ignore. He says if you can’t ignore it… she says then I will fight and then agree. He kisses her hand. She says cuto…. They smile. He thinks finally, Dadi permitted us for honeymoon, I will tell everything to Ishqi there. Chacha comes to call Ahaan. Ahaan and Ishqi run to see. They see the news of the mall roof collapse. Reporter says Malhotra’s cheap construction is the reason, CEO Ahaan is blamed for it, such greedy builders should be strictly punished. Mehta says cheers, Rhea just see how I get Ahaan on road. Ahaan says we never compromised on our quality, how did this happen, this will destroy us.

Its morning, Kartik says Ahaan’s fate is getting ruined, someone is doing this. Sonu asks who will do this. Ishqi says its happening since Ahaan and I got married, Rhea’s dad is doing this. He says yes. Ishqi says he is ruining Ahaan, I saw such people in films. Kartik says we have no proof against her. Sonu says Riya is a loser, she didn’t move on. Kartik thinks Riya is doing something wrong. Ishqi asks what shall we go. Kartik says there is no life casualties, Ahaan’s lawyer will handle it, but his reputation will suffer, if any big company gives him a project, then it will be good, but how will it happen. Ishqi goes. Sonu thinks to ask Raj to help Ahaan.

Ahaan asks Inspector to do the enquiry, someone is trying to sabotage their reputation, find it out. Dadi says you know who did it, why don’t you say. Ahaan says we can’t blame anyone without evidence. She says we know who did it. Inspector asks Ahaan to say, who does he doubt. Ahaan says Viren Mehta. Inspector asks why would he do this. Chacha says Ahaan was going to marry his daughter, but couldn’t. Inspector says we will find out. Ahaan says I won’t leave Mehta. Sarla says we won’t help Ahaan. Raj says Ahaan is family. Sarla argues. Raj thinks there is no point to argue, mom has to come on my side. He says okay mom, its Ishqi’s mistake, let me help Ahaan, dad made you partner in business, please let me help, sign these papers. Sarla throws the papers. She says we will also sink with them. Raj thinks I can’t do a thing. She says go and get Sonu, I don’t want my bahu to stay with criminals, we won’t keep relation with them. She goes. He says this is so embarrassing.

Ahaan thinks real crisis will happen when the truth comes in front of Ishqi and family. Chacha says its life, ups and downs happen, until family is together, no problem can harm. Ahaan thinks when my truth gets known, no one will support me. Ishqi says its happening because of me, Ahaan left Riya because of me. Savitri says when I broke down, he supported me, he will support you also. She introduces Ahaan’s dad’s friend, advocate Suraj Kapoor. She says when Ahaan’s dad used to torture me, Suraj always helped me, despite being the friend of Ahaan’s dad, because he always stands by the truth, our relation is of humanity, but it doesn’t matter to Dadi, I decided to divorce Ahaan’s dad for my and children’s safety, Dadi accused me to have an affair with him, even then he supported me. Sonu argues with Raj.

He says I will convince mum. She asks when will you convince her, when everything is over, its not fair that she gets enmity with Ahaan. Raj says she is my mom, I always supported you, I need time to convince her, keep some patience. She says no, I can’t, Sarla will never help us, she just knows to make people cry, she can’t see anyone happy. He says please mind your words. Ishqi asks how will we help Ahaan. Suraj says don’t know, its tough, we will do it, Ahaan won’t take my help, he will think his mom got separated from his dad because of me, that Savitri is still with me. Ishqi says I have an idea, we can help Ahaan and also plan Savitri’s comeback, Savitri has to face Dadi. Savitri says I can’t face her. Maasi says she is worried, she can’t do this. Ishqi says you have to do this, you are a mum, you can fight a tiger also, do this for your children. Suraj says you have fought before. Savitri says I lost also. Maasi says you didn’t had Ishqi that time. Ishqi says you have to do this. She thinks I have to do this to unite Ahaan and his mum, sorry, Ahaan won’t like it.

Episode ends.

Ahaan signs the contract. Ahaan and family come to meet the client. They get shocked seeing Savitri.

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