Ishk Par Zor Nahin 9th June 2021 Written Update: Ishqi to have a memory loss!?

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The episode begins with Ahaan coming in. Mayank starts acting that Ishqi is the one troubling him. Ahaan comes to Ishqi and hugs Ishqi. He says sorry and says now she won’t have to bear anything. Ahaan fights with Mayank. Ahaan says now everything will get fine, keep your eyes closed. Ishqi closes her eyes. Ahaan beats up Mayank. Ishqi cries. Ahaan says you tried to ruin Sonu’s life, I used to hate Ishqi because of you. Mayank falls down.

Ahaan goes to Ishqi. Mayank gets up and thinks to stop Ahaan. He takes a stick to beat Ahaan. He says I will put the blame on Ishqi, then I will win again. Ishqi sees Mayank striking. She pushes Ahaan away and gets hit on her head. Mayank drops the stick and runs away. Ahaan runs to her and holds her. He lifts her in arms and takes her out. Everyone asks what happened to Ishqi. Ahaan takes her to the resort clinic. Ishqi gets treated. Doctor says she is fine, she should get conscious soon. Ahaan says she is a fighter. He goes out and thinks of Ishqi’s words.

He thinks Ishqi has done this to protect Sonu, she tolerated the taunts, but didn’t tell the truth, she kept my responsibility. Dadi asks what’s going on. Rhea asks are you fine. Maasi comes and asks where is Ishqi. Ahaan says nothing happened, she will be fine. She says I want to see her. Manager takes her. Sonu comes and asks for Ishqi. Ahaan cries and says I need to talk to you. She nods. Kartik says Ishqi got a head injury, doctor said she is serious. Sarla says she is no one to us. Raj asks her to think before she speaks. Sarla asks will we cry for everyone. Raj asks what happened, Kartik do you know how she got hurt. Kartik says I don’t know, Ahaan knows it, I will ask him. Sarla says Ishqi is unlucky, better fire Ishqi from the job, else we will leave. Chachi says she is unconscious, how can we fire her, we shall wait for Ahaan. Sarla says I m worried for Rhea, she is waiting for Ahaan, Ishqi is trapping her, what will happen of Rhea and Ahaan now.

Sonu says I wanted to end my life, Ishqi saved my life, I am sorry, I didn’t listen to you and went in that party. Ahaan says its Mayank’s mistake, he tried to take an advantage of you by making you unconscious. Kartik and Raj come. Raj asks what. Ahaan says Mayank tried to…. that’s why Ishqi broke her relation with him. Kartik asks how do you know it. Ahaan tells everything. Raj hugs Sonu and says I won’t leave Mayank. Kartik asks how can he get so cheap, we regarded him our friend, it all makes sense. Ahaan asks Sonu why was she silent. Sonu asks how could I say that I didn’t listen to you and this happened. She cries. She says I know everyone blames the girls in such situation, you did the same when Sarla’s nephew misbehaved with a girl in Jagrata, I knew you will find me wrong. Raj asks why didn’t you tell me. Sonu says Sarla would have not let this marriage happen, I wanted to talk to Ishqi when she left the mandap, but Sarla stopped me. Ahaan recalls. Sonu says no one supported me.

Rhea’s mum asks where is Ahaan, what happened to that girl. Rhea says I don’t know. Her mum asks her to find out. Riya says I did as you told me, he doesn’t love me, what shall I do. Rhea’s mum says you have done wrong, I know and you also know it, don’t act innocent in front of me, if Ahaan refuses to marry you, then where will you go in this state. Sonu says Ahaan used to hate Ishqi, he would have hated me also. Kartik hugs her. She says Ishqi saved me and also took all the sorrow, defamation and taunts, Ahaan ruined her, even then she didn’t tell him that she did this for his sister, she told me that either of us can stay happy, she chose me.

Kartik asks when did you get to know this. Sonu says in the marriage mandap, we realized Mayank is blackmailing me. Ahaan asks why didn’t you understand me. Sonu asks would you had understood me like Ishqi did, girls know that they will get blamed, I was scared that I will get blamed. Ahaan says you think so about me. Kartik says yes, we always tell the girls to follow the rules, you always say that Sonu is perfect, she couldn’t say it by this pressure, Ishqi supported her, you ruined Ishqi, she sacrificed her happiness for Sonu. Dadi looks on shocked. Ahaan goes. Dadi stops him and says Mayank has run away. Ahaan says I will find him and bring him here, you know what he did with Sonu. Dadi asks what will you tell then, you won’t get him. Ahaan says Sonu is living this suffocated life because of him, don’t know what will happen to Ishqi, I won’t let this happen. Dadi stops him and says Sarla will break Sonu’s marriage, I can’t see this. Ahaan says Raj will support her. She says no, he can’t fight everyone, don’t tell this to everyone, else be ready to become an orphan again, your mum killed your dad, you will kill me. He asks shall I let Mayank go. She asks him to stay quiet for Sonu’s happiness, don’t go if he really loves them. She makes him swear. He cries.

He goes to see Ishqi. He says I don’t understand what to do, who will tell me, you have handled everything, you always knew what to do, Dadi did a lot for this house, I can’t go against her word, if I went to find Mayank, then she would have done anything, I promised you to always hate you, I promise you that I will not let my trust break on you, I didn’t take anyone’s favor, but I m indebted to you, thanks Ishqi. He holds her hand and cries. He says please come back, I need you. Rhea looks on. She gets her sonography report.

Kartik says Mayank’s phone is off. Raj says he checked out from the resort, what will we do now. Kartik says Ahaan won’t leave him, he keeps his friendship well and enmity better. Dadi sees Ahaan with Ishqi. She thinks I have to make this girl away before Ahaan melts in front of her.

Episode ends.

Precap: Dadi threatens Ishqi to stay away from Ahaan. Kartik makes Ahaan explain how love is ao rare and he is getting one. Ahaan goes to meet Ishqi.