Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th September 2020 Written Update: Kabir’s real face revealed

Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh asking Ridhima to get ready as a very beautiful evening is waiting for her outside. He promises her that her heartbeats will stop seeing his surprise, only time will tell if it will be because of the surprise or for shock though. He leaves asking her to get ready. Ridhima thinks that she should leave the house before Vansh crosses his limits.

Ridhima sneaks out of the room and runs downstairs. She opens the door and is about to go out when Vansh holds her arm and pulls her inside asking her what she is doing. He shuts the door. Vansh asks whether she wants to leave without even enjoying the evening with him. He says that time to leave will come but first they should spend some quality time together after which he promises her to let her go with a bang.

 Ridhima cries asking him to let her go. Vansh reminds her about the promise she made to him after burning his mother’s painting. Ridhima recalls promising him not to ever deny him anything when he will need something. Vansh says that he needs something today and promises her that she won’t have any regret. He says that first they should make the evening more interesting.

He takes her in kitchen in front of ingredients to make cake and says that today is very special so cake cutting must happen. He says that cake cutting shouldn’t happen just for birthdays but for any occasion like even death. He breaks the eggs and asks Ridhima to beat them. He says that he might not have the occasion to have such an evening again. Ridhima starts beating the eggs. Vansh leans on her from behind holding her hand and asking her to be easy.

Ridhima goes to take salt but when she turns around, she is shocked to see Vansh holding a knife. He walks towards her and stabs her. She screams. She opens her eyes as it was just her imagination. Vansh looks at her and says that time to change her dress has come. He asks her to go to wear the dress he gave her.

The two go to their room. Vansh asks her to wear the orange dress. Ridhima asks him to go out while she changes. He leaves. Ridhima cries saying that Kabir won’t come to save her and Vansh will surely kill her. She walks towards the window.

On the other hand, Vansh orders Angre not to move his eyes from the gate as their “guest” could be coming anyway. Angre assures that today he won’t be spared. Vansh is sure that if the person is so smart to read his message then he will find a way to reach Ridhima somehow. He checks the time and twenty minutes are left for six.

Meanwhile, Kabir enters in the VR Mansion and looks around but is surprised to see no security. He wonders what Vansh’s plan is.

Angre asks Vansh what his plan of six pm is. He asks whether he is really willing to end Ridhima’s game. Vansh starts playing piano and says that he is not going to kill Ridhima but the only thing they need to do is to reach the person behind Ridhima. The game is all about making Ridhima and her partner believe that today is Ridhima’s last day and he will come to save her getting trapped. Angre says that it’s a great plan and leaves.

Angre goes outside to keep an eye on get. Kabir hangs from ceiling from behind him. He gives an injection to Angre who faints after that. Kabir leaps down and walks away. There is a man dressed in black, whose face is covered with a black gas mask and his hands have yellow gloves, the same mysterious person who tried attacking Ridhima with coconut and made her video with Sunny.

In the meantime. Vansh knocks at door of the room calling for Ridhima. She gives no response. Vansh wonders if she escaped. He walks inside the room and sees none there. Just then, the door of washroom opens and Ridhima comes out wearing the dress Vansh gave her. Vansh stares at her. Title track plays.

Ridhima says that she is ready. Vansh says that she is looking gorgeous and is ready for today’s special evening. He forwards a hand towards Ridhima who holds it.

Vansh brings Ridhima on the top of stairs. He turns on some lights with which the whole hall is decorated. They walk downstairs where Vansh has kept the cake he has made with his hands. He says that they will start a new beginning of their relationship today. He holds her hand and they cut the cake together. Then he makes her feed him with the cake.

Vansh plays music on stereo and walks around Ridhima. Title track starts playing. Ridhima and Vansh dance. Kabir comes and hides behind the pillar. He wonders what’s going on as Vansh had said he is going to harm Ridhima at 6pm.

He wonders what’s going on in Vansh’s mind. Kabir looks at Ridhima and Vansh dancing. The latter thinks that he has to harm Ridhima to bring out the person using her as puppet. He takes her towards the top of stairs.

Kabir says that he knows Vansh very well: he wants to kill Ridhima who is not aware of that. He says that he will snatch Vansh’s life before anything happens to Ridhima. He points rifle towards Vansh. The mysterious person with yellow gloves points gun at Ridhima and Vansh too.

Ridhima wonders if Vansh wants to push her from stairs. Vansh keeps dancing with her and makes her half fall into his arms. She notices the rifle pointed at Vansh. A gunshot is heard. Ridhima comes in front of Vansh taking bullet on her shoulder and saving him. Both Vansh and Kabir are stunned.

Vansh shouts Ridhima’s name and takes her downstairs lifting her in his arms. Kabir seems shocked but stays hidden while Vansh takes Ridhima outside. Kabir tries to follow them but the door gets locked and Kabir stays inside.

Kabir breaks down on his knees crying because Ridhima got shot. He blames himself for everything that happened. Just then, the mysterious person comes from behind and points the rifle on Kabir’s nape. He gets shocked and turns around. Kabir stands up and smirks. He walks aside and wipes his tears.

He says everything happened because of him. He laughs evilly and says that he is responsible for everything. Kabir says that everything happened like he planned and compliments the mysterious person for doing his work perfectly.

Flashback starts. Both Kabir and the mysterious person are pointing rifle at Vansh and Ridhima. The person puts it down while Kabir apologizes to Ridhima and pulls the trigger shooting Ridhima. Flashback ends.

Kabir says that it’s all his game and no mistake can happen in his game as God hasn’t made anyone who can change his plan.

On the other hand, Ridhima is lying unconscious on bed while a doctor is visiting her. Vansh is there in the room too. Doctor says to Vansh that thankfully he called her there on time and she could take out the bullet otherwise saving her would have been impossible. She says that Ridhima’s condition is still unstable so oxygen and blood supply should be proper since it’s important for her to get conscious in 24 hours. The person with yellow gloves peek inside the room.

Meanwhile, Kabir is in a dark room. He says that he pities Ridhima who doesn’t even know from which gun the bullet that hit her came. He chuckles. He says that he didn’t plan to kill Ridhima but it was important to sacrifice the pawn in order to save the king. He thinks that poor Ridhima doesn’t know that the person who she fell in love with, is her culprit only: now the only thing left is killing Vansh.

Episode ends

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