Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th August 2020 Written Update: Ridhima is keen on getting Vansh punished

Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ridhima getting scared when Vansh points gun at her. Vansh asks her not to worry as he has given her a new life as a wife today so how he can snatch her life today itself. He says that he will explain why he is giving such a gift on the first night of marriage. He explains that seven vows are just for normal people and, like she said, they aren’t normal, so this is gun is an eighth vow: if she mistakenly thinks to give him betrayal, she should kill herself with it before he come to know about it and he will kill himself if he betrays her before she comes to know about it.

After this deal, he asks her to open the second drawer. He asks her not to be scared and assures that she will like this gift. Ridhima doesn’t move. Vansh opens the door and shows a rose in gold. He says that it is beautiful and she can live such a beautiful life as well if she understands the meaning of loyalty: he can forgive his murder once, but not anyone who kills his trust and now the choice is hers. He says that he believes there are just two extremes for him, guns and roses, nothing in between, nothing before and nothing after. Ridhima says that this is his belief and she doesn’t agree; she adds that only time will tell what will happen with their relationship. Vansh says that time doesn’t decide anything but he does, just the way he turned her Mrs Vansh Rai Singhania from Miss Ridhima. He is sure that their upcoming life is going to be very interesting. Ridhima crosses her arms and looks straight into his eyes saying that the ninth vow is from her: she will try her best to make his life interesting. Vansh smirks and says that he will be waiting for her to fulfil her promise. With that, he leaves. Ridhima recalls promising Kabir that she will cross any limit for this mission and thinks that until now it was only Kabir’s mission, but after she paid such a price for her love, this mission is hers.

Angre asks Vansh if Ridhima admitted that she stole Shera. Vansh says that she came back and married him. Vansh says that for now it seems like someone stole Shera and put it in Ridhima’s room so that suspect goes on her. Angre wonders who and why.

Later, Ridhima is outside of her room and thinks to search for Shera now that she has the occasion because everyone must have fallen as they are tired.

On the other hand, Chanchal complains that Shera was so pricey and she would have gotten two bangles for herself selling it. Aryan warns her not to take Shera’s name again in the house because it could lead to her death. Chanchal complains about Rudra not getting enough respect and says that they should have used Shera in their favour and taken business in their hands. Aryan says that she doesn’t know Vansh who doesn’t fulfil his relations. He says that he has hidden Shera in such a place that suspect will never go on her. Chanchal asks where.

Just then, they hear a noise. Aryan goes to check outside and sees just a vase that has dropped on a stand. He goes back in the room, not noticing that Ridhima is hiding behind. Ridhima has overheard their conversation and wonders if Aryan has put it in Vansh’s study room. She goes to check.

Aryan tells Chanchal that he put the pen drive in Ridhima’s room so that suspect goes on her. Chanchal smiles. Aryan warns her tongue will be cut off if she takes Shera’s name again.

Meanwhile, Vansh says that whoever tried to trap Ridhima is very smart. Angre asks if he should put some men behind Ridhima to find out her truth since that is important too. Vansh reminds him that Ridhima is now his wife so they will not use their usual ways with her, but he himself will find out if she is saying truth or lying. He breaks Shera with an hammer and then calls someone.

Ridhima sees Vansh in the corridor. He is on call. Ridhima thinks to go back to the room and wake up early in the morning to search Shera. She goes back to the room but is surprised to see Vansh already there. Vansh asks her to be careful and not to get lost since this is house and he knows every path very well.

Ridhima sits on bed. Vansh says that it’s strange that bride wasn’t in room on the suhaag raat day. He asks if she needed something or was looking for something that she can’t tell. He bends closer to her and she puts a cushion between them. Vansh grabs a spider and says that spiders are so stupid since sometimes they go to hunt and become the prey. He throws it away and recomposes asking Ridhima again what she was looking for. He asks him to stop trying so much and tell him directly what she needs. Ridhima doesn’t reply.

Vansh shows a fist to Ridhima and asks her to throw it in dustbin. Ridhima asks what it is. Vansh places it on her hand. Ridhima is shocked to see pieces of Shera. Vansh asks if she was looking for it only. Ridhima stands up and says that she doesn’t know what it is so why she would look for it. She walks a bit away. Vansh tells from behind that this thing was very important for him before turning in garbage but he destroyed it after someone stole it. He asks Ridhima who she thinks must have stolen it. Ridhima says that it’s his house and he is the one who always says that not even a soul can move in his house without his consent. Vansh says that humans make mistakes but they don’t know the price of such mistakes. He smirks adding that she has started knowing him though.

Vansh says that they are married but she is still a mystery for him. Ridhima says that he made a big mistake then because people marry the one they know only. Vansh says that she married the one he wants to know as he likes mysteries, darkness, her. He says that she has been trapped now and she has no way to get out. Ridhima thinks that she will trick him in his own trap and get him punished at any cost.

Episode ends