Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th September 2020 Written Update: Vansh is in pain for Ridhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kabir saying that, by reading Vansh’s message, he understood that he got to know about Ridhima’s reality: he came to know that Ridhima is a spy and someone is behind her so he did all this to catch him but, after years of hard work in this mission, he couldn’t let it fail for Ridhima and even her sacrifices would go in vain. He says that it took a lot of hard work to convince Ridhima to do this.

He tells the mysterious person that whichever police officer went to Vansh, got killed. He recalls Neha’s murder. Kabir says that then his eyes went on Ridhima, who was perfect for the mission as she was an orphan: the thing that lacks in our life becomes our weakness and an orphan yearns for love only. He recalls Ridhima proposing him.

Kabir says that he used to this emotion of Ridhima to make a place in her heart so that she does whatever he says, even get ready to die for him. He laughs recalling Ridhima saying that she is ready to give her life for him. He says that he couldn’t find a more loyal partner and she even married Vansh for him.

Even during the wedding day, Ridhima thought he came to save her but he did all the drama just to convince her to marry Vansh and that she did. He tells the person that for a person there is nothing more important than life, that is why he made sure that Ridhima unconsciously put her life on stake and could become Vansh’s life earning back the trust she had lost. Kabir compliments the person for doing his work perfectly: he came to VR Mansion and aimed a gun at Vansh and the dumb Ridhima became an emotional fool and saved Vansh, unaware that the real bullet was shot by him and she was the aim, and with that Vansh got his lost trust on Ridhima back.

On the other hand, Vansh looks at the unconscious Ridhima who is lying on bed and is on a ventilator, with teary eyes. He recalls how Ridhima took the bullet and saved him. Title track plays. Vansh covers Ridhima with a blanket. Dadi calls Vansh and leaves.

Meanwhile, Kabir says that the person aiming Ridhima was just distracting her while he shot her exactly when she was in front of Vansh so that the latter thought that the bullet was for him. He pours alcohol in glass and says that he wanted Vansh to blindly trust Ridhima and so will happen after this shoutout. He cheers with the person saying that he will have to do whatever is next.

Dadi asks Vansh what happened and asks him not to worry as everything will be fine. She is stunned to see blood on his collar and asks her to take her to Ridhima. Vansh takes her to the room. Dadi sits near Ridhima.

In the meantime, the whole family has come back. Chanchal complains because of all the bad things happening in the house like the black cats of the whole city have come there. Anupriya says that Ridhima is the biggest black cat. Rudra comes. Chanchal asks where Aryan is. He says that Aryan didn’t come with them: he had some work and stayed in the house.

Just then, Aryan comes. Anupriya asks where he is coming from and where he had disappeared. Chanchal asks why she is interrogating him as he has informed her already that he is going to a friend’s house. She points out that even Ishani is missing and in a flashback, she is shown getting out of car with the excuse that she has to collect some things she bought.

Ishani comes. Chanchal asks her why she doesn’t have any bag in her hands even though she went to collect her clothes’ delivery. Both Ishani and Aryan are suspected to be the mysterious person who has joined hands with Kabir.

On the other hand, Dadi tells Vansh that he is lucky since nowadays there is no wife who can take a bullet meant for her husband. She asks him to think how much she must be loving him. Vansh wipes a tear and looks at it stunned. Dadi comes and puts a hand on the heart asking if he is feeling pain there. She says that it happens when a dear one is harmed. She says that the old Vansh would have been angry as someone shot his family member and he would have run to catch that person who shot but now he doesn’t care about all this, he only wants Ridhima to be fine. Vansh says that he should go to change. Dadi asks him not to worry as nothing will happen to his Ridhima.

Siya comes in the room too and gives prasad to Dadi. She says that she went to pray for Ridhima in temple-like Dadi had said. Vansh leaves. Siya sheds a tear. Dadi says that they should let Ridhima rest and leave with Ridhima.

Meanwhile, Ishani says that the clothes didn’t fit. Chanchal tells her that someone tried shooting Vansh but Ridhima took a bullet. Ishani smiles asking if she died. Anupriya scolds her. Ishani is sure that Vansh will find out the culprit. Chanchal says that nothing like that will happen since for now, Vansh is madly in love with Ridhima. Anupriya asks her to stop saying this rubbish which will never happen. Everyone leaves. Ishani says that Ridhima is trying to take her place in Vansh’s heart after killing her Sunny.

Vansh comes into the room where Ridhima is. The nurse asks him to sleep if he wants as she will take care of Ridhima. She leaves to get some stuff. Vansh starts looking around for his stuff but he is unable to find anything. He says that he got used to Ridhima and scolds her for changing everything in his room. He asks her to get up and put everything on place or tell him where the things are. He asks her to get up for any reason.

Vansh is angry because she took the bullet which was meant for him. He asks what she wants to prove. He says that he just wanted to harm her so why she saved her enemy. He has many questions and can’t live with all of them so asks her to get up. The mysterious person is keeping an eye on them. Vansh gets Angre’s call and is about to leave but his watch gets stuck with her sleeve. He stares at Ridhima. Title track plays.
Episode ends

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