Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th October 2020 Written Update: Dadi punishes Chanchal for spoiling Ridhima’s kheer

Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ridhima opening Vansh’s laptop to watch the rest of the footage. Ishani comes and asks her what she is doing with Vansh’s laptop. Ridhima tells her that she asked Vansh to use it since she had to check rangoli designs. Ishani grabs the laptop to check and sees rangoli designs only.

Ridhima recalls quickly opening rangoli images on internet when Ishani was walking towards her. Ishani says that she needs to take Vansh’s laptop since hers isn’t working. Ridhima is worried because the memory card is still inside the laptop. Ishani leaves. Ridhima is tensed as she needs to get the memory back before Ishani watches the video.

Ishani goes in her room with the laptop but Dadi comes there and tells her that Ridhima got a nice idea for Navratri and she wants to share it with her. Ishani taunts Ridhima but Dadi takes her to sit on bed. Ridhima comes in the room and walks near the laptop trying to take it while Dadi convinces Ishani to do garba with Angre for Navratri.

Ishani sees Ridhima and gets suspicious. She agrees with Dadi’s idea. Dadi and Ridhima leave. Ishani suspects that there is something in the laptop that Ridhima is trying to hide from her. She checks but finds nothing.

Ridhima thanks Mata Rani because she managed to get the memory card without Ishani’s knowledge when she was talking to Dadi. Ishani wonders why Ridhima seemed so nervous if there is nothing in the laptop. She checks and gets to know that there was a device connected to the laptop that Ridhima took away. She wonders what it could be.

Ridhima decides to keep the chip hidden until she doesn’t come to know what’s inside and, once she gets to know Ragini’s truth, she will tell the truth to Vansh. Ridhima says that she is fulfilling her duty as wife and wishes for Vansh to heartily accept her once all is over. She ties a knot to her dupatta in which she hides the chip. Dadi asks Ridhima to make arrangements for aarti and goes to call others.

Later, Ridhima is giving bhog to everyone. Dadi says that there is a strange smell coming from it. Ridhima smells it and says that seems like milk got spoiled and wonders how it could happen since when she made it, the milk was fine. Chanchal smiles and recalls putting lemon in the kheer to spoil it. She taunts Ridhima for being so careless.

Ridhima apologizes to Dadi who asks her not to ask sorry. Chanchal says that she should get punished and Dadi agrees but turns around and says that punishment should be given to her since she spoiled the bhog Ridhima made. She scolds Chanchal who wonders how Dadi got to know it. Dadi tells her that she saw her putting lemon in the kheer and her hands are still smelling of lemon. She scolds Chanchal.

Ridhima asks Dadi to leave it and says that she will make another bhog but Dadi says that it isn’t needed since she had already made a second bhog after seeing Chanchal ruining first one. She just wanted to bring out the truth in front of everyone and punish Chanchal in front of everyone as well.

Ishani says that Chanchal is family and shouldn’t get punished but Dadi says that she will punish her too if she takes Chanchal’s side. Sheo orders Chanchal to decorate whole house for the evening program. Chanchal says that it’s a work of servants but Dadi gives her two options: do her punishment work or go to her house.

Siya comes with a golden necklace that Dadi asked her to bring. Chanchal eyes it and whispers to Ishani, who asks her what it is, that she has kept an eye on it since the day she stepped inside. Dadi gives the necklace to Ridhima recommending her to wear it for garba. Ridhima is thankful to Mata Rani for getting such a family.

Anupriya says to Chanchal that Dadi didn’t do good by making Ridhima as owner and her as servant. Chanchal wonders what magic Ridhima did on Dadi. Anupriya says that she can tell her a way to kick Ridhima out of the house. Chanchal is ready to do anything to throw Ridhima out.

When everyone leaves, Ridhima notices that she forgot to bring chaas. She walks away but drops the chip on floor. Aryan steps on it and gets glued under his shoe.

Dadi talks with Vansh about the issues going on between him and Ridhima even if he denies anything being there. Vansh says that there is no trust between them since she doesn’t believe anything he says. Dadi compares a relationship to a weight scale and says that, if one’s trust decrease, then the other should try to win it back in order to make their relationship strong again.

Ridhima is in kitchen when Aryan comes. She stops him when he brings a hand ahead. He says that he came to get papaya only which is near her. She gives it to him. Aryan cuts it. Ridhima notices that he is lefty and asks him. He says yes and asks why adding that there is a lot more of things about him that he doesn’t know. Ridhima recalls the video and thinks that even the person pointing gun at Ragini was left handed. She wonders if it was Aryan. The latter leaves.

Meanwhile, Dadi suggests to take step immediately to win Ridhima’s love and trust back. Vansh asks for an idea. Dadi smiles and nods.

Ridhima decides to tell Vansh about the footage but realizes that she lost the chip. She gets frenetic. She prays Mata Rani to get help to get the chip back since she has to prove Vansh innocent today.
Vansh agrees with Dadi and decides to take first step to win Ridhima’s trust and open up his life to Ridhima after garba tonight.

Later, Ridhima gets inside her room tensed. She sees a lehenga on the bed and likes it. Vansh comes and says that it belongs to his mother. Ridhima asks him if he brought it for her. Vansh says that there is no third in the room. Before Ridhima can say anything, Vansh says that he did all this because Dadi asked.
Ridhima asks whether he would have not done it if Dadi hadn’t asked. He stays silent. Ridhima understands. He is about to leave but she holds her hand and says that she has no memory of herm other but she will keep this is a mother’s memory. She also asks him to join him for the aarti tonight. He leaves without saying anything but Ridhima is sure that he will. Ridhima promises to prove Vansh innocent and wishes to confess him her feelings.

Episode ends

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