Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th September 2020 Written Update: Vansh apologizes to Ridhima giving her a gift

The episode starts with Kabir lying with his head on Anupriya’s lap. He says that his childhood and all the special things that a mother does were snatched from him and he was yearning for her lap. Anupriya says that his pain is same as hers. Kabir recomposes and says that after this mission they will stay together.

Anupriya says that she is doing this just to live the rest of life with him. She warns Kabir that, even though Ridhima thinks by heart and is an idiot, Vansh is clever so they should go to the second phase of their plan. Kabir says that he will make a plan that Vansh won’t even be able to think about.

The next morning, Ridhima sees Vansh giving money for Dsouza’s family to Rudra. He says that her son David’s mba should be completed as well as her daughter Mary’s singing course: he doesn’t want her family to go through a financial crisis. Ridhima thinks that Dsouza did so much still Vansh is thinking so much about his employee. Anupriya thinks that this goodness of him cannot save him from her and her son. Chanchal is waiting for the day she will get right on money too.

Vansh looks at Ridhima who walks away. Anupriya asks him what happened. Vansh sits near her and tells her that Ridhima is upset because she told him that there is a yellow gloved person in the house but he said that it’s effect of her medicines. Anupriya asks what if she tells him a formula to get Ridhima’s forgiveness. He looks on.

Ridhima walks in corridor and thinks about how well Vansh knows his employee’s family and their dreams and is even taking their responsibility after all the wrong Dsouza did. She wonders if Vansh didn’t really harm Dsouza. She recalls Ragini and is sure that Vansh is her culprit and she has to find out the truth.

On the other hand, Vansh accepts Anupriya’s idea. Angre comes with post that has come. Anupriya finds a letter on the name of Mrs Raisinghania. She reads it going in a corner and is shocked. A letter slips from the envelope she is holding. Anupriya calls Kabir and tells everything to Kabir who gets frustrated as that would ruin their plans.

Chanchal finds the paper and gets frustrated too complaining about her bad luck. Anupriya realizes that she lost the letter and looks around for it.

In the evening, Ridhima is in kitchen thinking about Ragini when she sees a shadow outside. She goes to check and just then someone blindfolds her. Meanwhile, Chanchal shows the letter to Aryan and says that they will remain servant. Aryan is shocked and frustrated too. Dadi comes and asks what happened. Chanchal makes excuse that Aryan was telling her about business.

Vansh takes Ridhima to the room. She is scared and asks him to leave her as she is scared. She recalls the same happening before shootout as he wanted to give her surprise. Vansh removes the cloth from Ridhima’s eyes and sees a box placed in front of her. She backs off scared. Vansh opens the box: it’s a musical box, in fact music starts playing once he opens it. He asks Ridhima how she liked his gift.

Ridhima looks around afraid. Vansh asks her not to panic since there is nothing like last time: he realized his mistake which he made by not believing her when she told him about the yellow gloved person. Title track plays.

Ridhima asks if he is there to get rid of his guilt. She asks if, with this gift, he wants to convey her that she will have to dance on his orders in the future too. Vansh closes the box and says that it was just a gift without any hidden message. He clears that he genuinely wanted to apologize to her for the mistake of not trusting him but seems like he made a bigger mistake by bringing this gift.

He tells Ridhima that his mother suggested him to bring a gift and he thought it will bring a smile on her face but apparently, he the one who can understand the world, cannot understand his wife. Ridhima grabs the box and opens it. She smiles. Title track plays. Ridhima closes it and says that she doesn’t need it. Vansh thinks that she is weird. She tries to stop her but ends up grabbing the dori of her blouse which gets untied.

Ridhima merges her back with a wall. Vansh apologizes and says that he will tie it. Ridhima says that she will do it herself. Vansh says that he will close his eyes. He does that and asks Ridhima to tell him when she turns around. Ridhima turns around and tells him. Vansh removes hair from her back and ties the lace. Title track plays.

Vansh gets hurt. Ridhima shows concern and licks his finger which is bleeding. Vansh says that nothing happened but Ridhima says that it’s bleeding a lot and sucks the finger.

Just when they are having a moment, Dadi and the rest of family come. Dadi clears her throat. Vansh asks if everything is ok since all are there. Dadi says that she has a complain with them. Ridhima asks what happened. Aryan says that they must be aware of it. Dadi says that she is upset with Vansh as he has hidden such a big thing.

She shows them Ridhima’s pregnancy report which is positive. Both Vansh and Ridhima are shocked. Dadi is happy with the good news and is thankful to God. Dadi leaves with the rest of family. Anupriya thinks that there is something wrong for sure.

When Vansh and Ridhima are left alone, they try speaking about the pregnancy which isn’t possible but keep saying the same words. Ridhima says that she didn’t make any test so this isn’t possible. Vansh says that they must solve Dadi and others’ misunderstanding first.
Ridhima wonders whose report it can be on the name of Mrs Raisinghania as she hasn’t done any test. She finds a number written there and decides to call to find out whose reports are these.
Episode ends