Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th June 2021 Written Update: Sara traps Ishani

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Riddhima leaving Vansh’s room saying that she doesn’t know who brought her to her room, who loves her. Riddhima receives Thapa’s message asking for her friend’s photo. Riddhima goes to Sara and clicks her photo. Thapa calls Riddhima. She says that she’s Ishani and she’s sending her friend’s photo. Sara says that Riddhima is trapping Ishani. Riddhima says that she’s only trying to protect Sara from Angre. Sara asks her to worry about herself and leaves taking Riddhima’s phone. She comes back and returns Riddhima her phone saying she took it accidentally. Riddhima phones Thapa and tells him to not tell Vansh about her making fake documents since he would get angry. She will explain to him once the matter gets sorted out.

Ishani is in the bathroom. She gets scared when suddenly the lights go off. She remembers Vyom’s words and is frightened. She sees someone walking towards her with a candle. It turns out to be Angre. Angre tries to be romantic with her, but Ishani recalls Vyom’s talks and says that she wants to live and tells Angre to go.

Angre shows ball room photos and says it’s cosy and private and Vansh will like it. Riddhima says that she also has few photos and says that she will forward it to him. Angre gets Ishani’s call and leaves immediately. Riddhima goes after him. Angre is hiding in the corridor. Riddhima comes to him and asks what happened. Angre asks her to not make any noise and says that he will explain to her later. Ishani comes from other side and tries Angre’s number. She hears Angre’s phone ringtone nearby and approaches towards him. Before Ishani can see Angre, the staff takes Ishani from there saying the food is ready.

Riddhima asks Angre what he’s doing. If everything is fine between him and Ishani. She offers to talk to Ishani, but Angre asks her to not. Riddhima says that if Ishani has seen them together like that, she would have created a scene. Angre agrees with her. Riddhima says that Ishani’s misunderstanding should be cleared. Angre says it can’t be.

Thapa phones Vansh and tells that Ishani asked him to make fake documents. Vansh gets shocked. Vansh goes to Ishani and angrily asks why she called Thapa, why she’s making her fake identity. Riddhima and Sara get tensed hearing this. Angre looks on. Ishani looks confused and denies it, but Vansh doesn’t believe her. He says that he will get the photograph in a while. Riddhima gets worried. Vansh shows Ishani’s photo and questions her. Riddhima gets shocked and looks at Sara, who smirks. Ishani denies the allegations again and says that she would have taken Angre’s help, if she had wanted to make fake identity. She never took Vansh’s help and will never take his help. Vansh asks Angre to control his wife and leaves.

Riddhima takes Sara apart and asks how the photo got changed. Sara reveals that she changed the photo. The FB shows of Sara changing her photo with Ishani’s in Riddhima’s mobile. Riddhima asks why she changed the photo, she doesn’t want a new life. Sara says that she’s taking Vansh’s man’s help and expects he doesn’t tell about it to Vansh. Sara accuses Riddhima of trapping her. Riddhima denies it. Riddhima says that she really wants to give her a better life. Sara asks Riddhima to stop acting, she only cares about her loved ones. Sara says that she doesn’t want a new life and adds that she won’t leave without completing her contract. Riddhima asks then why she gave her two days time to make fake documents. Sara says that to show her how it would feel when a dear one betrays her. Riddhima says that in the past she went to get help for her. Sara says that Riddhima left so that Police could arrest her. Her hand starts trembling. Sara holds her hand and says that she will kill Vansh. She will not leave until she takes her revenge from Riddhima and leaves.

Ishani is furious with the way Vansh talked to her. Angre tries to calm her down and says that she shouldn’t have hurt Vansh as well. Ishani says that she has been very close to Vansh since her childhood, but everything changed after Riddhima’s arrival. She asks Angre to find out who is Thapa and what is this matter of fake documents. Angre recalls Riddhima asking him about making fake documents for her friend.

Vansh misses Riddhima and is unable to sleep. He goes to Riddhima’s room and finds her sleeping. He brings her to his room and puts her on his bed. He covers her. He lies next to her and keeps staring at her. Ishq mein marjawan plays in the BG.

The episode ends.

Precap: Vansh asks Riddhima to not follow him. A person gives Riddhima’s letter to Vansh and the same person gives Vansh’s letter to Riddhima. Vansh and Riddhima meet and have a moment.

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