Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th May 2021 Written Update: Vansh’s family unites against Vyom

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh sliding a transmitter card from under Angre’s room door. Vansh talks to Angre through the transmitter card. Vansh asks what happened. Angre apologizes to Vansh. Vansh says that he has full faith on Angre, it’s not him and asks whom he’s trying to save. Angre remains quiet. Vansh guesses that Ishani is involved. Angre assures that Ishani is innocent and says that she was trapped. Vansh says that he knows that they were trapped, he cares for everyone and asks to trust him. Angre gets emotional and thanks Vansh. He says that Vansh always supported him when his own parents left him to die. Angre asks to take care of the family and Ishani. Vansh says that Angre is also his family and he will not leave his side. Vansh reminds Angre that they once got in the Malaysia’s interpol with the diamonds, but they escaped. Angre says that this time he caught redhanded. Vansh asks not to challenge him and asks to think about a name for this chapter.

Ishani comes with a knife to harm the officer Ajay, but Vansh holds her hand takes her from there. Vansh asks Ishani not to do anything stupid else Angre will be in trouble. Dadi says that they have took the blood samples and what if it goes out. Aryan asks why they’re scared when they’re innocent. Vansh says that the blood samples can be tampering if it goes out. Vansh asks Ishani to distract Ajay. Ishani goes to Ajay and keeps him engaged in talk. She signs Dadi. Dadi shouts holding her chest. Ajay goes to check dadi. Vansh instructs Ishani via bluetooth to download a remote access app in Ajay’s phone. Ajay gives Dadi water and tells her to do exercises. Dadi asks Ajay about his family and distracts him. In-between time Ishani install the app.

Vansh tells the next plan to Aryan. Vansh shows to Angre the room 332 which is identical to the room 333 where the blood samples and evidences are kept. Vansh says that he had kept fake blood samples in the room 332. Vansh asks Aryan to enter the room 332 wearing a mask and steals the blood samples. Vansh will show that CCTV footage to the cop. They will rush to catch the thief. In the meantime, they will enter in the room 333 and will clear the blood samples and the evidences.

Aryan does as Vansh instructed. The cop sees the CCTV and goes to Ajay and inform that the blood samples and the evidence are stolen. Ajay scolds the cop and asks to go and catch the thief.

Vansh and Aryan enter the room 333. They get the evidence and blood samples. Vansh asks Aryan to reviend the CCTV 2 mins before so that there’s no proof against them. Aryan does so. Vansh says to Aryan good job. They go out.

Vansh sends a voice note to Riddhima and asks her not to come to the hotel as there’s some problem. He says that he booked room for her in another hotel and asks her to stay there until the problem gets solved. Vansh hacks Ajay’s phone and finds out Ajay is Vyom’s man. Vansh messages to Vyom that the evidence and the blood samples were stolen. Vyom thinks that Vansh must have stolen the evidence. Vyom texts Ajay to meet him, he will give him some evidence. Vansh reads the message and is excited to meet Vyom. He checks his phone and sees Riddhima hasn’t replied yet for his message and wonders where Riddhima is.

Sara sees Aryan with the evidence and blood samples. Sara also notices Ajay coming that away. Sara says it’s not good for her if the cops stay here, so she decides to help him. Sara drags Aryan to a corner and takes the evidences and blood samples from Aryan and hides in the arm support belt.

Vyom phones Aryan and asks how the evidences got stolen. Aryan asks how he dared to trap her sister, if Angre hadn’t taken the blame on him, Ishani would have got jailed. Vyom reminds Aryan that he’s working for him. Vyom threatens Aryan and asks him to arrange for the evidence. Aryan agrees and cuts the call. Aryan says that he can’t let Vyom hurt his family and decides to double cross Vyom.

Ajay accuses Vansh of stealing the evidences. Vansh denies the allegations and he even refuses that Ajay caught redhanded with drugs and asks him to
go and check the CCTV if he wants. Vansh puts money on Ajay’s hand. someone clicks the pic. Ajay says it’s a crime to bribe the government officer and leaves. Vansh says that the government will be blamed to receive money and adds that his photo was clicked.

The episode ends.

Precap: Vansh receives Riddhima’s call and asks where she is. Riddhima takes Vansh’s name and the call gets disconnected. Vansh receives a message from Riddhima’s kidnappers.

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