Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th June 2021 Written Update: Riddhima applogizes to Vansh.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh drinking sitting near the pool side. He remembers Riddhima’s words. Angre apologizes to Riddhima. The latter says that he needn’t to apologize, he only wants to bring them close, but Vansh doesn’t want it. She thought that they will patch up on their anniversary day, but it didn’t happen. Angre asks Riddhima why she asked for Thapa’s contact details and for whom she is making false documents. He adds that he knows she called Thapa. Riddhima refuses to tell him. Angre insists.

Riddhima says that she won’t let anyone harm Vansh and Angre doesn’t need to know this. Riddhima is about to leave. Angre stops Riddhima holding her hand and insists to answer him. Vansh sees this and shouts Angre to leave Riddhima’s hand. He takes Angre to a room and beats him with the belt. Riddhima stops Vansh and asks Angre to leave. Angre doesn’t move and asks Vansh let out his anger on him. Riddhima takes Vansh to his room. She makes him sit on the bed and asks what happened to him. Vansh says that he will kill Angre for touching her. No one can touch her. He says I love you and sleeps while Riddhima smiles and says love you too. She kisses his forehead and wishes happy anniversary.

Angre comes back to his room. He looks at his bruises on his back in the mirror’s reflection. He wears a Tshirt before Ishani notices it. Ishani tries to get romantic with him. Angre says that he’s tired and wants to sleep. Ishani argues with him. She asks him to not sleep on the bed and goes to sleep.

Vansh wakes up and sees Riddhima sleeping placing her head on his chest. Ishq mein marjawan plays in the BG. He sees Riddhima moving and pretends to sleep. Riddhima wakes up and smiles seeing Vansh. She sits on the sofa and sleeps. Vansh gets up. He lifts Riddhima and puts her on the bed. Riddhima opens her eyes and looks at Vansh. He walks away silently.

Angre comes to Vansh and greets him. Vansh apologizes to Angre for beating him. He hands the belt over Angre and asks to punish him. Angre throws the belt and says that Vansh is his brother and he has rights on him. Vansh loves Riddhima lot and he can’t tolerate anyone even looking at her. He felt very good. Vansh asks to not tell Ishani. Angre says that he doesn’t want to die. They hug. Angre jokes and Vansh laughs

Sara is going for a run. Vyom comes to her and tells that they should join hands as their target is same. Sara says that she prefers to work alone. Vansh isn’t her enemy, but just a contract. Vyom asks her to think again. Sara says that she’s not intrested and leaves. Vyom thinks of making a plan to convince Sara.

Vansh sees Riddhima standing between the balloons. He notices white and other colors flowers on the vase and recalls his first meeting with Riddhima. He smiles and walks to Riddhima. The latter hugs him. They wish each other happy anniversary. Vansh gifts her ring and says it’s a reminder to him to love her, to protect her and to be always with her. He kisses her forehead. It turns out to be his imagination. Vansh recalls his marriage and his moment with Riddhima. He’s about to leave, but stops seeing Riddhima. The latter says that she can’t hold back and came to wish him first. She wishes him happy anniversary and requests him to wish her. Vansh remains silent. Riddhima shows a box and asks Vansh to open it. Vansh does so. He finds two golden color.

Vansh recalls his talk with Riddhima after their marriage. Riddhima says that after their marriage he had put in front of a gun and a rose and said that whatever she would choose will decide their future. Gun has no place in her life, so she had choosen rose. She has brought this rose today for him. She holds her ears and apologizes to him. She requests him to say something and asks to stop punishing her and himself. Vansh says fine. He asks Riddhima what Angre asked her last night and what she was doing in his office the other day. He says that he will forgive her, if she answers these two questions. Riddhima looks on.

The episode ends.

Precap: Vansh learns that Riddhima contacted Thapa to make fake documents and questions her. Riddhima lies to Vansh that she is making that fake documents for herself. Vansh asks her to get out of his life. Riddhima cries and leaves. Later Vansh finds out that Riddhima really left and tells Angre the same.

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