Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 13th January 2021 Written Update: Ahana plots to harm Ridhima with Ishani and Chanchal

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 13th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh not allowing anyone to say anything  and affirming that he will do whatever needs to make Sia fine adding that he is ready to tolerate Ridhima staying there as well. After clearing this, he leaves the room.

After a while, Vansh is angrily playing basketball. Ahana comes there and asks him how he could let Ridhima stay in the house. She reminds him that he would have not been able to complete his revenge without her and he has not even let her stay one day with the identity of his wife. She confronts him asking why he is letting the person they both hate stay. Vansh reminds her that he promised her to give her place in the house and that is what he is doing, he didn’t promise her to give place in his heart. He adds that she is just pretending to be his wife and is not actually his wife and points that he has given her enough money to live a whole lifetime.

Vansh punches the wall and his hand starts bleeding. The family comes there and Dadi rushes to Vansh concerned. Vansh is frustrated. He says that he wanted to throw Ridhima out of his life and that is why he also cleared all proves, deleting her identity and presence in his life but he fails to send her away. He wonders why and sheds tears. Dadi is sorry for him and says that he supported her revenge when she came to know Ridhima’s truth and the way she betrayed him. Ishani says that it is not fair for Ridhima to be allowed to stay in the mansion just for Sia but Vansh says that he can do anything for Sia. He asks Angre to make sure Sia is given the best treatment. He walks away.

On the other hand, Ridhima talks to an unconscious Sia confessing that what she did to Vansh and the family was wrong but adds that also what Vansh is doing with her is not right. She asks Sia to get well soon so that they can teach Vansh a lesson for making her suffer like this. Vansh listens to her from the door.

At the same time, Ishani tells Ahana that this is nothing as Vansh can even give up his life for Sia. Chanchal and Aryan are there too. Ahana says that Ridhima will always be a threat to her and she cannot let Vansh go away from her this easily, after whatever she has done. Chanchal is frustrated because they tried all and now they were close to throw her out but her destiny helped her. Aryan is sure that Ridhima is plotting something and Vansh will get into her again.

Sia coughs and Ridhima gets worried. Vansh gives her water. He tells Ridhima that he is letting her stay in the house but she has no right on anything or anyone.

Ahana, Chanchal, Aryan and Ishani plot against Ridhima. Ishani is happy for Sia recovering but is tensed because she might bring Vansh and Ridhima closer again. Ahana doesn’t want Ridhima on her way claiming that Vansh is hers and so is this mansion.

Ridhima assures Vansh that she won’t clame any right on anything that doesn’t belong to her. He asks her to settle in the guestroom. Ridhima says that she won’t come their room. She corrects herself saying “his room”. She adds that she knows he has given Ahana place in his room only and not in her heart because, no matter what others say, she is his wife. Vansh tells her that she has only two reasons to stay there: Sia and planning his and his wife’s first Makar Sakranti together since he heard that she is a good party planning. Ridhima is glad to know that she remembers something about her at least and promises that the Makar Sakranti will be a memorable one. Vansh thinks that Ridhima will see that he has moved on and doesn’t need her. Ridhima thinks that he needs her, no matter what reason he tries to give. Vansh thinks that he has given her place in his house but not in his heart. Ridhima tells him that tomorrow there will be a new beginning for them. Vansh leaves.

Ridhima is sure that Vansh will give her all her rights back and even accept her as his wife in front of the world. Kabir looks at Ridhima and thinks that none has stayed calm after ruining his life so she is going to be his first pray. He thinks that she is in the house because of Sia and she will be thrown out because of Sia as well.

At night, a shadow is shown walking to Ridhima who is sleeping on bed. The person is about to hit her but she wakes up shouting. When she turns on lights, there is none and she wonders if she was dreaming or it was real. She hears footsteps and opens the door grabbing a vase. Vansh is there and asks her why she looks scared. She says that she felt someone was there. Vansh says that there are many secrets in the mansion. He threatens her and leaves. Ridhima wonders if Vansh is trying to scare her so that he leaves the house but she is not willing to give up until getting his love back.

The next morning, Ahana, Chanchal and Ishani put kerosene instead of oil in bottle. They are ready to do anything to throw Ridhima out of the house.

Ridhima walks downstairs thinking that she has to make prasad and do lots of preparations for the pooja yet. She goes to the kitchen, unaware of  anything, and puts oil in pan. Ahana, Chanchal and Ishani look at her smirking. Ridhima sniffs a weird smell coming out from pan. Suddenly a fire lights up and she has to back off wincing. Ahana says that this was just a trailer and asks Chanchal and Ishani to get ready for the next step. Ridhima understands that there was kerosene in the bottle instead of oil.

Ridhima sees Ahana, Chanchal and Ishani leaving and go to stop her. Chanchal says that she thought her face got burnt by her scream but unfortunately she is safe. Ahana reminds her that she is outsider. Ridhima says that soon it will be clear who is outsider and who not. Ahana says that there is a new fire that will burn all old things for a new beginning.

Ridhima rushes just to find Ishani burning Ridhima’s stuff. Ridhima tries stopping her saying that these are not things but her memories. She asks Vansh to stop it. She shouts but all is in vain. Ridhima tries saving her stuff from burning and picks her wedding dress, her pictures from fire. Vansh says that the fire won’t stop until it won’t burn everything. Ridhima asks her if he can burn their relation, the memories in her heart and mind and the truth that she is his wife. She says that they cannot delete her memories and asks Vansh if he will burn the whole house to destroy all her memories attached to it.

Episode ends

Precap: Ridhima is leaving in a cab. Vansh chases it asking Ridhima to stop. He breaks down shouting her name but Ridhima is there. Vansh hugs her and promises to turn all her tears into smile.

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