Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th January 2021 Written Update: Vansh stops Ridhima from leaving

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kabir giving kite to Ahana. Ridhima says that Makar Sakranti is incomplete without kites. Ahana asks her to wait and suggests to do a competition against her and if she loses then she will have to leave the house. Aryan likes the idea and says that it will be interesting. Ishani says that it will be fun. Ridhima is against the competition though. Ishani asks her if she isn’t trusting her Mata Rani anymore. Ridhima replies that she trusts her Mata Rani more than herself and she had not let her trust break as well. Aryan asks her why she is getting scared then. Vansh gets up looking on. Ridhima accepts the challenge.

Ridhima writes “Vansh” on her kite and then asks Angre to hold the firki for her. Angre looks at Ishani who shakes her head but Angre goes to hold the firki for Ridhima. Ishani rolls her eyes. Ridhima thanks Angre.

The competition starts as Ahana and Ridhima start flying their kites. Ishani pushes the thread of the kite to Ridhima’s feet and smirks. Ridhima’s feet get entangled in the threads. She hisses. Vansh notices that. Since Ridhima is distracted, Ahana is able to cut Ridhima’s kite. Ahana and Ishani cheer and exchange hi-fives.

Ahana reminds Ridhima that she has to leave the house now. Kabir thinks sometimes the arrow hits the right aim. Ridhima walks to Vansh and says that if there is no trust in a relationship, then its thread will be easily cut. She blames his ego for letting a childish competition decide the future of their love and relation. She knows he doesn’t want her to leave but he won’t stop her otherwise his revenge will not get completed.

Ridhima decides to leave the house, not for him or for his challenge, but because he and his family don’t deserve her. She wishes Vansh had a bigger heart and mind, just the way he made such a big mansion. She declares that she is leaving from his life forever. Vansh is about to leave when Ridhima adds that he should never tell anyone that he loved Ridhima otherwise people will stop having trust on love. Chanchal brings her suitcase.
Ridhima prays to Mata Rani and then walks away with her suitcase after wiping her tear. Ishani and Ahana smirk. Ridhima steps out of the mansion.

Just then, Siya comes out and calls out for Vansh. Everyone rushes to Siya. Vansh holds her when she falls down. Siya says that she needs to talk with Ridhima. Vansh says that this is the most beautiful moment for him since she got fine. Siya wants to talk with Ridhima.

Ishani tells her that she has left forever and says that she betrayed Vansh. Siya reveals that Ridhima changed after learning Vansh’s truth and tells him that she loves him a lot. She also reveals that Anupriya is the culprit of her condition and Ridhima kidnapped Ragini to save him. She asks Vansh not to let Ridhima go and stop her since none can love him as much as she loves him.

Vansh runs away to stop Ridhima from leaving. Ridhima is walking on road when her kite falls in front of her. Vansh starts searching for Ridhima. The latter thinks that the kite of love is strong only with trust but when the trust itself is weak then kite had to be cut. She gets on taxi.

Vansh reaches the same place where Ridhima is and looks around for her. He notices the kite with his name upon it. He holds it and remembers Ridhima’s words and moments spent with her. Ridhima asks the driver to take her to the airport. Vansh notices a corner of Ridhima’s dupatta stuck in the door of the taxi. He chases it shouting Ridhima’s name.

When he breaks down giving up, Ridhima comes there. He reveals her that Siya got conscious and told him the whole truth. He is sorry for misunderstanding her and believing Kabir when he said that there is her hand behind his arrest. He falls on his knees in front of her and asks her not to go away from him otherwise he will die because he is not as strong as she is: he would have broken down long ago if he was on her place. He gets up and promises Ridhima to turn all her pain into happiness.

Ridhima accepts that both were wrong and suggest to promise that no misunderstanding will come between them. Vansh promsies that. Both of them cry and then hug each other. Title track plays.

Episode ends
Precap: Ridhima receives a parcel. Later, Ridhima hugs Vansh and the two promise each other that they will never let any harm come upon their love. Kabir thinks that the parcel will rise lots of questions between Vansh and Ridhima and none will have any answer. Ridhima and Vansh get shocked when they open the parcel.

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