Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th June 2021 Written Update: How will Ridhima convince Vansh?

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vansh asking Ridhima why she contacted Thappa. Ridhima lies that she contacted him fpr making fake documents. Vansh says for whom? Ridhima says for me, as you said you said you didn’t want to see my face, so I thought I will make fake documents and go far off somewhere. Vansh says you can never leave me do you understand? I will always find you, how can you think of leaving me? Ridhima gets teary eyed while Vansh fumes with anger. Just then party hampers shower on the couple and a recording is heard where Ridhima says I love you Vansh. A slideshow is played on the screen with all the moments of couple. Vansh says happy anniversary kisses on her forehead and goes.

Here, Vansh is sitting alone and is drinking neat shots when Angre comes and pours water in his glass. Angre says neat is not good for health. Vansh says Ridhima thought of leaving me, I can’t believe. Angre says sometimes things are not how it seems to us. Angre says Ridhima loves you too. Vansh says then why is she doing all this, does she like making me angry, and she is expecting us to celebrate our anniversary after all this? Angre says I really hope and pray you solve this matter soon. Angre leaves.

Angre comes to his room and picks up the pillow to go sleep on sofa. Ishani says where are you going? Angre says to sleep on the sofa. Ishani says no need sleep on the bed. Angre says it’s okay, I understand you sleep well on the bed. Ishani says sorry I got angry and told all that in anger. Angre says I understand. Ishani says then sleep on the bed. Angre agrees. Ishani says what has happened to you? How come you have changed so much? Angre makes Ishani sit and says seeing other people in so much pain and living life with so kuch confusion, I feel I am blessed to have you and your love. Ishani hugs but Angre feels the pain in his back. Ishani says what happened? Angre says nothing, I need to take shower. Ishani says let me do the honour, she removes his tshirt and finds the belt stamps. Ishani gets worried and asks who did this? Angre says it’s nothing.

Here, Vansh is walking outside the resort alone. He is having flashbacks of what Ridhima said. Just then Ridhima comes there. Ridhima says sorry Vansh, but the good part is seeing you angry over me leaving, I got to know you love me so much, our relationship has brightness and adorable smell so these roses depict that. Vansh says these roses don’t have smell like our relation, no matter what you say you can’t change what you did in past, you wanted me to breakdown in your love and call Thappa, how could you. Before Ridhima can explain, Vansh leaves.

Here, Ishani gets furious knowing Vansh beat Angre with belt due to the misunderstanding that Angre misbehaved with Ridhima. Angre makes Ishani promise not to say anything about Vansh or Ridhima. Ishani agrees. Angre goes for shower. Ishani thinks I have to find out who called Thappa on my behalf.

Ishani calls Thappa from Angre’s phone while he is in shower. Ishani tells Thappa how it was not her who called him, and threatens him to reveal the number from where he got the call. Thappa shares the number and Ishani is shocked seeing it to be Ridhima’s. Ishani thinks to take revenge as Ridhima can’t make her look bad infront of Vansh. Here, Vansh destroys the golden roses and asks Ridhima to leave. Ridhima says are you sure? Vansh says yes jusy go away and never show your face to me, you are a liar.

Few hours later, Vansh has a headache and he remembers how he asked Ridhima to go away. He checks her room and finds the wadrobe empty and Ridhima nowhere. Vansh goes to Angre and tells him everything. Angre says boss you should have controlled your anger when you know Ridhima is so stubborn. Vansh says please find her. Vansh and Angre go to her room.

Here, Ishani pays a waiter money and flashback is shown of Ishani hitting Ridhima on her head making her faint. She then packs all her luggage and makes her sit in a car locked so that Ridhima can’t open from inside the. She plants a smoke bomb inside. Ridhima gets conciousness and coughs. She screams for help. Ishani thinks she finally got rid of Ridhima.

Episode ends.

Precap: Vansh is about to call Ridhima when Angre says let me call her. They find Ridhima’s phone in the lobby. Vansh aska Angre to check CCTV while Vansh goes out near rhe car but is unable to see Ridhima who screams for help.

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