Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th January 2021 Written Update: Vansh tries keeping Ridhima away from her parents’ secret

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ridhima reading the chit that Kabir left for her anonymously: he has written that everything written on the page in Ramayan book is about a truth she is unaware of, a truth that will remove the ground beneath her feet and her husband Vansh knows about it. She decides to talk to Vansh about this wondering why he didn’t tell her if he knows.

Vansh is in the basement. He looks at the other half of the Om locket he had kept there. He says that if Ridhima comes to know about this locket then everything will get ruined. He is not willing to let anyone or anything come between him and Ridhima now that they are together after so many problems. He puts the locket in his pocket saying that some secrets are better buried.

Ridhima wonders what the secret of her parents can be and if Vansh really knows. Just then, she notices that basement lights aee on and goes to check thinking Vansh might be there. She reaches the basement but there is none so she wonders whose shadow she has seen. She finds a chit in which she is asked if she knows her husband well. She replies of course and is confused about the meaning of the letter. She is unable to understand what is going on but she decides not to suspect on Vansh and says that none can come between them now. She leaves. Kabir says that he has put flame against Vansh for Ridhima and now he is waiting for the fire.

Later, Angre is thinking about what happened. Ishani is sure that Ridhima is already trying to reach the secret of her parents but warns that she won’t spare her if she plays again with Vansh’s emotions. Chanchal agrees that Ridhima cannot stay away from anything that has to do with spying and this time the matter is about her parents.

On the other hand, Ridhima thinks that someone is trying to create a split between her and Vansh with these letters. She sees Vansh’s coat on bed and grabs it to put it away. Vansh comes there and remembers putting the half of locket in its pocket. He rushes to her and pulls her closer. She asks him what he is doing. He replies that he hasn’t been able to spend time with her these days so he is doing that. She slightly pushes him and says that he has bothered her a lot. He grabs her again and acts romantic. Ridhima covers their heads with his coat.

While coming closer to her, Vansh takes the locket from the pocket but he slips and falls on bed. The locket falls from his hand on Ridhima’s dress. She is confused to see it and asks Vansh how he got the other half of the pocket. Vansh lies that he got it made by jeweller and wanted to surprise her. Ridhima hugs him thanking him. Vansh thinks that he cannot afford to lose her now. She suggests going to dinner and long drive. He accepts but first goes to meet Angre.

The next morning, Ridhima comes out of washroom with wet hair and sprinkles water from it on Vansh who is sleeping. He wakes up and pulls her closer. He demands a good morning kiss but she just teases him and goes to stand in front of mirror. He comes to stand behind her making her wear earrings. He gets a call and goes to answer. Ridhima finds a note in the jewellery box. She reads that there are plenty of secrets in VR mansion, one of them is related to her parents, and she is asked to start searching for clues from the place in which she has grown up. She guesses it’s orphanage. She decides not to tell anything to Vansh yet.

Ridhima gets out from room. Kabir grabs her wrist. She asks how he dared touching her. He replies that he saw her stressed and pretends to be concerned about her not knowing her husband well. Ridhima warns him to stay away from her and her bedroom otherwise he is aware of Vansh’s anger.

He asks her not to bring him between since they are the two sharing the same pain: their parents have been snatched. Ridhima says that there is no pain in her heart. Clearing that, she turns around. She remembers the words written on letter. She starts walking away thinking that she shouldn’t think like that: Vansh is her husband and love and no suspect shall come between them. She decides to get to know the secret without letting any harm come on her relation.

Later, Ridhima reaches the orphanage where she meets a lady who is pleasantly surprised to see her. She asks him to talk in her office. Vansh comes there and is shocked to see Ridhima there. He hides. The lady and Ridhima sit at the former’s office. Ridhima asks her about her parents, what happened to them, how, whatever she knows. Vansh looks at them.

Episode ends

Precap: the lady of orphanage tell Ridhima that her parents had a dangerous accident. Vansh says that Ridhima is slowly reaching nearer to the secret he is trying to keep hidden. Once home, he uncovers an old car.

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