Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th June 2021 Written Update: Vansh rebukes Ishani

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh slapping Ishani and asking how she dared to try to kill Riddhima. Ishani says that Riddhima called Thapa using her identity. Vansh insulted her and beat Angre because of Riddhima. She deserves to die. Vansh asks Ishani to apologize to Riddhima. The latter tells Vansh to let it go. Vansh says that Riddhima also hid the truth from him, but she forgot nothing can be hidden from him. Vansh demands Ishani to apologize to Riddhima. Ishani says sorry to Riddhima. Vansh says that he can’t accept this sorry and reminds Ishani that he gives her lot of privileges which she does not derserve. He can take it back from her. He tells that nothing can happen against his wish in this family and warns everyone to not cross the limit. He leaves with Riddhima.

Black Mamba phones Sara and asks why she hasn’t completed the assignment. Sara gets nervous and assures him that she complete her task soon. Riddhima comes there and snatches the phone from Sara. She realized the call is disconnected. Riddhima asks Sara who is Black Mamba and what she was talking with him. Sara says that she was talking about killing Vansh. Riddhima says that she won’t let anything happen to Vansh and warns Sara. Sara says that Riddhima spoiled her life. Sara starts feeling uneasy and struggles to breath. Riddhima gives the medicine to Sara. She asks her to sit down. Sara says that she doesn’t want her fake concern and leaves saying she will kill Vansh at any cost.

Ishani throws thecbangles at Angre and asks to wear it. She says that Angre can’t take stand for her when Vansh was humiliating in front of all. She throws the things on Angre and asks him to get out. She shouts at Angre. She says that because of Angre she had to bow down in front of Riddhima whom she hates her such. He doesn’t deserve to be called her husband. Angre says that he will talk with her when she calms down. Ishani stops Angre and says that Riddhima has called Thapa using her identity she got to know it from Thapa. She deserves to die.

Riddhima sees Vyom nursing his wound by himself. Riddhima helps him. Vyom says that she sympathizes with the enemy who can kill her whole family. She is the only good person in the Singhania family. He wonders why she married Vansh, who is more dangerous than him. Riddhima asks Vyom to mind his language and says that Vansh has all the qualities of a good and caring husband. She further says that she does not understand his hatred for Vansh. Vyom says that he is happy to see Vansh’s wife holding his leg. Riddhima warns to not take advantage of her goodness. She would have done the same to anyone in his place. She leaves.

Ishani insults Angre and says that she ashamed to call him as her husband. Angre says that he is ashamed of her and scolds her. He says that in Vansh’s place he would have killed her. He warns her to mend her ways before it gets to late and leaves.

Vansh comes to his room. He finds Riddhima and reminds her that he told her to dress up well and wait for him. He says that she broke her promise and he hates it. Riddhima says that she tries to keep her promise, but sometimes it happens. Vansh angrily moves to the bed and lays on it. Dil yeh tere bina plays in the BG. Riddhima gets on the bed and tries to touch him, but his face other side. Vansh thinks Riddhima has slept and tries to touch her. Riddhima says that she’s still awake and smiles. Vansh sleeps. Riddhima also falls asleep.

The morning Riddhima brings breakfast for Vansh and wakes him up. He asks him to eat, but he refuses. Riddhima says that his heart says that he needs him and he doesn’t want her to leave him alone even for a second. Vansh says that his hear is also asking whether he can trust her again or not. He leaves from there. Sia brings breakfast and asks Ishani if she’s OK. Ishani yells that how she can be fine after getting insulted by Vansh in front of all. She wants to teach Riddhima a lesson. Sia tells Ishani to let it go since Vansh will get more angry if he gets to know about it. Riddhima comes there with her breakfast. Ishani sticks out her leg to make Riddhima fall. Riddhima drops the plate. Riddhima demands Ishani to clean the mess. Riddhima threatens Ishani with the knife when she refuses to clean. Ishani obeys without any option. Riddhima leaves. Ishani says to Sia that she will see Riddhima if she finds out her weak point.

The episode ends.

Precap: Riddhima goes to the washroom and gets shocked on seeing “Hello
Mrs Murderer” written on the mirror. Riddhima confronts Sara. They argue. Riddhima wonders who could know about their past. Sara says Black Mamba.

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