Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17th June 2021 Written Update: Riddhima is getting blackmailed

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with someone entering a room and finding a dummy on the bed. Riddhima is in the tea estate. She sees a rose on a tree and takes it and notices the letter V graved on the tree. She kisses the rose. She goes to someone’s graveyard and sits near it. She cries saying that she has to do it and says sorry. Vansh shouldn’t know about it. He will never forgive her nor understand her. But she hopes that person understands her. She cries saying sorry, she loves her/him and will love her/him till her last breath.

12 hours before Riddhima wakes up from sleep startled. She goes to washroom and shouts on seeing red color water coming from the tap. She then notices the message “Hello Miss Murderer” written on the mirror. She wipes it off. She then finds her photo on which “murderer” is written. Riddhima wonders who can do this. Sia comes there and asks if she’s fine and what’s in her hand. Riddhima hides the photo and says nothing. She what shdoing out of her room, if she’s spying on her. Sia says that she heard her scream so came. Riddhima asks how she can hear scream when the door is closed. Sia says that she was near her room, so she heard her shout. Riddhima says that she had a nightmare and asks her to leave.

Riddhima goes to Sara. She questions her showing her photo in which murderer is written. Sara says that she hasn’t done it. Sara asks why she’s scared. She’s feeling guilty after all she’s a murderer. Riddhima denies it and says Sara is a murderer. Sara says that Riddhima made her a murderer. Riddhima says it is a lie. Sara says that this is the truth and they both know about it. Riddhima tells Sara that this is their secret and no one should know about it. She says that first they got that pendrive and now this. She wonders who knows about their past. Sara takes Black Mamba’s name. Riddhima says that Black Mambz is someone from her family and he/she knows about their past. Riddhima sees a someone and goes after that person. She misses that person

Riddhima collides with Angre. He asks if she’s fine. Riddhima says nothing and asks about Vansh. Angre refuses to tell as he can’t reveal it. He assures her that he’s fine and will be back in two days. Riddhima remembers Vansh’s condition that she should never interfere in his work. Riddhima apologizes to Angre and says that she won’t question about Vansh again. She will wait for Vansh.

Chanchal arrives at the hotel. Ishani meets her and hugs her. They have a talk. Sia comes running to Chanchal and hugs her. Sia compliments her. Angre and Riddhima come to Chanchal. The latter tells that Riddhima had put on weight. She’s pregnant and her face is bright and says that Riddhima will give birth to a baby boy. Riddhima says that she will meet her later and leaves. Ishani takes Chanchal to tell what happened in her absence.

Riddhima is walking in the corridor. She recalls Chanchal’s words about her pregnancy and the message written on the mirror. She looks nervous. She then remembers Angre’s words. She faints. Sia notices this and shouts for help. Angre comes there and takes to Riddhima to her room asking Sia to call the doctor.

Family is gathered in Riddhima’s room. Riddhima gains her consciousness. She asks how she reached her. Sia explains her what happened. Dadi asks Riddhima what happened. Chanchal says that Riddhima must have eaten something she shouldn’t. Riddhima denies it. Dadi tells Riddhima should be more careful. Ishani says that they should leave now, as Riddhima seems fine. Angre stops her. Ishani says that doctor said that Riddhima is fine. Riddhima gets nervous and asks what’s the need to call the doctor. Dadi and Angre say that it was necessary. Ishani taunts her. Riddhima asks what doctor told, if he has done her complete examination. Angre nods yes and says that doctor told she’s absolutely fine. They all leave asking her to take care of her.

Chanchal and Ishani discuss Riddhima and doubt that Riddhima is hiding something. They decide to find out what she’s hiding before Vansh’s come back. Meanwhile Riddhima is on a call and gets shocked. Sia knocks on the door. Riddhima hangs the call and signs Sia to come. Riddhima asks Sia why she’s all of a sudden getting concern for her and comes to her room often. Sia says that there’s a letter for her and hands it to her. Riddhima reads the letter and gets sad.

The episode ends.

Precap: Vyom meets Riddhima and says that there is a common pain between them. He says that her tears is saying that she just said adieu to someone. Riddhima looks on.

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