Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 18th June 2021 Written Update: Riddhima reveals about her baby’s loss

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 18th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Riddhima asking Sia if doctor has said anything about her baby. Sia says that he was general physician, so he hasn’t checked her baby. She asks if she should call the gynecologist. Riddhima denies and asks who gave this letter. Sia says the staff and asks if anything wrong. Riddhima sends her away saying everything is fine. Riddhima cries crumbling the letter. She tears it up and leaves. Sia collects the torn letter.

Vyom receives Sia’s call. He attends the call and scolds her for calling him again and again. Sia says that she has something important to tell him. She tells about Riddhima receiving a letter and getting nervous. She tore that letter, but she collected the papers pieces. Sia puts the papers pieces in correct order and reads the content. Vyom gets shocked and asks Sia to come taking that letter.

Angre tries to convince Riddhima to have food. Riddhima refuses. Angre requests her to eat for her baby’s sake. Riddhima have the first bite. Angre says that Vansh will kill him, if anything happens to her or her baby. Riddhima coughs. Angre gets water for her. Angre gets a call. He hangs the call up and notices Riddhima is nervous and asks her what happened. Riddhima says that she lost someone 18th June. Angre says that he’s very sorry for her loss. Riddhima notices a shadow and tells Angre that she wants to rest. Angre tells her not to worry, Vansh will be back soon. He adds that she can everything with him, he will always stand by her side. Riddhima nods OK and thanks him. Angre leaves. Riddhima says that certain things cannot be shared. She arranges pillows on the bed like someone sleeping and leaves from there.

She sits near a graveyard and cries. She says that she was forced to do it. Vansh shouldn’t know about it. He will never forgive her. She cries and says that she killed him/her. She will love him/her till her last breath. A stone on which is written “Baby Rai Singhania” is shown. Riddhima says it’s been 3 months that she lost her baby and asks whether Vansh will understand why she has done this. But she can’t reveal this to him now. Someone is keeping an eye on her.

Vyom reads Riddhima’s letter in which is written that Riddhima isn’t pregnant and she’s fooling Vansh and her family. If she hadn’t fainted the other day, her secret wouldn’t have come out. Vyom recalls of he forced the gynecologist to lie to Vansh that Riddhima is pregnant. Vyom says that he was also fooled. He thought that the doctor made a mistake, but Riddhima actually killed her baby. She killed the baby on the same day when she made a deal with him for Vansh, her and the baby’s secure future. He wonders what game Riddhima is playing, why she’s lying to her family.

Vyom confronts Riddhima. Vyom says to Riddhima that her tear says that she just bid adieu to someone. He always felt there’s some connection between them, but he could never understand this until today. The common connection is the pain of losing their own child. Riddhima tells him to stop it and says that her baby is fine. Vyom asks then for whom she’s crying. He shows the letter as a proof. Riddhima gets shocked and asks where he got it from. Vyom asks her to tell first whether she lost the baby before their deal or after. He asks why did drama of getting Vansh out of the crime world. Riddhima refuses to answer his questions. Vyom says that Riddhima is more cunning than Vansh, so they both got married. Riddhima tells him to shut up. Vyom refuses. Vyom says that Vansh killed his family and God did justice with him. He further says that Vansh will leave her when he will learn the truth. Like Madhuri left him, Vansh will leave her then he and Vansh will sail in the same both. He says that he’s happy that Vansh lost his child like him. Riddhima slaps him and admits that she lost her baby, but it’s between her and Vansh, so he doesn’t need to interfere. Angre watches them hiding. Riddhima says that Vansh will understand her. She asks him to stay out of her life and leaves. Vyom says that Vansh won’t understand. Angre gets shocked hearing Riddhima and says it can’t be true. He shouts asking why Riddhima betrayed Vansh.

Riddhima is sitting in the pool side recalling Vyom’s words. Angre comes to Riddhima and says that she wasn’t in room and asks where she has gone. Riddhima lies that she went for a walk. Angre says that he respects her lot and considers her as his elder sister and he knows she also treats him like that. Riddhima agrees with Angre and asks why he’s telling all this now. Angre gives his swear to her and asks her to tell the truth. Riddhima nods ok. Angre asks if she’s hiding something from Vansh and asks to tell what she’s hiding. Riddhima steps back silently. Angre says that he got his anger and walks away. Vyom watches this hiding. Riddhima and Vansh hear a baby cry sound and go to check. Dadi and other family members hear the baby crying sound and go to check. Riddhima finds a baby doll stabbed.

The episode ends.

Precap: Ishani tells that Riddhima isn’t pregnant. Riddhima slaps Ishani and refuses for any test. Riddhima runs behind a person to catch him.

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