Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19th April 2021 Written Update: Vansh frames Vyom in Kiara’s murder case

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Riddhima asking Anupriya about the fire torch. Anupiya says that she saw it in Dadi’s hand lastly. Riddhima is surprised and says she will check with Dadi. She leaves.

Dadi checks the tattoo’s photo in her phone and recalls sharing the tattoo’s photo from Ishani’s phone to her’s. Riddhima comes there. Dadi asks what she’s doing here. Riddhima asks for the fire torch by which Kiara’s tattoo was burned, Anupriya told she has it. Dadi says that she threw the fire torch. Riddhima is shocked. She says that it’s an important proof in Kiara’s murder case. She further says that she doesn’t understand why the killer didn’t destroy it and what’s the meaning of keep it in someone’s room. Dadi shouts stop. She says that what the family members will get by killing Kiara. She scolds Riddhima for doubting her own family members and asks her to leave. Riddhima apologizes to Dadi and leaves.

Riddhima sees Vansh receiving a bouquet. She runs to him and snaches the bouquet and tears the card She gets her finger pricked. Vansh sucks her finger. Vansh says that he ordered this bouquet for her and sorry was written in that card. Riddhima checks the card and apologizes to Vansh. Vansh asks her to apologize to the flowers. Riddhima does so. Vansh asks Riddhima why she tore the card. Riddhima looks nervous. Angre comes there and tells Vansh something. Vansh becomes worried and they both leave.

Police comes to the VR mansion. The inspector says that they got information someone got killed here and asks to search the whole house. Vansh denies it. The inspector shows the search warrant and goes in with his team. Angre is coming that way taking a carpet. He gets tensed seeing the police. The inspector asks to check the carpet. Vansh tries to divert the inspector saying that the murderer should be fool to murder someone and leaves the body here in the carpet. However the inspector insists to check the carpet. Riddhima pretends to fall down and screams. Vansh helps her to get up and asks her to be careful. The inspector asks if they can resume the checking. Vansh asks them to go ahead. The constable checks the carpet and they find nothing. Vansh whispers to Riddhima smart move. The inspector and his team leave apologizing to Vansh for troubling them. Vansh lifts Riddhima in his arm asking Anupriya to call the doctor. Riddhima asks Anupriya to leave as she got fine with Vansh’s touch. Anupriya leaves. Vansh puts Riddhima down and starts feeling dizziness.

Vansh goes and sits in his office. Riddhima says that he lifted two persons that’s why he got tired. Vansh says that nothing but he’s exhausted due to Kiara’s death. Riddhima sees that Vansh is sweating. She gives him water and worries for him and says she will call the doctor, but Vansh stops her. Riddhima asks where Angre hid Kiara’s body. Vansh says that he’s not well and she’s asking such questions now. Riddhima says that she will call the doctor. Vansh pulls her close to him and they have a romantic talk. Vansh receives Angre’s call. Angre informs that he placed Kiara’s body in Vyom’s place. Riddhima asks what Angre said. Vansh says nothing but some business matter. Riddhima says that she knows he won’t tell her and leaves to bring juice for Vansh. Otherside Angre phones Police and plays Kiara’s voice recording. Here Vansh coughs badly. He gets the orange box and tries to decode the tattoo. He realizes the black box code is 6 digits, but the tattoo is 5 digits. Anupriya comes to Vansh and says that Sia isn’t at home.

Vansh and Anupriya rush to Sia’s room. Vansh keeps coughing. Riddhima also comes there. Anupriya shows Sia’s letter in which Sia says that she can take her life’s decision on her own and says that she wants to spend her life with her love. Anupriya asks Vansh to do something to bring Sia home. She asks Vansh to make understand Vyom. Vansh says that Vyom is a dangerous person. He coughs badly. Riddhima and Anupriya get concerned for him. Vansh assures them that he’s fine. He goes to bring Sia.

Riddhima calls Vyom and warns him to stay away from Sia. Vyom says that he doesn’t force anyone, but people come to him by their wish as he has lots of love in him. He then says that Vansh framed him in Kiara’s murder. Riddhima says that she doesn’t know about it. It’s between him and Vansh and asks not to drag Sia into it. Vyom says that Sia loves him and cares for him. Riddhima asks Vyom to leave Sia. Vyom says that she has come to him by her wish, but she will leave from here by his wish. He asks her to try to find Sia till that and cuts the call.

Vansh coughs badly. Angre worries for him. Vansh says that he’s fine. He takes Angre to a secret room. He says that the box contains all the family business secrets, so they should care for it more than their lives.

The episode ends.

Precap: Riddhima assures Vansh that Sia will come back soon. Vyom says that only two people know about Kiara’s murder secret, one is him and another person, who stays in VR mansion. Vansh gets a call. Vansh confronts Vyom. Vyom Vyom challenges Vansh to find Sia.

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