Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st August 2020 Written Update: Vansh’s suspicion grows more on Ridhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ridhima entering in Vansh’s studio taking advantage of Vansh being busy in the ritual so that she can find any proof against him. She recalls Vansh giving Angre a pen drive which has secrets that shouldn’t get in anyone’s hands. She looks for that pen drive everywhere while Vansh is doing ritual.

Vansh gives another gift to Siya who gets happy since he gave her what she has asked for. Ishani asks him if he brought what she had asked for. Vansh says that it was difficult to arrange what she had asked for during lockdown. Ishani gets upset but just then Vansh gives her a box containing the keys of a car. Ishani gets happy and asks if it’s the colour she wanted only. Vansh says that he went to take black car but he remembered that she likes purple. Ishani is content. Aryan asks Siya and Ishani to check what he has brought for them.

Vansh gets a call and goes aside to attend it. He hears noise coming from study room and remembers about the pen drive he gave to Angre. Ridhima, unaware that he is stepping towards the study room, is checking files to find some information.

Vansh enters in the study room but Ridhima has hidden herself in a cupboard behind some coats since she had heard Vansh’s footsteps. Vansh is about to open the door when Siya calls him saying that Dadi is calling him. Ridhima, who was suffocating her breath, finally breaths for relief.

Vansh leaves. Ridhima tries to open the door but it doesn’t get opened and she gets nervous. In a flashback, she recalls Kabir calming her down when they got locked in a closed area by making her remember the day they were on the beach side looking at sunset together and breathing fresh air. He had asked her to remember that fear is just a game by their mind so she should calmly think what to do. Ridhima takes a deep breath and thinks calmly. She manages to open the door by using her clip. She says that Kabir’s love is her strength and always helps her to get out from difficult situation. She hears footsteps and rushes to go outside. She hits Shera, the pen drive, but before she can understand that it is what she is looking for only, it ends up in dustbin and she rushes outside.

Later, Ridhima is seen being upset since she found no proof yet. She looks at the ring recalling Vansh making her wear it and tries taking it off but in vain. She holds the ring given by Kabir and wonders where Kabir is and how to tell him what happened and that her marriage got fixed with the person she hates and wants to send in jail.

Ridhima slips because of high heels and is about to hit a pillar but Vansh comes and puts a hand in front of her before she could get hurt. The two look at each other. Title track plays. They break they eye lock. Ridhima asks what happened. Vansh says that he is the bad one but she has all the bad behaviour since she didn’t even thank him after he helped her. She asks what she was thinking about that she actually fell down. He asks if she was thinking about the wedding. Ridhima replies of course since there is nothing more important than the wedding for her right now. She adds that everything looks like a dream. Vansh says that dreams shall be beautiful.

A servant brings roses and Vansh offers them to Ridhima saying that he heard that roses have a direct connection with love and he wanted to do something romantic for her would be wife so decided to do this. He says that she must be the girl who believes in love and likes starry night, roses etc. Ridhima says that roses never come alone and have thorns with them and, just like roses, even love comes with a lot of pain. She asks if he can only give pain or can also bear it. She grabs the roses and just then Vansh’s finger get hurt with thorn and he hisses. Ridhima says that he hissed with such a little pain too. Vansh asks Ridhima if she thinks that he doesn’t know the meaning of love. Ridhima replies of course: love isn’t just about romantic gestures but it’s a lifetime commitment, a promise, both soul and prayer, both life and death. They look at each other.

Ridhima and Vansh’s eye-lock is broken when he gets a call from Angre. The latter tells him that Shera is nowhere. Vansh gets shocked and leaves. Ridhima wonders what he is not able to find it and why he looks so tensed.

Angre and Vansh talk and Ridhima overhears their conversion. Vansh says that it is important to find Shera before it gets in wrong hands since it has all information about his business and it has power to end it. Ridhima wonders what Shera is and recalls that lion shaped pen drive she dropped in dustbin. She thinks that she has to find Shera before Vansh.

Ridhima goes to the study room but realizes that the dustbin is empty. She thinks that the garbage must have been thrown out during cleaning.

Episode ends