Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st January 2021 Written Update: Kabir announces that he wants to marry Ahana

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ahana badmouthing about Vansh. Ridhima says that it’s enough and says that her relationship with Vansh cannot be understood by her and asks why she should prove her anything. Ahana says that she knows what she doesn’t know even if she is so close to Vansh. She doesn’t care about leaving now or later but suggests Ridhima to question Vansh why he is pretending to love her and hating her secretly. Ridhima forbids her to badmouth more about Vansh and is about to throw her out of the mansion.

Just then Kabir comes and stops Ridhima. He asks her how she can willing to throw her out of the house when he is going to get engaged with her. He remembers Ahana suggesting him to tell Ridhima that he is in love with her when she will about to throw her out of the house so that she won’t be able to do anything. He announces that he loves her. Ridhima says that she knew there is his hand behind all this but Kabir doesn’t listen to her and walks inside the house holding Ahana’s hand. Ridhima says that Vansh won’t ever accept their fake relation.

Kabir calls everyone in the hall. Everyone gathers there. Vansh tells Dadi that he and Ahana love each other and want to marry. Vansh comes there and asks the reason of this sudden big decision. Kabir says that love happens suddenly only. He asks for blessings from Dadi. Ridhima wishes for Dadi to say no. Dadi asks Ahana if she loves Kabir too and wants to marry him. Ahana nods in a yes. Dadi says that elders’ happiness lies in kids one and if the two of them are happy then none must have anything to oppose. She adds that there is a big favour from Ahana upon them so there is no bigger happiness if she enters the mansion as daughter-in-law.

Ridhima takes Vansh aside and tells him that she caught Ahana with the same mask she found earlier. She tells him that she is the one behind all attacks on her but Vansh says that those who save lives cannot take lives and adds that she must be misunderstanding.

Dadi calls Vansh to her and asks his opinion about Kabir and Ahana’s relationship. Vansh says that if she likes Ahana then he has no problems. He adds that his blessings are with the two. Ahana winks at Ridhima. Kabir asks Dadi’s permission to take Ahana somewhere out. Dadi allows him. Kabir holds Ahana’s hand and takes her away. Ridhima thinks it’s useless to talk with Vansh about the matter.

Vansh and Ahana meet later. Vansh is sure that Ridhima must be trying to find proves against Ahana and in fact she must be in her room only. Vansh is right since Ridhima is in Ahana’s room to get some evidences and finds her phone there. Vansh tells Ahana that she planted a proof in the room: her phone. He knows Ridhima must be checking her photos gallery. Ridhima checks the gallery and finds a picture of Ahana in Delhi of 12th November. Ridhima remembers Vansh falling in valley on 11th November and wonders how Ahana could save Vansh’s life if she was in Delhi on 12th November.

Vansh knows Ridhima must be wondering why Vansh lied to her. Ridhima recalls Ahana’s words and wonders if she said the truth about Vansh. The latter wants this only. Ridhima concludes that Vansh is playing game with her and has joined hands with Ahana. She wonders why he would do so since he loves her. She is unable to understand anything. She recalls romantic moments with Vansh. She says that she must be overthinking and misunderstanding the whole thing. She leaves the room. Vansh knows Ridhima must be eager to talk with him and know the truth. He says that he kept giving her chances but she just betrayed him and played games with her at every step so today he is going to answer her.

Ridhima rushes downstairs and sees him talking on call but Dadi stops her asking her to help her to choose some stuff for Ahana and Kabir’s engagement. Ridhima is in hurry. Vansh leaves and Dadi says that he will come back for engagement only. Ridhima tries calling Vansh but he doesn’t pick up. She decides to talk with him once he will be back and clear every confusion.

Episode ends

Precap: Ridhima confronts Vansh and asks if Ahana didn’t save his life. He says no. She asks whether he was behind all the attacks on her. He replies yes.

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