Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st March 2021 Written Update: Riddhima gets kidnapped

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Riddima wondering why everyone is behaving weird today. She decides to stay inside her room. Vansh and his men surround Chang and Kabir. Before Vansh could see Kabir’s face, he turns off the lights and escapes from there. Riddhima gets call from the abortion center again. She cuts the call and block it. Vansh is seen chasing Kabir. He catches him from behind by holding his neck and points gun at him.

Riddhima hears a knock. She opens the door thinking it’s Vansh. She finds a gift box outside. She picks it up. She hears a phone ringing sound. She takes the phone out and answers the call. The person threatens Riddhima and asks her to come to the hospital. Riddhima says she doesn’t want to do abortion and asks her to do whatever she wants. She throws the phone away. Vansh says he was waiting for this moment. Kabir gives a elbow kick and escapes from there getting into a cab. Vansh fails to catch him, but he’s determined to find him.

Riddhima assures her baby that she will fight the whole world to protect him/her. She wishes that Vansh could be here with her now. She talks to his portrait saying that she wouldn’t have felt the fear, if he had with her, she’s feeling loneliness. She promises to her baby that she will not let anything happen to him/her.

Vansh sees police trying to take away a son from a mom. He thinks he’s also doing the same with Riddima. He asks how he can punish his wife and his child like this. He recalls all the recent happenings and Riddhima’s words. Vansh realizes his mistake and decides to apologize to Riddhima. He phones Riddhima, but she can’t hear him due to poor network. He decides to talk to her going home. Vansh says he’s coming to accept their child and this moment will be her life’s best moment. He drives off the car.

Riddhima tries to call back Vansh, but there’s no network. She goes downstairs. She is checking her phone signal when red gloves man hits her with a stick. Vansh gets balloons for Riddhima. He then tries Riddhima’s phone, but he couldn’t connect with her. Vansh is excited to announce to Riddhima that he accepts their child. He practices what he will say to her. Riddhima was put inside a fridge and the service persons take it outside. Kabir stops them and enquires what it’s. They say they got call that the fridge is repair.

Kabir asks who has called them. They say they don’t know. Kabir is about to open the fridge to check, but he gets a call. They uses this occasion and take the fridge out. Otherside Vansh is seen coming in the car. He thinks Riddhima tried a lot to convince him, but he keeps running away, what kind of father he’s, he even missed the opportunity to listen to the heartbeat of his child. He is determined to rectify all his mistakes. He stops the car just before hitting a passerby. Riddhima’s head hits the fridge and it starts bleeding. Vansh feels like Riddhima is calling him. He says he should go back home as Riddhima must be waiting for him.

The men puts the fridge inside a van. One say they have completed the work given by Vansh and they should inform him. Riddhima hears this. She thinks Vansh can’t do this. Vansh recalls Riddhima’s words. He imagines her sitting beside him. She asks him what happened.

Vansh admits that he was wrong. He says that was always scared that his child will suffer like him that he forgot about a mother’s strength. He admits that nothing is more powerful than a mother. He further says he has hurt her lot yet she didn’t give up. He expresses that he wishes to raise this child along with her, if she forgives him. Riddhima asks him to forget the past and come home. Vansh says he’s coming home and will make everything fine, he will give her and their child lots of love.

The episode ends.

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