Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 21st April 2021 Written Update : Vansh’s life is in danger

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 21st April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Riddhima preparing romantic dinner for Vansh. Vansh comes there. Riddhima asks Vansh if he talked to Sia. Vansh says that Sia is angry with him. She called Ishani. She will come back home once her anger will cool down.

Vansh says that she should eat on time as she’s pregnant. Riddhima says that she wanted to have dinner with him. Vansh and Riddhima have a romantic moment. Suddenly Vansh coughs badly. Riddhima calls out Angre.

The doctor checks Vansh and says that Vansh is poisoned. Riddhima and Angre get shocked. The doctor says that he collected his blood sample to find which poison is given to him. Angre goes with the doctor. Riddhima cries. She checks Vansh forehead. She applies wet cloth on Vansh’s forehead as the temperature is high. Vansh gains consciousnes and says that he will not go anywhere leaving her. He asks for food.

Riddhima feeds him. Vansh asks her to eat too. Vansh tells that no one in the family should know about his health, else they will think that he has become weak. He further says that he knows he was poisoned. Riddhima asks how he knows.

Meanwhile Dadi comes to Vansh’s office to find the black box. She says that Vansh usually hides things in the place where no one can guess. Other side Vansh says that he got to know that he was poisoned seeing the symptoms. Vansh asks Riddhima to lay down next to him. He hugs her and says that her Vansh isn’t weak to die easily.

Riddhima asks him not to talk about death. He kisses her head and says ok. He says that he got attacked many times in the past and every time he got safed and assures her that he will get saved this time too.

Anupriya comes to Vansh’s office and asks Dadi what she’s doing here and asks if she can call Vansh to help her find what she’s looking for. Dadi says that she can’t take Vansh’s help. She’s searching for a box which is called a black box. If that box get opened and their family secrets come out, everything will be ruined. Anupriya says that she will pray to God nothing like that happens.

Riddhima finds Vansh asleep. She says love you Vansh and recalls her moment with Vansh. A FB shows where Riddhima and Vansh paint their baby’s room wall and apply paint on each other. FB ends. Riddhima wishes long life for Vansh. Riddhima phones Angre. The latter informs Riddhima that he’s in lab waiting for Vansh’s blood report. Vansh coughs.

Riddhima gets worried for him. Vansh says that his heart forget to beat when she goes far from him. Riddhima asks him not to say like this. He kisses her hand. Riddhima asks him to rest.

Later, Angre brings Vansh’s blood sample report. Vansh learns the poison’s name and says that this poison can be only injected. Vansh recalls bumping into Kiara and getting pricked in his hand. Kiara apologizes to him saying her bracelet pricked him. FB ends. Vansh says that Kiara poisoned him. Riddhima asks how many hours they have to save him. Vansh says 48 hours. Riddhima panics and asks him to tell what to do.

Vansh shows a photo to Angre and says that he needs this. Riddhima says that she will get the antidote and asks who has it. Vansh says Vyom and adds that he will not give it. Riddhima says with determination that she will get it and leave. Vansh signs Angre to stop Riddhima. Angre tries to stop Riddhima, but Riddhima cries and says that Vansh only have less time and she needs to go. Angre says then he will come with her.

Riddhima and Angre meet Vyom. Riddhima pleads with Vyom to give the antidote to save Vansh’s life. Riddhima promises to give him black box in return of antidote. Vyom says that he has some conditions and phones Vansh. He says that Riddhima and Angre are here. He asks Vansh to bring black box and takes the antidote, his wife and Angre. Vansh says that he’s coming.

The episode ends.

Precap: Vansh asks Vyom where Riddhima and Angre are. Vyom asks for black box. Vansh tries to hit Vyom and falls down. Vyom says that Vansh only 7 hours left and mocks him.

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