Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd January 2021 Written Update: Ridhima reaches the juvenal centre to find out Vansh’s truth

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ridhima going to Dadi’s room with a mocktail for her. Dadi drinks it. Ridhima starts asking her questions to learn the truth about Vansh’s past. She asks Dadi if there is something she doesn’t like about her. Dadi replies that she doesn’t like when she roams around Vansh trying to find out some stuff, she doesn’t even know what. Ridhima asks her about Vansh. Dadi says that he is good but he is always bothered by something since he has so many secrets, he doesn’t have peace in life.

Ridhima thinks that the truth serum is working since Dadi is answering with truth only. She recalls mixing truth serum in Dadi’s mocktail even though she was sorry about that but it was the only way to learn about Vansh. She tells Dadi that she and Siya were looking at some pictures in the album that was in the storeroom and there are no pictures of Vansh when he was aged 14-18. Dadi says that Vansh has gone through a lot of pain and if someone was on his place, he would have broken, but seeing his courage she has decided not to talk about past and secrets related to it.

Vansh tells Angre that Ridhima has planned a surprise for him in the sangeet and he is well aware of how Ridhima’s surprises are, especially in such occasions. He orders Angre to keep an eye on Ridhima and be very careful.

On the other hand, Ridhima tells Dadi that she is Vansh’s wife and she can trust her. She promises not to tell anything to anyone. Dadi trusts her and reveals that Vansh has spent those four years in a juvenal centre. Ridhima asks if it is about the centre where children who have committed crimes stay. Dadi says that Vansh must have been so suffocated there. She is sad thinking about it and suddenly feels dizzy and gets to sleep.

Angre is looking for Ridhima who is not in the room. Kabir goes to him and shows the jacket he is planning to wear in the function asking Angre’s opinion about the colour. Angre asks since when he needs his help and adds that he is not his servant. He walks away.

Ridhima decides to go to the juvenal centre where Vansh stayed after learning its name from Dadi. She goes out and finds Vansh there. Vansh asks her why she didn’t get ready yet. She replies that she is just going to get ready. Vansh asks why she looks so tensed. She says that there is nothing like that and is about to leave when Vansh holds her hand and pulls her closer. Ridhima reminds him that they aren’t married yet and leaves. Kabir is hiding and recalls overhearing Dadi telling Ridhima about Vansh spending four years in juvenal centre. He thinks it was a breaking news for him too.

Later, Ridhima is ready for the sangeet. Vansh wonders how he got so lucky. Ridhima replies that same goes for her. She apologizes for not reacting properly when he brought cake for her but she likes it a lot when she does something for her. Vansh says that there is no sorry or thank you when there is love. She asks if he is happy for remarrying her. He reminds her that it was her idea only. Ridhima tells him that she has to keep her face hidden under gungath and he cannot see her during the sangeet. Vansh says that he won’t be able to bear so much distance between them. Ridhima hugs him and thinks that she made this rasam for him only so that she can reach his truth in the meantime.

After a while, everyone is in the hall where sangeet function is going on. Ridhima walks downstairs with her face covered too. That’s actually another girl as Ridhima is revealed to sneak outside wearing a mask. She recalls asking a housemaid to pretend to be her until she won’t be back in exchange of money. Kabir knows she is leaving and says that he will keep getting closer to his goal as much as Ridhima will get closer to Vansh’s truth. He says that Ridhima has to write the story of Vansh’s destruction.

Ridhima reaches the Jeevan Juvenal centre and asks information about Vansh. She introduces herself as his wife. The guy she asked information to, goes aside and calls Vansh telling him that a girl claiming to be his wife has come to ask information about him. Vansh says that it is impossible looking at the girl with gungath he believes is Ridhima. The officer takes Ridhima’s picture to send to Vansh. Ridhima sees him and goes to him asking for the phone but he says that he is a officer and orders her to leave. He sends the picture to Vansh who wonders how Ridhima got so close to his past. He wonders who the girl in gungath is and walks towards her.

Episode ends

Precap: Ridhima hits the officer who gets unconscious and then finds the file with Vansh’s information. Later, she confronts Vansh about hiding the truth from her while dancing with him in the sangeet.

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