Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Riddhima saves Vansh

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Riddhima saying that Vyom has the antidote and asks Vansh to come with her. Vyom says that Vansh opened the doors creating a short circuit, but he holds the antidote, so Vansh can’t escape. Riddhima and Vansh come out. Vansh tells Riddhima that he only loved her and asks to tell their baby that his dad isn’t a bad person. Riddhima says that he can’t give up, he has a strong will power and asks him to come with her, but Vansh stops her and asks her not to cry. Vansh says that he’s coming more close to her becoming her strength and thinking. Vansh asks Riddhima to run and he’s going to get Angre. Riddhima says that he won’t get Angre, Vyom beated him brutally and don’t know where Vyom kept him. Riddhima refuses to leave. Vansh gives his swear. Riddhima cries and asks Vansh to take back his swear. Vansh kisses Riddhima and asks her to go. Riddhima cries and leaves. Title track plays in the BG.

Vansh comes to Angre and frees him. Angre thanks him. They both come out. Angre asks Vansh how much time is left. Vansh says 5 mins. Angre holds Vansh and helps him to walk. They both laugh talking about their old memories. Vansh’s health gets worse. Angre says that he wants to die with Vansh and wishes to work for Vansh even in his next life. Vansh says that Angre is his brother and tightly hugs him.

Vyom comes there. He says to Vansh that he doesn’t have much time, he has hardly 1 or 2 mins. Then he will miss Vansh. He will see Vansh’s death breaking news on TV drinking his favorite wine. His death will be considered as suicide case. He acts as a news reporter and reads Vansh’s death news and laughs. Vyom asks Vansh to give the black box. Vansh laughs and says that if he got defeated, he won’t let him win either. If he dies, who will tell him about the black box’s whereabouts. Vyom laughs and says that he has people from his house, who can give him that information. Vansh calls Vyom idiot and says that Vansh isn’t an open book that anyone can read him. Vansh says that the black box is at Vyom’s house, but he won’t tell his exact location and laughs. Angre asks Vyom to give the antidote. Vyom asks for black box.

Dadi recalls Vansh’s words and opens the black box using the code given by Vansh. Dadi gets shocked on seeing the information that are projecting on the screen. Other side, Riddhima snatches the antidote from Vyom and throws it to Vansh. Vyom takes his gun. Angre fights Vyom. Riddhima makes Vansh drink the antidote. Vyom runs away. Angre and Riddhima cry holding Vansh.

One week later in Goa. A car stops in front of an hotel. Vansh, Riddhima and Angre get down from that car. Aryan, Ishani and Dadi get down from another car. They’re welcomed by the hotel employees. Later Ishani is in the swimming pool. Angre comes to her. They have a romantic talk. Ishani complains that Angre has risked his life many times for Vansh and enough of being his bodyguard, from now on he’s only hers. They spend time together.

Riddhima is lost in her thoughts. Vansh asks her what she’s thinking about. Riddhima says that she’s thinking what would’ve happened if she hadn’t given him the antidote in time. Vansh says if he had died, he would’ve left the world with the regret not meeting their child. He was more scared of losing her than his death. Riddhima says that she can’t live without him Vansh hugs her saying he can’t live without her too, no matter what happens, he will not let her go away from him. They tell love you to each other. Other side Vyom is shown.

The episode ends.

Preacap: Vansh spikes Riddhima’s drink. Vansh questions Riddhima about the jungle secret.

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