Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd June 2021 Written Update: Riddhima reveals her past

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with the person wearing trenchcoat entering the banquet hall. Ishani and Dadi ask who she/he is. The shows his face and it turns out to be Riddhima. They all look shocked. Dadi scolds Riddhima and asks what drama she’s doing. Ishani asks if she’s Black Mamba, who sent them the videos. Riddhima denies it. Chachi asks then why she called all of them here to which Riddhima replies to catch Black Mamba. Riddhima recalls how she found the gloves and trenchcoat in Chachi’s room. Ishani asks where Black Mamba is.

Riddhima says that she’s among them and she called all of them to unmask her. She almost catched Black Mamba this morning, but she got a clue. Sia asks what clue she got. Riddhima refuses to tell and says that she applied turpentine on her hand. She explains that turpentine oil isn’t easily removable and it’s inflammable. Riddhima lights the candle. Riddhima says that that person’s hand will catch fire and they will get to know who Balck Mamba is. Riddhima takes the candle near Angre’s hand then she moves to Chachi. The latter refuses to show her hand saying that she applied sunscreen in her hand. Riddhima says that such a lame excuse, sunscreen isn’t inflammable. Riddhima tells Chachi to tell the truth. Chachi accuse Riddhima of doing drama to hide her fake pregnancy.

Vansh comes there and asks what’s happening here. Vyom slowly moves out from there. Chanchal goes to Vansh and tells that Riddhima has been lying about her pregnancy since three months and she is Black Mamba and she’s lying to hide her truth. Dadi says that Chanchal is right and says that Riddhima is playing with their feelings. She can’t feel the happiness of seeing him back because she has a bad news for him. Riddhima made the doctor lie about her pregnancy and is cheating him. They would never get to know about this, if they hadn’t threatened the doctor.

Ishnai tells about the company, who provide a woman fake pregnancy provision and asks Riddhima if her pregnancy’s report aren’t from that company. Riddhima gets nervous. Ishani further says that Angre overheard Riddhima and Vyom’s conversation. Vyom saw Riddhima crying near an unborn baby’s graveyard. Sia tells that about someone threatening Riddhima through a letter. Riddhima tore that letter, but she read it. Vansh asks Riddhima If what they all are saying is true. Riddhima says that she will explain him afterwards. Vansh stops Riddhima and angrily leaves.

Dadi, Ishani taunt Riddhima and leaves followed by others. Riddhima stops Chachi and confronts her. Riddhima says that she knows why she got scared seeing the candle. She reveals that she got the trenchcoat from Chachi’s room and shows the bracelet and tells she got to know from Sia that bbelongs her. Chachi denies the allegations. Riddhima threatens to show the evidences to Vansh. Chanchal admits that she was following Riddhima wearing trenchcoat, but she didn’t send those videos. She has come here only two days before. She was doing this for money. Riddhima asks who gave her money. Chachi says that she doesn’t know. She gets call from different numbers and money gets transferred in her accounts. She pleads with Riddhima to not tell Vansh. Riddhima agrees, but asks to give her in returns the different numbers and her bank account details. Chachi agrees.

Riddhima stops Vansh and says that his baby is fine shocking Vansh. Riddhima asks Vansh to look into her eyes to know if she’s telling the truth or not. Vansh asks then what is all this drama. Riddhima admits that she lied, but she was helpless. She further says that she has past which she didn’t share with him, but someone knows about this and try to portray it differently in front of all. She doesn’t want any more problems in their relationship, so she lied about their baby to catch that person.

Vansh asks who he/she is. Riddhima says that she doesn’t know, but that person is someone from their family. She cooked up this fake pregnancy story to confuse that person and she almost succeeded in her plan too that’s why that person paid Chachi to follow her. Vansh asks about her past Riddhima says that her past is related to Sara, the contract killer. She wants to introduce her to him tonight and he will get to know all the answers for his questions. Ishani overhears their conversation.

Riddhima goes to Sara’s room and sees her struggling to take her pills. Riddhima helps her. Sara scolds her and says that she doesn’t need her help. Riddhima says that she has come to tell that she’s going to tell Vansh about their past. Sara requests Riddhima to not reveal anything to Vansh else he will kill her. Riddhima assures Sara that Vansh will help her. Riddhima tries to explain Sara that they can’t move with their past and tells that she wants to help Sara.

The latter says that she doesn’t need her help. She doesn’t want to die with Vansh’s hand. She didn’t do anything deliberately and blame Riddhima. She says that she was happy with her boyfriend, but Riddhima had problem with him. A FB shows in which a professor tries to molest Riddhima. Sara says that she only helped Riddhima to expose that professor when he crossed his limits during the Goa trip. Riddhima says that they wanted to get him arrested, but their plan flopped. Sara hit the professor’s head when he tried to molest her. The same FB is shown.

The episode ends.

Precap: Riddhima reveals to Vansh about her friendship with Sara and tells Gayu is Sara. Vansh looks shocked.

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