Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24th June 2021 Written Update: Vansh learns about Riddhima’s past

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sara telling that Riddhima got her arrested. Riddhima denies it and says that she wanted to bring doctor to save the professor, so that Sara didn’t get into any trouble, but before she could reach, Police came. She thought that Police would leave Sara knowing the truth, but the professor died and she couldn’t handle the situation. Sara refuses to believe Riddhima. The latter tells that she told the police the truth, but they didn’t listen to her. That professor’s family was very powerful, being an orphan she can’t fought against them. Riddhima says that she’s still feeling guilty for not being able to save her. Sara pushes Riddhima and shouts at her. Sara says that she suffered lot in the prison. Her life got spoiled.

Sara further says that she thought to restart her life with her boyfriend, Aditya, after coming out of the jail, but he committed suicide. Sara blames Riddhima for Aditiya’s death and cries. Riddhima also cries and apologizes to Sara. Riddhima says that she wants to rectify her mistake. She assures Sara to make everything fine and requests her to give her a chance. Riddhima hugs Sara. Riddhima asks Sara to rest and leaves. Sara says that Vansh is very dangerous and if he learns that she’s the sniper, who shot him, he will kill her. She texts a message to Black Mamba. In the message, Sara wrote that she can’t fulfill his contract, but she will return his money. Black Mamba tells Sara to meet him in the night near pool side.

Ishani tells Dadi and Sia that Riddhima is fooling them with her fake pregnancy drama. Riddhima is really pregnant. Vyom overhears her. Ishani says that the letter and tombstone are fake. Ishani further tells that Riddhima was telling about some past secret and she’s hiding something. Dadi scolds Riddhima and says that Riddhima could be Black Mamba. Ishani also agrees with Dadi and says that they wasted their time trying to expose Riddhima’s fake pregnancy instead they should have tried to find about her past. Vyom thinks that Riddhima is smarter than him.

Vansh comes to Riddhima and says that he’s ready to meet Sara. Riddhima makes Vansh sit and tells about her and Gayatri’s story. Riddhima says that Gayatri is short tempered and she used to get very protective towards her when anyone teased her or tried to harm her. She adds that an incident changed their life and tells Vansh about her past. Riddhima says that Gayatri went to jail for murdering the professor and the jail life changed Sara and she became a contract killer and changed her identity. Riddhima reveals that Sara is Gayatri. Vansh looks shocked.

Ishani notices Vyom in the corridor and follows him. Vyom goes to his room and wears the cloth of the manager and stick the fake beard. Ishani realizes that the manager is Vyom and Sia lied to her. She decides to record this in her mobile to show to Angre. She gets shocked on seeing Sia there. Sia compliments Vyom’s look. Vyom tells that Sia will land in problem if anyone sees her in his room and asks her to leave. Sia leaves. Ishani hides. Ishani is about to call Sia, but stops on seeing Angre. He asks what she’s doing here. Ishani gives an excuse. Angre leaves. Ishani decides to talk to Sia.

Riddhima tells Vansh that Gayatri is Sara and they can’t blame her as she’s doing this profession thinking it’s her fate, but they can change this and she wants to change Sara’s fate. Riddhima reveals that Black Mamba gave contract to Sara to kill him. Vansh gets angry for hiding this truth from him as Sara could have harmed anyone in the family including Riddhima and the baby. Riddhima says that she stopped Sara everytime and saved Vansh. Riddhima says that Sara became criminal because of her, so she thinks it’s her responsibility to bring her out of this and assures Vansh that Sara is changing slowly. Riddhima tells Vansh that Sara gave her new life in the past and requests him to help Sara. Vansh says that Riddhima made him feel again smaller by not trusting him. She didn’t share her past with him because she thought that he wouldn’t handle this. He asks why she wanted to bear the pain alone. Riddhima says that she didn’t want to break down in front of him. She was feeling guilty and didn’t have the courage to tell the truth to him. Riddhima requests him not to get mad at her. Vansh says that if she makes such cute faces, he will fall again for her. Riddhima hugs him.

The episode ends.

Precap: Riddhima and Vandh don’t find Gayatri in her room. Vansh asks Riddhima if she had told Sara that she’s going to reveal her past to him. Riddhima nods yes. Vansh deduces that she might’ve run away getting scared. Vansh promises to find Gayatri. Gayatri meets Black Mamb and Balck Mamba kills her. Riddhima comes there.

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