Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26th June 2021 Written Update: Vyom breaks Sia’s heart

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh tells Riddhima that he will listen to her while doing his work. Riddhima remains silent. Vansh asks to speak. Riddhima makes sure that he’s listening to her and goes to the saying that she will back in a minute. Ishani scolds Sia for lying to her about Vyom and asks what is happening. Sia asks how she got to know about Vyom being the lobby manager. Ishani says that she saw him last night. She tells Sia that Vyom is very dangerous and she should stay away from him. He is their ennemy. Sia rejects and says that she should think about it before encouraging her to meet him. They start arguing. They stop on seeing Angre. The latter asks Ishani her phone. Ishani gives him the phone. Angre checks the phone and asks what is this video. Ishani starts panicking and Sia asks what happened. Ishani tells that she made Vyom’s video last night. Sia asks ishani to stop Angre from seeing that video.

Riddhima brings two dresses and asks Vyom which one she should wear. He gives a random answer. Riddhima realizes that Vansh isn’t paying attention to her. Riddhima asks what gift they should buy for apple and orange marriage. Vansh tells her to buy anything and asks to get his card from the cupboard. Riddhima then asks if he remembers that he told he will buy a magical carpet for her. Vansh tells her to go and buy using her card. Riddhima gets angry and leaves from there.

Ishani shouts and pretends to have a sprain in her ankle. Angre comes running ti her and checks her ankle putting the phone on the floor. In the meantime Sia takes the phone and deletes Vyom’s video. Ishani says that she’s feeling better now and sends Angre upstairs. Ishani warns Sia. She asks Sia to stay away from Vyom else she will tell about Vyom to Vansh. The latter realizes that Riddhima was telling him something, but he didn’t pay attention to her talk. He doesn’t even know what he answered her. Riddhima comes there. Vansh says that he listened to whatever she said as he loves her. Riddhima angrils walks out. Vansh wonders what he did.

Sia goes to Vyom’s room and finds him sleeping. She wakes him up. Vyom gets tensed on seeing her. He wears his shirt and asks her to leave. Sia wants to order coffee for him. Vyom stops her and scolds her. Sia cries and says that she loves him, but he can’t mistreat her girlfriend like this. Vyom laughs and says that he’s fed up with her childish act. Sia says that she understands he misses his wife, but he loves her too so brought gift for her. Vyom tells to not take his wife’s name and adds that he brought gift for as he felt pity for her and he doesn’t want to become her boyfriend. Vyom says that he doesn’t love her and wanted to just use her against Vansh. Sia cries and pleads with him. Vandh insults her and tells her to leave. Sia leaves from there.

Riddhima is sitting near the poolside talking with her baby. She sees Sia crying. Sia hugs Riddhima. The latter asks Sia what happened. Sia tells that Vyom broke her heart. Riddhima asks what he did. Sia asks if she doesn’t dreserve love, if she is that bad so no one loves her. Riddhima comforts Sia. Riddhima asks her to sit down. Sia tells her to sit on the chair as she’s pregnant. Riddhima advises Sia. Riddhima says that she shouldn’t give anyone liberty to judge her. She should love herself and respect herself first. She says that her family loves her so much. Sia is very strong and sensitive and very beautiful. Sia says that she can’t be strong as she’s crying. Riddhima says that crying isn’t a sign of weakness. She also cries a lot. She says that crying makes a person more strong. Riddhima tells Sia that she should focus on her life instead of looking for a life partner and tells her not to go back to the person, who insulted her. Sia thanks Riddhima for boosting her moral and apologizes to Riddhima fod bursting her. Riddhima tells to forget the past. Then they talk about Vansh. Riddhima complains that Vansh didn’t pay attention to her. Sia says that wife must have many ways to get the husband’s attention and asks to use it. They share a laugh.

Vansh and Angre have a talk. Vansh asks when Roy is coming to which Angre says that he will come the next day. Vansh says that Roy is an expert and will handle their new hotel’s planning. Vansh says that he didn’t pay attention when she was telling something, so she got angry. Angre reminds Vansh that Riddhima is pregnant and she may have mood swings and they need more attention at this time. Meanwhile Riddhima tells Sia that she always used to go behind him, but this time she will show attitude to Vansh.

The episode ends.

Precap : Riddhima comes to the disguised as a man named Roy and meets Vansh.

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