Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th May 2021 Written Update: Riddhima tricks Vyom

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Riddhima remembering her moments with Vansh. She gets emotional remembering Vansh’s love confession to her. Title track plays in the BG. She receives Vansh call. Riddhima asks where he’s, but the call gets disconnected. She receives Vansh text asking to save him. She goes to save Vansh.

Meanwhile two men put the diamond in the locker. One man tells that if anyone touches the table, the alarm will get activated. Someone knocks on the door. The men go to check.

Vyom tells that he got the diamond’s location. He tells that the diamond is always in his circle, but they’re fool to think that they can keep him away from it. He tells that the diamond is the paradise hotel. Sia hugs Vyom and expresses her love for him. Sia tells that he’s going to get the diamond and she is worried for him. Vyom tells that there’s no fun if there is no danger in getting something. He says that Sia should leave now else she will be suspected.

Riddhima tells Angre that she got Vansh’s message and Vansh is in danger. They have to find and the diamond as well. Angre tells that they don’t even know where Vansh is and how to get the information. Riddhima tells that she knows a way. She calls out Sia. Riddhima tells Sia that she was finding her in the whole hotel. Sia lies that she is worried for Vansh and went for a walk. She asks about Vansh. Riddhima tells that they didn’t get any information yet. She reassures Sia and hugs her. She takes off the microchip fixed on Sia’s jacket’s button. Riddhima and Angre watch the recording and learns the location of the diamond. Angre asks how she did. Riddhima tells that she did not believe Sia’s break-up story with Vyom and also she noticed Sia overhearing their conversation. So she just took a chance. Angre praises Riddhima’s smartness. He asks what he has to do now. Riddhima tells that they have to steal the diamond before Vyom and find Vansh. They leave.

Riddhima phones Angre and informs that she’s ready. Riddhima dresses up a courrier girl. She goes to those two men who have the diamond. She delivers them a gift. They check the address and gives it back telling its not their. Riddhima smriks. She gets their thumb impression. Later Riddhima tricks those man and makes them go out. Riddhima enters the room and sees Vyom holding the diamond. Vyom tells that he can also cheat the thumb impression. Riddhima tries to snatch the diamond from him. Vyom asks her to be careful as the alarm can get activated. He runs around the table and challenges her to get that diamond. Riddhima tells that she loves Vansh and he must also have someone whom he loves so much. Vyom tells not to talk about love. Riddhima tricks him and gets the diamond. Vyom keeps Riddhima engaged in talk. He tells that Vansh will never forgive her for betraying him. Riddhima recalls Vansh’s words. Vyom uses this opportunity and s’atches the diamond from her hand. Riddhima begs him to return the diamond. Vyom leaves a smoke bomb and leaves from there. Riddhima coughs and touches the table. The alarm gets activated. The men comes back and see the diamond is missing. They remember the courier girl and go to find her.

Riddhima attacks Vyom from behind and takes the diamond. Vyom tells that he only knows where Vansh is and tells he will tell Vansh’s whereabouts if she gives him the diamond. Riddhima points gun at him and asks where Vansh is. Vyom is confident that Riddhima can’t kill as he’s the only person, who knows Vansh whereabouts. Riddhima shoots in the air and threatens him. Vyom tells that she can only threaten, but she can’t kill him. In anyway Prince Akheel will kill Vansh, if doesn’t get the diamond in 24 hours. Riddhima threatens to throw away the diamond if he doesn’t tell about Vansh whereabouts. Vyom begs her to not do like that.

The episode ends.

Precap: Riddhima is missing Vansh. Vansh reaches the hotel. Riddhima senses Vansh and goes to find him.

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