Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th June 2021 Written Update: Aryan is Black Mamba

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh assuring Riddhima that they both will help Sara. Riddhima gets happy. Vansh asks if Sara said anything about Black Mamba. Riddhima says that Sara didn’t meet Black Mamba, but only talked over phone. Chanchal gives Riddhima her bank details and the number from which she got the calls. Riddhima types that number in her phones dial pad and gets shocked. Riddhima asks how much money got transferred in her account to Chanchal replies 6 lakhs. Chanchal requests Riddhima to not tell Vansh about this. Riddhima says that she won’t. Chachi leaves from there smirking. Riddhima phones the bank manager to cross check if Chanchal is telling the truth. Riddhima realizes that Chanchal is right. Riddhima says that Gayu transferred money to Chanchal and asked to follow her. Riddhima doubts whether Gayu sent that pen drive and the videos as she only knows about her past. Riddhima feels something fishy and goes to talk to Gayu.

Meanwhile Gayu meets Balck Mamba. She gets shocked on Aryan. Gayu asks if he’s Black Mamba, who was sending the videos. Gayu says that she will expose him. She calls out Riddhima. Aryan kills Gayu by slitting her neck. Riddhima passes by that side, but fails to notice Gayu. Aryan drags Gayu’s body from there.

Riddhima and Vansh come to Gayu’s room looking for her. They are surprised seeing Gayu’s things are missing. Riddhima tries to contact her, but she can’t reach her. Vansh says that she must have run away thinking he may kill her. Riddhima gets shocked. She says that she wanted to give Gayu a new life and cries. Vansh comforts her holding in his arms. Vansh tells Riddhima to stop blaming herself, maybe she didn’t want to change. Riddhima says that she could have told before going. She wanted to ask Gayu why she paid money to Chanchal to follow her. Vansh says that Gayu may created this Black Mamba to take revenge on Riddhima as she’s holding her responsible for her situation. Riddhima isn’t convinced. Vansh promises to Riddhima that he find Gayu and requests her to forget about Black Mamba. He says that he doesn’t like to see her sad. He wants to see her only smiling and requests her to smile. Riddhima nods ok and hugs Vansh.

Aryan and Chanchal are having drinks. Aryan says that family is considered him less than Vansh, but he’s staying in the same and hotel and had sent videos to all, but no one could find him. Chanchal praises Aryan. She asks if he knows about Riddhima’s past. Aryan denies it and says that he only knows that Gayu went to Jail for murdering the professor and she changed her identity after coming out. Aryan asks if she made all arrangements. Chanchal nods yes, but she worries whether Riddhima will get any doubt. Aryan assures her that she won’t.

Riddhima finds Gayu’s phone on the stairs. She checks the call log and dials to the last received number. Aryan’ another phone rings. Aryan gets shocked on seeing Sara calling him. Aryan goes out and sees Riddhima with Sara’s phone and comes inside the room. He tells Chanchal that Riddhima is calling from Sara’s phone and leaves taking his suitcase.

Riddhima is wondering where could Gayu go leaving her phone here. She bumps into Aryan. Riddhima gets shocked on seeing Aryan and asks where he was all these days. Chanchal comes and hugs Aryan. She calls out Sia and Ishani. They get happy to see Aryan. Riddhima repeats her question. Chanchal says that Aryan was in the hotel. She realizes her mistake and covers it saying that he is always in her heart. Ishani interrupts saying that Aryan doesn’t need to answer her as it’s not of her concern. Aryan says that he went for a vacation. Riddhima says that he cohave called her. Ishani says that he called his mother and sisters and he doesn’t need to call her. Ishani tells that he she heard her friend Gayu went missing. Chanchal says that Gayu left. They all look at puzzled. Chanchal corrects that she left the hotel. Ishani says that this is the typical middle class behavior. Riddhima asks Ishani if she saw Gayu leaving. Ishani taunts Riddhima and leaves with others.

Riddhima wakes up and finds Vansh working. She complains that he didn’t pay attention to her and he is always busy in his work. She tells him that he can work afterwards and asks to look into her eyes. They share an eyelock and recalls their moments together. Ishq Mein Marjawan plays in the BG.

The episode ends.

Precap: Riddhima asks Vansh which dress she should wear. Vansh is working, so he doesn’t pay attention to her. Riddhima gets upset and walks out.

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