Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th January 2021 Written Update: Riddhima confronts Vansh about the truth with a gun

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with pandit ji saying the marriage is complete and you both are husband and wife now.
Pandit asks them to go take blessings of the elders, Vansh gets up Riddhima doesn’t, the wedding knot was about to open up. Dadi says a big bad omen has been averted, where are you lost Riddhima ? Riddhima thinks is this a sign that Vansh is the killer of her parents ? Vansh senses there is something that is bothering Riddhima. They both take blessings from everyone.

Other side it is shown the employee pleads he doesn’t know anything, Kabir asks was there a child with the couple that Vansh killed ? Employee refuses and says there was no child with them. Kabir takes the sawing machine near the employee and says he is not saying the truth that will please him. Employee agrees to say whatever Kabir wants. Kabir records a video message.

Vansh is seen saying to Angre that Riddhima has got to know about the truth. Angre asks everything ? Vansh says whatever she has got to know it is enough to make her look like this, he can see it on her face. Ridhhima hears there conversation. Vansh says he don’t understand how did she know about the truth amidst the marriage. Vansh asks Angre to make it sure, Riddhima should not know more truth other than this. Ridhhima hears the conversation of Vansh and Angre. She thinks what is the whole truth, to clear her doubts Riddhima decides to meet Kabir.

Here, Kabir is shown getting done with the video recording and the employee asks can he go now ? Kabir says of course and just when he is about to leave he shoot him. Kabir think he can’t leave any proof against him by freeing the person. Aryan enters and sees the dead body of the employee. Kabir says to Aryan that if it was not you he would not have completed this plan.

Flashback is shown where Aryan says Vansh is not so innocent, Vansh killed a couple when he was young and for that he was imprisoned in the juvenile centre. Kabir asks the year. Aryan tells him 1996. Kabir says what a coincidence the year is same when Riddhima’s parents met with an accident.

Cut to present scene:
Kabir says it does not takes much to convert a love of a person into hatred, he just took advantage of this co incidence and made a deadly plan to make Riddhima believe that Vansh is the killer of her parents. Vansh and Aryan is taking the body aside and hiding and Riddhima is approaching. Riddhima asks what are you doing and where is the officer? Riddhima says to Kabir that she wants to know the entire truth. Kabir says it took time but he finally got to know the truth but he didn’t expected it to be so harsh.

Kabir says to Riddhima that the couple that was killed in the accident was her parents, that’s why he was hiding it from you. Riddhima refuses to believe and wants to hear everything by the employee’s mouth herself. Kabir says it was danger to keep the employee here so he sent him away. Kabir shows her the video recording of the officer’s confession. Riddhima sees it and is shocked. Flashback shows Kabir makes the employee read a script which says the couple was Riddima’s parents.
Kabir says your Vansh is the murderer of your parents. Riddhima runs back to her room calls for Vansh he isn’t there.
Riddhima shouts how can he do like this, play with her emotions, lie to her.

Ridhhima is frustrated shouting why did you hid this truth from me. Riddhima is hallucinating where her one voice says it was all in the past you should forget about all this and do your wife duties. Riddhima’s other voice says you should not forget it, because of Vansh your childhood,everything is ruined. She is confused between her two voices. Riddhima shouts stop it and is smashing things. She keeps hearing the officer’s confession.

Riddhima goes to the bathroom, she cries thinking Vansh lied to her. Riddhima lies down in the bathtub and thinks maybe this is true that my love is the one who snatched away my family from me and submerges herself in the water fully.
Vansh enters the room and is searching for Riddhima and calls her. He goes to the bathroom and is shocked to see her. He lifts her from the bathtub and tries to wake her up. Riddhima spills water from her mouth and opens her eyes. Vansh says thank god and hugs her, Riddhima remembers the confession and makes him go away. Vansh asks how did you go in the bathtub, you were unconscious, tell me who did this ? Riddhima says no one has done it, sometimes it is the situation that makes one do things they do. Ridhhima asks tell me your situation why did you do all that? Vansh says he does not have an answer to your riddles.

Riddhima picks a gun up and makes Vansh remember what he said to her on their first night that when you have to choose between love and betrayal then remember this gun. Riddhima asks Vansh we married again for a fresh start without any lies between them so she wants to ask him something and hope he answes honestly. Vansh agress to answer. Riddhima asks have you ever deliberately hidden any truth from her ?

Riddhima shows the video recording of the officer to Vansh and says she wants to know the truth. She says Vansh to prove his innocence. Vansh says today in the reception he will prove whether he is responsible for her parent’s death or not.

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