Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28th December 2020 Written Update: Ahana threatens to reveal Vansh’s secrets

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with the mysterious girl telling Ridhima that she is the same who had called her and she has something very important to tell her. The girl twirls Ridhima since they are pretending to dance but when Ridhima turns around, the girl is no more there. Ridhima wonders who she was and what she wanted to tell.

Angre is keeping the girl in a corner but she manages to escaspe and go back on the dance floor where she bumps into Vansh. Ridhima looks around. Vansh takes out a knife from her pocket. The girl screams Ridhima’s name. Lights turn on and everyone looks at the girl.

Ridhima confronts the girl asking her who she is and what she wants to tell her. The girl removes her mask and says that she has been trying to reach her since long but in vain since she needs to tell her something very important to her, something related to Vansh, a secret which will bring a storm in her life. Kabir thinks that now it’s going to be fun.

Ishani blames the girl for stealing her dress. Ridhima asks her what she is doing. The girl says that she is forced to do all this since there is danger hanging on her. Vansh promises to keep her safe and allows her to stay in the house. Ridhima asks him how he can say that when just a while ago the girl was talking about revealing a secret of hers. She asks whether they know each other.

The girl says that there is a secret between her and Vansh: she is the one who saved his life and served him giving him a new life and he had promised to help her whenever she would need. Dadi is thankful to her and says that if Vansh has promised her something then he will keep the promise. She asks her name. The girl replies that her name is Ahana. Vansh assures to grant her safety in his house. Ridhima asks Ahana why she called her instead of Vansh if she knew him before.

Before Ahana can say anything, Angre says that there are just two hours left to the new year so they should celebrate it first. Vansh takes Ridhima aside and says that the past year has been filled with difficulties and now he wants the new one to be filled with happiness. He kisses her hand and they start dancing. Kabir dances with Ahana. “Nazdeekiyan” plays.

The pairs are swapped and Ridhima ends up with Kabir while Ahana ends up with Vansh. He asks her why she has come there. She asks whether he didn’t like it. She says that she knows all her secrets and threatens to tell them to Ridhima if he makes her stay difficult. Vansh asks whether she thinks that Ridhima, who loves him so much, would trust her. Ahana replies that time will tell who Ridhima will trust.

Pairs are swapped again and Ridhima returns to Vansh. Ridhima is still confused about why Ahana called her and not him if she needed favour. Vansh says that she is his wife and she should be happy that they are returning the favour to the one who saved his life. Ridhima says that she is happy. Before she can add anything more, Vansh says that he doesn’t want more misunderstandings between them. Ridhima remembers how she didn’t trust him earlier but he was being honest. She decides to live like Vansh’s wife now and not like a spy anymore.

Ishani calls Aryan and Chanchal in the room where she shows them the recording in which Ridhima confessed being a spy. They decide to use it against Ridhima at the right time.

Kabir asks Ahana what her connection with Vansh is. He tells her that he is a police officer so she doesn’t need to be afraid and can tell him. Vansh looks at them. He nods at Angre who throws a drink on Kabir’s dress and then says that it happened by mistake. Kabir glares at him and leaves. Ahana puts the heel of her sandal on Angre’s shoe and says that sometimes things are turned in their way when they don’t happen like they want. She calls him loser. Angre walks away. Ahana gets a message and cghecks her phone. Kabir is on his phone as well.

Ishani, Chanchal and Aryan come back in the hall. Ishani grabs a white mask and look at Ridhima thinking that she won’t be spared this time.

Vansh and Ridhima keep dancing together. Dadi takes their pictures. At the end of their dance, everyone claps. Dadi asks everyone to go to have food as buffet is ready. Everyone goes to the buffet to have food. Ridhima notices a chit and goes aside to read it. There is written her life is in danger and she is asked to come to the back yard.

Someone in the back yard cuts a wire of the car parked there. Ridhima goes to the backyard and thinks Ahana is in the car. Someone pushes her inside the car and throws a cracker inside locking Ridhima there. It’s a person with white mask on. She shouts who is he and tries to open the door.

Episode ends

Precap: Ridhima is getting suffocated in the car and calls out for help. Vansh comes to the back yard searching for Ridhima.

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