Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28th June 2021 Written Update: Riddhima meets Vansh disguised as a man

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sia saying that husband finds his pregnant wife moody, so he tries to run away from her. Meanwhile Angre tells Vansh that a wife expects more attention from her husband when she’s pregnant. Riddhima decides to ignore Vansh for a week while Vansh decides to give Riddhima more attention.

Vansh comes back to his room and tries to talk to Riddhima, but the latter keeps ignoring him. Vansh gives a rose and gift to Riddhima. The latter happily takes it. Vansh asks Riddhima for a return gift. Riddhima kisses Vansh on his cheek. Vansh gets q phone and goes apart to talk.

Riddhima tells Sia that Vansh managed to convince her. Sia says that she shouldn’t have melted so easily. Riddhima says that she tries a lot, but couldn’t resist as Vansh knows how to convince her. She adds that hereafter he told that he will give his full attention to her. Sia asks where Vansh is. Riddhima says that he’s in a call since one hour. Sia says that Vansh is ignoring her. Riddhima says that Vansh promised to come to her when she will call him. Sia challenges Riddhima to call Vansh and she is confident that Vansh will not come. Riddhima calls out Vansh. The latter tells two minutes and continues to talk over the phone. Sia jokes. Riddhima notices Vansh coming and hangs up the call. Vansh gets Angre’s call. Riddhima attends and tells Angre to not disturb Vansh. Vansh takes the phone from Riddhima and talks with Angre about some Roy’s arrival for two days at the hotel. Riddhima says that if Roy comes, Vansh won’t spend time with her.

The next day Riddhima comes to the hotel disguised as Mr. Roy. She comes across Sia and reveals that she’s Riddhima. Sia alerts Riddhima that Vansh will get mad if he catches her. Riddhima is confident that Vandh can’t catch her. She tells Sia to support her and goes inside. Roy meets Vansh and Angre and shakes hand with Vansh. The latter tells his hand is very soft. Roy says that he doesn’t do dirty business. Vansh says that Roy makes others do the work. Angre tells that Vansh do good or bad all his works by himself. Vansh calls Roy to have welcome drink, but Roy refuses saying that he promised to his wife that he won’t drink. He advises that Vansh should also listen to his wife. Vandh introduces his family to Roy.

Chanchal comments about Roy’s short height. Vansh side hugs him and Roy jerks. Sia offers to drop Roy at his room. Vansh says that he will drop him and says that he hates those who cheat and betray. Roy tells that Vansh will them. Vansh asks how he knows this. Roy says that he heard lot about him. Vansh holds his shoulder and realizes that she is Riddhima. He takes him to the room and asks to meet him later on in the swimming pool.

Roy comes to the swimming pool. Vansh calls Roy to swim with him. Roy says that he doesn’t know to swim. Vansh offers to teach him. Roy refuses saying that he’s not feeling well. Vansh asks him to not talk like girls. Roy says that he has just traveled and he’s tired and moreover he has come to talk with him business. Vansh tells that no matter what he does, but he can still make business deals and adds that people do what he wants. He asks whether he’s signing the deal with him. Roy says that he will, but his throat is feeling dry. Ishani brings Juice for Roy.

The latter calls her waiter. Ishani clarifies that she’s Vansh’s sister. Roy appreciates that Vansh gave his sister the waiter’s job. Vansh tells that she’s not waiter, but her sister. Roy apologizes to Ishani. She sips the juice and pours it over Ishani’s dress saying that it’s tasteless. Ishani gets angry. Roy comments that Ishani’s dressing sense is bad. Ishani leaves from there getting furious as Vansh didn’t react. Vansh calls Roy to come to swim. Roy makes some excuses and leaves from there. Vansh says that Riddhima is doing nice acting.

Aryan goes to Roy’s room and sees a girl. He can’t see her face as her back is facing him. Aryan shares about the same with Ishani and Chanchal. Ishani says that it’s not a big deal. Aryan says that Vansh already has doubt on Roy and Vansh will get happy, if he gets any clue against Roy. Aryan asks Chanchal to keep an eye on Roy. She agrees. Riddhima notices Aryan, Chanchal and Ishani and wonder what they’re doing here.

The episode ends.

Precap: Roy is doing Vansh’s back massage and asks about his wife. Vansh complains about Riddhima which annoys Roy aka Riddhima. Vansh dances with Roy.

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