Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28th November 2020 Written Update: Vihaan interrupts Riddhima and Kabir’s wedding

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28th November 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Kabir saying to Riddhima that if she thought she will easily go out from the house. He says he will not permit her. Anupriya asks Kabir to handle Riddhima. Kabir says to Riddhima not to waste her tears now as in future she will get many chances to drop the. He says to her that, she has always dream to marry him and now her original dream is going to come true. Riddhima recalls her flashback with Kabir and says it was her biggest mistake. Kabir asks Riddhima not wait for anyone as none is going to come. Riddhima’s gets alert. She thinks if Kabir saw Vihaan and harmed him. She tries to reach him on call but Vihaan’s number was out of reach. Riddhima gets restless.

Here, Kabir says to Anupriya that everything is set. He asks her to keep upon an eye on Riddhima as she should not leave the house. It is shown Kabir point gun on Vihaan and says Riddhima is foolish to believe on road side hacker. He shoots him. It was Riddhima’s dream. Riddima worries for Vihaan’s safety. She cries for Vihaan.

Ahead, Anupriya enters Riddhima’s room and finds her sleeping. She smirks thinking Riddhima’s wedding is the worst day of her life. There, Riddhima goes to Vihaan’s place to check him. She struggles to open the door. Here, Anurpiya learns Riddhima replaced herself with Chancahl and ran away from the house. She tells to Kabir about the same. Later, Riddhima goes to Vihaan’s room and find him nowhere. She thinks either Vihaan ran away with the money or Kabir harmed him. Riddhima in her flashback thinks, she says to Vihaan that he is stranger to her but she is trusting him. She asks Vihaan if he will not betray her. Vihaan says to Riddhima that he loves his mother a a lot thus promise on her that he will not betray her. Riddhima thinks Vihaan can’t betray her.

Meanwhile, Kabir threatens Riddhima to come back soon or he has plant a bomb at VR mansion. Riddhima decides to go back home. Anupriya prays for Kabir’s good luck. Kabir asks Angre to trust him. Angre refuses to. Anupriya asks Kabir to leave Angre and break coconut in one go. Coconut doesn’t break and Kabir says he doesn’t need God’s luck. Riddhima comes back and Kabir asks her to get ready fast. Later, Riddhima waits for Vihaan and asks God to support him and send him because she can’t marry someone else. Anupriya comes to take Riddhima. Riddhima recalls her moments with Vansh.

At mandap, Riddhima and Kabir about to exchange the garlands. Vihaan as Vansh enters the house at the same time and stops the wedding. (Episode Ends)

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