Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Riddhima’s tries to find Black Mamba

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2nd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vyom talking over phone with someone. Vyom tells that person that he’s going to meet Vansh the next day. Then he will send him the diamond and will end his revenge with Vyom. Riddhima says that she doesn’t know whether Vyom is planning something or not, but she’s sure there’s an old connection between Vansh, Vyom and tear of Laila. She requests Angre tell what she doesn’t. Angre refuses. Riddhima says that she forgot that Vansh had set some limits for Angre which he can’t cross. She will find out it on her own. Angre says that she will land in any trouble, if she keeps meeting Vyom. What he will answer Vansh if anything happens to her. Riddhima realizes that Angre is in touch with Vansh and requests Angre to tell where Vansh is, why he’s not coming in front her. She asks if he’s hiding from someone. He can trust her and tell her.

Riddhima gets emotional and says that she has lot of question, but she has no answers. He is not helping her too. She is going crazy. He doesn’t care about it, he only follows Vansh’s rules. Angre admits that he can’t double cross Vansh. He tells that Vansh is alive, but he can’t come in front of her since Vyom and Prince Akheel joined hands. Vansh has to disappear to find Vyom’s plan. Now Vyom is behind her to reach Vansh and through Vansh to reach tear of Laila. Therefore he is making all this story. Vansh is keeping an eye on her. Riddhima asks Angre even Mallika’s suicide story was a drama. Angre says that was Vansh plan so that she doesn’t land in any trouble. Riddhima says then Vansh’s kidnapping is also drama. Angre says that was real, but the difference he allowed himself to get kidnapped.

A FB shows. Vansh is tied up. Two goons mock Vansh. Then they discuss where tear of Laila is. Vansh phone rings. One goon attends it. Angre tells that his under his gun point and tells to give the phone to Vansh. He obeys. Angre asks what the plan is. Vansh says that the goons are about to give him the information of tear of Laila, but his call interrupted them. Angre says sorry and adds that Riddhima is in danger because of Vyom. Vansh says that he’s coming. The goons surprised. One asks whether he’s captivated or them. Vansh reveals that it was his plan to get kidnapped. Vansh frees himself and throws the chair on the goons and escapes. FB ends.

Angre says that Vansh has to do this drama when he learned that the tear of Laila is in his rivalry’s hand. He escaped from there when he gave tear of Laila’s location. Riddhima asks why Vansh didn’t come out, why he texted her to save him. Angre says that Vansh was really in danger because of Vyom and the Prince Akheel, so he had to text her. She helped Vansh unknowingly. Vyom was busy in searching the diamond. Vansh easily escaped. Vansh knows that she has the diamond. Riddhima asks why they didn’t share the plan to her. She gets upset that they didn’t trust her. She thanks Angre for answering her questions and adds that she has one more question which she will ask Vansh. Angre apologizes to her. She leaves.

Someone leaves a pen drive in front of Sara’s room. Sara phones Riddhima. Later Riddhima meets Sara. The latter tells that Black Mamba sent a gift for them. Riddhima says that he had sent a pen drive. She has already seen it as it was on her name. Sara says that it’s a new one on both of their name. They play it. In the video, Riddhima and Sara kill a professor. The video ends with the greetings from Black Mamba. Riddhima says that Sara made this video since they both only know about this past incident. Sara denies it. She says that she’s trying to forget this incident then why she would make video of it. Riddhima asks Sara to help her to find who is doing all this. Riddhima checks the video again and says that she has a plan to find that person. Sara asks how.

Riddhima gets the blood report. She goes to Sia and throws the report on her. Sia asks what it’s. Riddhima says that this is the blood report of the person who is sending them scary videos and the videos are made in this room. She got blood samples on the door and tested it. It matches with Sia’s blood group. She scolds Sia and questions who is partner, who is Black Mamba. Sia says that they also got a video. She doesn’t know who is Black Mamba. She heard that name for the first time in that video. Riddhima doesn’t believe her. Ishani interrupts and says that she, Sia and Vansh has same blood group and asks how she can believe her report isn’t fake. Meanwhile someone tears the original blood report. Riddhima says that she’s leaving them this time, but if she gets one more proof, she won’t spare them. Riddhima walks out of the room. Riddhima receives Vyom message reminding her about their today’s meeting.

Riddhima and Vyom reach the spot. Vyom asks where Vansh is. Riddhima says that he must be on the way. Vyom says that they both are fooling him.
They argue. Vyom points gun at her and says that Vansh won’t understand the pain of losing dear ones until he loses the person he loves. Vyom tells Vansh to come out else he will shoot Riddhima.

The episode ends.

Precap: Vansh shoots Vyom. Riddhima shouts Vansh and hugs him. Vyom accuses Vansh and asks him to swear on his baby. Riddhima requests him to swear on their baby. Vansh remains silent.

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